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Building a Bespoke CRM & CMS for a Global Automotive Manufacturer

Agiliway helped the automotive company simplify and automate solutions to showcase services and products on the market effectively. This client is a top car provider with a global presence in over 100 countries. They are known for their innovative approach, with electric car sales reaching 50% annually and a significant focus on autonomous vehicle technology. The client previously used an outdated CMS to showcase their cars and services. This system lacked advanced CRM functionality, hindering communication between dealers and customers, and limiting the online customer experience.

The client required the modern system to effectively present its services and cutting-edge technologies to the customers to remain competitive. They also needed a robust CRM platform to improve dealer communication and enhance the online customer experience. After identifying the needs and demands of the solution, the team created of route map of challenges and their solutions. Let’s see.


Limited Specifications: No thorough design documentation or specifications were available.

Understanding Workflows: Business analysis was necessary to comprehend dealer management processes and the market at large.

Legacy System: An outdated CMS user interface must go.

Complexity of Integration: For a single platform, combine CRM, online content management, and user interface.

Multiple Device Compatibility: Ensure website operation on different platforms (desktop, tablet, and mobile).


Tech Stack: Re-development was conducted using JavaScript for the front-end and CodeIgniter for the back-end.

CRM improvements: Improved scheduling, communication, negotiating of deals, updates, and discounts.

Dealer Advantages: Advanced work organization, news management, and data structure.

Performance and Accessibility: Enhancements in multi-device access, mobile compatibility, and performance.

Content Management: Superior functionality and design lead to optimized procedures.

Promotion Management: Better visualization for more effective campaign management.

Communication & Notifications: Greater user notification system and communication between dealers and the manufacturer.

Customer Benefits: Access to various automobile models, maintenance services, warranties, and security assurances.

User Interface: Test drive forms optimized, configurable automobile models before buying.

Advanced Analytics: Upgraded lead monitoring, visualizations, and reports in real-time.

Automotive Solution

Value Delivered

This case study shows how Agiliway’s integrated CRM and CMS solution transformed a dealership’s operations. Despite a lack of initial specifications, our team developed a powerful platform that:

  • Streamlined customer relationship management: Improved communication, lead conversion, and customer retention.
  • Enhanced website content management: Efficient data organization and export for a user-friendly experience.
  • Boosted brand image: Improved interface and interaction led to a more positive customer experience.
  • Increased sales: Attracting and retaining more customers through a powerful CRM solution.

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