19 | 11 | 2019

Bringing Chaos to Order with CiviMobile 4.2 new functionality

This week we welcome new release of CiviMobile that arrives with few tricks aimed at raking through the growing data, dealing with inconsistencies and scaling up the application.

CiviMobile has long as opened the possibility for nonprofit organizations to keep growing its network of contacts when working outside the office. Time has come to make use of our new CiviMobile functionality and get things organized by creating Groups and assigning Tags. 

Whatever the niche of social impact the nonprofit organization chooses – political or lobbying activities, assisting poor communities, protecting the wildlife or contributing to the development of young people – it heavily relies on fundraisers, donors, volunteers, subcontractors, members, employees to function and achieve social impact. As the organization evolves, the number of its constituents goes up, making it quite challenging to keep track and manage the contacts.  

By creating groups and applying tags CiviMobile users can: 

  • group contacts according to their affiliation or other organization’s segmentation needs; 
  • easily identify contacts as pertaining to certain groups; 
  • set up access rights, send emails or invitations to groups; 
  • view the list of the contact current and past groups; 
  • view the smart groups where the contact is automatically added based on certain criteria; 
  • add tags to specific types of contacts based on their common characteristics; 
  • search for contacts using tags 

Groups are created and tags distributed according to specific segmentation needs. For example, when organization’s constituents are grouped in your contact list by their roles (fundraisers, donors, volunteers, subcontractors, etc.) you could use tags to identify their interests, location or event where you met, etc. This way Groups and Tags functionality ensures contacts do not get disorganized, while the database searching gets more user-friendly. 

New release also marked an advance with a custom fields functionality and an app localization project.  As a result, CiviMobile now supports date and currency type custom fields in addition to previously configured data types. This helps to format the data appropriately and display all the required information.   

What’s more, CiviMobile 4.2 app offers a picklist of 8 languages to bridge the linguistic divide between the app and CiviCRM users who realize the benefits of having access to CiviCRM data when doing both office and field work. The app is now available for English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian, Ukrainian and Polish speakers. 

Stay with us and follow Agiliway progress with CiviMobile functionality. For detailed information visit civimobile.org and learn more about CiviMobile features, installation process and latest updates. 

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