08 | 02 | 2021

Building an Advanced AI Solution for Conversational Intelligence Company

Our client, the conversational intelligence company, is a leader in Natural Language Understanding (NLU) solutions. They reached more than 90% accuracy in speech recognition and successfully coordinated multiple projects across different domains and countries. They contacted Agiliway with the idea to reinforce its in-house team capabilities and deliver a true conversational interactive voice response (IVR) experience.

The main idea was to develop a more advanced NLU solution, which would provide a multi-language recognition and further neural network configuration.

With a wider customer base from different parts of the world, we adopted an extended approach to support multi-language recognition along with different languages and dialects. The given AI solution brought an immense value for a partner who could meet market needs and cover customer’s expectations. We also provided full maintenance of the platform in case of technical issues from the client’s side. Facing real-life business challenges, now our partner can better automate business processes and compete in the market.


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