12 | 09 | 2019

Agiliway Releases New Version of CiviMobile

With an ongoing dedication Agiliway works on delivering new functionality to the СiviMobile users. The result is an array of release versions improving our free fast-evolving mobile application with ever more game-changing features. 

On top of other updates, our latest release of СiviMobile introduces custom field functionality for wider opportunities towards app customization.  

CiviMobile app now gives its users a feature they need to store additional relevant information about their contacts. Not enabled in standard fields by default, the information will be displayed in custom fields upon clicking Additional info button in the contact profile. For a better user experience data can be both viewed and edited on the smartphone. 

The app supports any data format as well as different ways of interaction with the users. The users may choose to configure various input field types for custom fields, such as text, dropdown box, radio list or checkbox with multiple choice options.  

The latest version of CiviMobile staves off security threats by using multiple layers of defense to protect personal and sensitive data, in particular: 

  • Encryption of personal data on a mobile device 
  • Unlock measures (PIN code, fingerprint scanner, facial recognition) 
  • Log-in fixes 

As the CiviCRM community keeps growing so does the need to have the mobile app localized for other languages. Former releases expanded CiviMobile digital presence among speakers of English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, whereas today we add two more languages, Hungarian and Ukrainian, to the list of completed localization projects by Agiliway. 

There are more enhancements in store for Civimobile users. To stay updated on the latest news from the Agiliway CiviMobile team, follow our blog at https://civimobile.org/blog/. The new version of CiviMobile is already available for downloading at AppStore and Google PlayMarket with demo version to comply with it at https://civimobile-demo.agiliway.com/ 

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