29 | 10 | 2018

Agiliway Is Developing Its Own Product – CiviMobile App

We are glad to announce the release of the second version of our product – CiviMobile! CiviMobile is a ReactNative mobile application for CiviCRM, a comprehensible system for managing contacts specifically catering to the needs of non-profit organizations. CiviMobile significantly extends capabilities of CiviCRM users, as now they are able to access and update their CRM data when working out of office, visiting partners, or participating in events.

CiviMobile second version release

The second version of CiviMobile, which was released in October, is much more advanced comparing to the previous one. It allows updating and creating contacts, activities and cases, tracking and changing statuses of cases and activities, and applying advanced search and filtering options. Other important features that makes the users truly benefit from CiviMobile are push notifications and navigation. Here, we utilize native features of smartphones to provide more conveniences for CiviCRM users.

We would also like to say big thank you to our React team for implementing the secure and reliable solution. We consciously chose ReactNative technology for CiviMobile, as it allows quick development for both Android and iOS platforms, yet assures good maintainability of the solution. This is a critical point for us as we are going to provide continuous support and further development for our product.

You may contact us directly with any questions regarding CiviMobile/CiviCRM or React development.















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