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Agiliway Team Celebrates its Fourth Anniversary!

On a sunny August day, Agiliway team gathered at Viking Bay, an entertainment resort complex near Lviv, Ukraine. The occasion, which united all teams, was a celebration of the fourth anniversary of the company. This year, the team already accounts for more than a hundred employees, a group of talented and unique people following the same strategy, such as “Get results the agile way”.

Company day 2019

We are proud of our achievements on multiple projects and more stable business relationships we built this year. During the occasion, Agiliway representatives had the opportunity to comment on the company accomplishments. They emphasized the success of CiviMobile, a native mobile application for CiviCRM, which is actively used by NGOs and non-profits. It’s been almost one year since it was released, though it already gained large popularity. It became a perfect tool for organizing internal working processes, which encouraged lots of organizations to partner with Agiliway for further customization service. We improved our skills in different technologies and advanced ourselves in a set of industries, including automotive, e-commerce, retail, tourism, AI and others.

Company day

Not only our local teams visited the event, but also US representatives and our colleagues from Chernivtsi. Mark Koelsch, the President & Co-Founder of Agiliway Group Inc., also attended a corporate party and shared his opinion about the development of the company and future expectations. Our colleagues from Chernivtsi also mentioned about the projects they have implemented and the long path they took on the way to become a strong proactive team.

company day 2019

We have chosen the Hawaiian theme as a symbol of the party, which added more to the outgoing ambiance. The event gathered all positive and like-minded people in one place and one time where everyone could enjoy the informal atmosphere getting to know more about each other and share their emotions. Apart from discussing our professional ambitions, we propagated an active lifestyle playing different types of sports, including football, tennis, baseball, and basketball. Football is the most common sports within the team and we are proud of our achievements and position at IT-League One this year.

company day 2019

Guys were also surprised to meet comedians from a humorous show “League of Laughter”, who performed with stand-up comedies. Along with that, Dj-residents made people let their hair down and connected them on one dancefloor at the background of lively music and positive vibes.

company day 2019

At last, we shared the birthday cake and again proved to ourselves how successful and huge multifunctional team we have become evolving from a small start-up. Happy birthday, Agiliway team! You are rock!

company day 2019