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Agiliway has allocated the first contribution to overcome the pandemic


We live in times of challenges! Almost every year we face many difficulties, but the pandemic has become a real challenge. COVID-19 is a worldwide problem now, and it is only up to us to determine whether we will be victorious or if we will lose this fight. Inaction is also an action, so now it is the right time for active and coordinated work.

Agiliway joins the worldwide anti-pandemic movement. We care about the health of our employees and everyone in particular. After all, COVID-19 can affect anyone. That is why Agiliway is making the first contribution to overcome the pandemic together with our employees, who also volunteered to make the donation and decided to allocate some percentage of their salaries to help. 

We have made a choice to raise the funds and efforts to meet the needs of hospitals that host coronavirus patients. At the moment, we have focused on the purchase of basic medicines, doctors’ remedies and rapid tests on SARS-COV-2.  

We encourage the business community to join this common movement against pandemic. There are different ways to join. You can follow self-isolation, quarantine measures. You can help to get doctors to their work or you can donate money to charities against COVID-19. Whatever you choose, it will bring the results. Let’s help overcome the virus together!