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Advancing Aviation Industry With the New Cloud Solution

The development and popularization of the aviation industry have led to it becoming one of the TOP industries on the global economic map. Regardless of the purpose of aircraft utilizing, companies worldwide are keeping their pace along with the technological advances to make the operations as automated as possible, hence, more attractive for the clients.

When we take a look at the Avia companies providing private passenger transportations, aircraft lease, cargo deliveries, and more, a reliable and flawless software solution is a must not solely due to the level of responsibility for the life of the crew and passengers, or the cargo. It shall bring benefits and value to the company to grant a successful business operation. Creating and enhancing custom aviation maintenance software is challenging yet interesting.

Agiliway possessing the required experience in implementing custom solutions partnered with our clients to help them reshape the aviation industry through improving their current system and preparing for the release within a short time using our dedicated development and QA engineers.



When our client contacted us looking for assistance in inspecting their system, improving and fixing it, we were not hesitant in getting down to work. After analyzing the requirements and hearing out additional expectations, our dedicated development team started. Our task included the following steps:

  • Enhance the existing functionality;
  • Fix bugs and conduct unit testing to provide the highest security level and prevent any system malfunctioning;
  • Help improve product quality;
  • Assist in the timely release of the updated system.





Independent vendors that provide a vast scope of services within the aviation industry today are seeking the best solutions to improve the overall state of their businesses and provide high-level service. If one wants to succeed in their respective niche, do not be afraid to revolutionize your existing services. The key part of the given project is that everything is cloud-based, therefore, all the information can be accessed regardless of the actual location of a business or a client utilizing Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, It is a more complex system that helps to manage all the components of the aviation-related niche and doesn’t limit passengers or cargo transportations and lease of the vehicles. So, there are four main solutions offered to the airlines and private vendors to automate the internal processes, hence, bring more value to the business.




It is crucial to have all the information about the company assets collected in one place so that there is no need to go through the pile of files to find what you need. The asset management solution helps to manage the daily operations effectively by holding all the details regarding the aircraft lease, its maintenance (full asset details like date of “birth”, model, repairs, etc.), finances (integrated with multiple accounting systems), insurance, and many more. The system can also forecast the potential of each aircraft in the future based on its technical state and operations.




Data storage and reporting haven’t been easier with the solution that is built to collect, manage, and store all the technical documentation online. It comprises all the aircraft documents, its history of audits and checks, its operation within the company, with full details on cargo deliveries or passenger transportations.




The technical inspection is the key to its longevity, hence, value delivered to the company. Our client conducts the checkups of the aircraft to avoid any malfunction and loss to their customers. All the data from the inspections is collected and stored in the system, can be accessed from everywhere, allows notifications when the next checkup or audit is required.




This tool allows arranging pre-purchases of the aircraft, their deliveries, inspections, maintenance, etc. The experts also help in bringing together all the documents to be put into the system so that all the data is stored in the cloud.





Agiliway development team enabled the on-time release of the product, enhanced the system’s overall functionality and fixed all the bugs, and performed the unit test to ensure the flawless operation of the software that brings benefit to our client and their customers.

If you are looking for a reliable software development partner, contact our managers and order a consultation with our experts.


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