18 | 04 | 2019

Agiliway Represents XII Engineering Career Fair “Invest in Future”

XII Engineering Career Fair “Invest in Future” was held on 17-18th of April at Lviv Polytechnic National University. The career fair became the place of communication interchange between famous IT-companies and ambitious students who were able to assess opportunities for the current IT market. Agiliway representatives also took part at Career Fair, shared knowledge and open vacancies with students. We had an opportunity to get the latest news from our HR Manager, Halyna S., who told us about the event and opportunities for growth at Agiliway.

I (Interviewer): Hello, Halyna. As I knew you were present at Career Fair with other HR Managers and co-workers. What are your impressions about the event?

H (Halyna): It was a pleasure to visit the event where I met lots of goal-oriented and initiative students, who expressed their interest in professional development. Nowadays students of the 2-3-rd year courses are so motivated and knowledgeable. I am glad that we have such types of events and companies have the opportunity to represent themselves among future experts.

I.: As I know, you take the role of HR Manager at Agiliway. Tell me more about the company and its specifics.

H.: Agiliway now consists of more than 100 employees taking different roles including software developers, project managers, QA testers, data analytics providers, and virtual assistants. At the current moment, the IT industry is rapidly developing in Western Ukraine and the demand for IT services is correspondingly on the rise. The third year in a row, Agiliway already participates at the Fair and offers its employment opportunities for ambitious students. This time about 3000 students participated at the event and about 60 companies represented themselves. The event attracted lots of innovative companies together with sponsors and media representatives.

Career Day

I.: Were students open for discussions? And did the event meet your expectations?

H.: Yes, they were. Students took an active part in discussions and expressed their interest about the company’s activities, mentorship, and employment opportunities. Most of them also asked questions about projects, technologies, working conditions, and promotion opportunities. Some students are already part of the Lviv IT community and attend IT courses, or even study at home. The access to educational resources and tutorials is so enormous so that now it is not a problem for self-study. What is more, students present at the event could communicate with the managers of the companies and had an opportunity to take part in giveaways and workshops.

I.: That sounds great. And tell me whether it is possible to pursue a career at IT even without previous working experience?

H.: Yes, it is. We welcome candidates without previous working experience. Last year we offered a job to about 10 people without job experience. Though, I would recommend improving technical skills before employment. There is a range of IT specialized courses offering extensive programs and even job opportunities for the best students. They provide either daytime or evening courses as well as online, which is quite comfortable to combine work and education. For example, last year at this fair, we ran a giveaway, which was organized by our partner ITEA Hub. The main prize was free IT course, which was really an opportunity to gain more knowledge and ideas about the market.

I.: Does Agiliway offer any internship and mentorship opportunities?

H.: Nowadays lots of IT companies provide internship and mentorship opportunities to select the best and unique talents. At Agiliway, we offer full-time office job under the supervision of more experienced specialists, who share their expertise and technical skills. At the same time, there are some exceptions when engineers can work remotely.

I.: What are the benefits of working at Agiliway? Are there some opportunities for career growth?

H.: Agiliway is a unique company where its workers are the key. We value each worker and give respect to everyone despite one’s position. All workers have equal opportunities and share both professional ideas and personal thoughts. What I like the most is that everyone is open for communication. We trust and support each other when someone faces a problem or needs advice. Flexibility is one of the company’s benefits as workers may organize their own schedule and seek opportunities for development in different technologies and personal self-growth.

I.: What vacancies are open now? May people with a non-technical background apply for any position?

H.: Agiliway is constantly looking for new talents, which would join our young energetic team. At the moment, we opened vacancies for Node.js developers, PHP (OXID) developers, Javascript and React.js engineers, Typo3 developers, and virtual assistants. For example, the last position is not technical and requires philological education. Apart from offering business solutions for small companies and start-ups, virtual assistants also conduct data entry, write SEO optimized content for websites, and provide transcribing services. Furthermore, we offer opportunities to grow and position oneself for promotion. For example, virtual assistants may further develop themselves as QA engineers or Project Managers. We provide career opportunities to energetic, persistent, and result-oriented individuals, who are eager to develop a career in IT. I think Agiliway is a great start in your future career.

I.: Thank you for your time. It was a pleasure to get to know more about the fair and company itself.   

H.: Thank you too. I hope that young students will improve their both hard and soft skills before entering the market. Agiliway welcomes individuals with strong mindset and diverse approach to finding a solution to any problem.

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