21 | 08 | 2019

Building a Social Media Management Tool for Marketing Company

Social media management tools play a vital role in managing, analyzing, planning, and monitoring content. To enhance the quality of content and engage with the target audience, marketers often need a single SMM tool. On the world web, they have access to a myriad of social media management tools used to create, edit, and post content to different SMM channels from one platform. Marketers may also schedule posts, share the dynamics of the project with other project collaborators, and track analytics, which helps to fuel working processes, improve social media engagement, and customer traffic. We would like to share one of our projects on building an advanced SMM solution for better content and traffic management.


The client contacted Agiliway in a need to improve the functionality of the SMM tool, which allows managing all social media channels from one platform. The company provides innovative solutions, which ensure effective social media engagement campaigns for different brands. They successfully maintain their brand image due to campaigns, which call-to-action, increase conversion rates, and multi-brand engagement. The given tool provides value for marketers to have access to all materials in one place and facilitate content publication. Now the client wants to enhance a given social media management tool, which is related to automating the content creation and publication process, enhancing workflow with partners and contributors, and optimizing analytics process. 


Taking into account the fact that we have worked with multiple SMM channels, we faced such difficulties as: 

  • A need to attach all channels to one platform to ensure effective management and ongoing publication process  
  • A need to customize and convert posts based on the specifics of each channel. As content was published from different platforms, each of the channels had specific limitations  
  • A need to validate all posts during conversion. For example, while posting to Twitter, we had to customize text based on the limited number of symbols 
  • A need to ensure appropriate cross-posting method by integrating all modules in a way that all planned posts are automatically published  


Our full-stack team worked on the given project using React Native on the front-end and Symphony PHP Framework on the back-end to build a web and mobile SMM tool. We added the needed functionality starting from effective publication to analytics. Thus, we have implemented such solutions, which allowed to:  

  • Connect all SMM channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube to one platform for easier content management  
  • Keep all photos and videos in one place as well as provide access to live streams, where the user can edit, crop, or cut pictures adjusting them to specific size  
  • Customize thumbnail photos out of the livestream or videos and publish them to specific SMM channels 
  • Have access to one feed, schedule and post content in one feed as well as create standard templates for similar campaigns  
  • Create content, save it as a draft, and further switch to automatic content publishing option to different SMM channels from one platform 
  • Generate, edit, and contribute content based on different user roles for further publication on specific social media channels 
  • Share drafts with influencers and partners after adding them to the team as well as upload relevant content and save it as a draft for further publishing 
  • Enhance workflow among all stakeholders including marketers, copywriters, editors, partners, etc. who have individual content access points and roles during the content creation 
  • Plan, distribute tasks to your team members and add contributors as well as ensure effective communication  
  • Conduct analytics work to assess the success of campaigns, measure total reach, and engagement rate across all channels 
  • Provide the option of extended analytics using appropriate extensions, which can be further customized 


The given social media management solution brings multiple advantages for marketers to create, edit, crop, and publish content from one platform to set of different channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other customized ones based on client’s needs. It helps to reduce time on posting content separately to each channel and allows automatically scheduling publications. The multi-functional tool is useful not only for publishing posts but also because of the ability to work and optimize different content directly at the platform. Marketers have an opportunity to share their materials with partners, influencers, ambassadors, and any other project collaborators. Building specific access point modules, each user has a specific role or permission to have access to specific content, which facilitates teamwork and better performance. 

At last, we provided an additional analytics feature, which allows marketers to track the total reach and engagement rate. We developed the web and mobile automated marketing platform, which now entails quick access to content, the opportunity to work with the project on the go, schedule posts, collaborate with colleagues, and conduct extended traffic metrics. 

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