23 | 05 | 2019

Agiliway Presents CiviMobile at CiviCAMP Amsterdam

On the 13th of May, Agiliway had the opportunity to take part in CiviCAMP conference in Amsterdam. It was a pleasure for our CiviCRM team to meet the like-minded people in attempt to share our professional experience. Agiliway experts had the ability to discuss the latest technological advancements and present advantages of CiviMobile application as well as introduce our other projects like CiviCalendar and Permission Access Module. The European and U.S. counterparts also demonstrated new CiviCRM features and extensions they developed and gave their speeches on implementation of the CiviCRM at non-profit organizations for the public good.

At CiviCamp Amsterdam

Our team used the chance to outline the benefits of CiviMobile and especially focused on new Event Management functionality, which is going to be publicly released in about a month. Using CiviMobile app, one may enjoy a number of features on their smartphones, such as the ability to reach out the person in no time, plan and view assigned activities, search for the cases based on professional interests, and have access to all events one is going to or interested in. With the current third release, more functionalities were complemented including memberships, contributions, connections, and notes.

Users got the possibility to view statuses of the different contacts, track history of the transactions, review available connections or disable non-relevant ones, make notes, and perform different tasks, which speed up the work with contacts. Our tech guru Andriy S. also showed the technical characteristics of CiviMobile emphasizing on the robust security and CiviMobileAPI extension.

But CiviCAMP was not only about representing CiviMobile app. At the conference, Agiliway team was able to discuss potential cooperation opportunities with the CiviCRM Core Team as well as other participants to actively promote CiviCRM on the market.

CiviCAMP was a really inspiring and knowledge-sharing event uniting CiviCRM experts at one place and time. Our team came back with lots of new ideas and motivation to continue improving CiviMobile app. Some of these ideas will be already implemented in the fourth release of CiviMobile, which we expect to launch soon.


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