01 | 10 | 2019

Agiliway – Bizico Merger

October 2019 starts off with a big news splash. Agiliway team has taken the final preparations and today enters into the merger agreement with Bizico, a software development outsourcing company. The announcement signals a major change for two companies that agreed to move forward as a single, united and even more competitive service provider.

From October 1 onwards we officially work as one company with development centers in Lviv, Chernivtsi and a representative office in Austin, Texas. The decision itself took us a while. For two years the companies have been working side-by-side on multiple projects and numerous occasions what gave us an insight into the company’s tech expertise, business practices and cultural background.

Value for us

When a merger happens there are usually quite a number of challenges companies face: conflicting cultural values and beliefs that adversely affect the integration process, diverse management practices that often bring disruption; communication gap between two merging companies about the business processes might also lead to discontent and put the whole venture on hold.  Agiliway and Bizico integration process is immune to those risks since two companies share the same cultural background, business and management perspective as well as a history of successful projects.

Over two years of close cooperation we’ve aligned our core principles of work with clients while steadily growing a pipeline of new joint projects coming our way. In view of active and fruitful collaboration the decision to launch merger came as a matter of course. Agiliway – Bizico merger is expected to add stability to both parties and provide more growth opportunities for the company as a whole and for each of its team members in particular.

Value for our clients

Now that companies ceased to work in separate ways, the clients gained access to a wider range of expertise. Agiliway and Bizico no longer stand on a competitive ground but rather complementary one, where two companies pull together core competencies to attend to constantly evolving customer needs. The expertise and experience of twice as many tech-savvy team members are tapped to create the products that best satisfy customer needs.

The company will continue to operate under the name of Agiliway with a lot more diversifying services and competencies in store for its clients.



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