05 | 05 | 2017

Agiliway’s teambuilding – this time in the bowling

As every family follows its traditions, we in Agiliway also have our own. Every last Friday we spend time summarizing the passing month. We are used to working a lot and spending every minute dedicated to projects since that is our favorite work. But to get some strength and inspiration we regularly go out for teambuilding events. These Fridays are always very special for us – we take rest, have fun, and share monthly achievements and positive emotions. Traditionally we also congratulate our team members on their birthdays, share gifts and best wishes.

Agiliway’s teambuilding – this time in the bowling

This time Agiliway went bowling. We have occupied the whole club and began to knock our strikes. We were divided into teams, each of which was striving to show the best team coordination. We continued our evening with karaoke songs (Agiliway is full of talents).

We are going to keep on such evenings, the end of the May promises to be hot – that’s the high time for Agiliway to go for a picnic somewhere in the suburbs.

We are ready to start a new month, are you?!

Agiliway team wishes you lots of inspiration and passion to work!

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