10 | 01 | 2020

Adaptive Websites Development for Hospitality Industry in Africa


In the 21st century, the tourism and travel industry has been on the rise all over the world with Africa being one of the most popular destination points to visit nowadays. Tourism has become one of the main drivers of the African economy and, thus, more and more effort and time are dedicated to the sphere of hospitality on the African continent.   


To streamline and professionally manage travel and tourism-related services, the number of projects in HoReCa has considerably increased recently. The web project under analysis concerns a system of sites for the hotel and tourism business in Africa. A customer’s company develops and promotes sites on the Google search engine. The client had in his mind to develop a front-end module for his hotel network on the African continent. The project lasted several months and was based and supported by the client’s system.  

The client appeared to have rather vague requirements concerning his HoReCa project. Nevertheless, defining the design, which we had to make amendments to here and there to make the site configuration easy and attention garnering. Adaptive websites front end development was the initial project aim to be pursued by our developing engineers. 


Our development engineers provided front end development for the given HoReCa project with the back end module being supported by the client’s sideData for the front end part of the site came from the own client’s backend system, which was a scalable and structured database of his customers.  

As the next step, we replaced the back-end of one of the sites with Firebase aimed at the easy configuration and process optimization.  Vue. js framework was used to build the sites in combination with Nuxt. js to generate static pages. With the Nuxt. js, the web development process turned out being quite powerful and simple. Some sites used the Firebase database, Firebase Authentication and the Stripe online payment system to ensure a high competitive edge and excellent usability.  



The cooperation on this hospitality project was hallmarked by a website for the hotel company being partially developed together with a type of a web recipe book, and a payment system for viewing recipes for registered users only. Throughout our collaboration, we had worked to improve the design of the old sites and work on the front end of the new ones.  

Development of this adaptive project contributed to making the website interface both powerful and simple to attract customers of the traveling industry by overall service effective as well as scalable and seamless functionality.  

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