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Building Cross-Platform Solution With Xamarin for Healthcare Industry

Healthcare nowadays is not just about special medical knowledge, skills, or procedures. Today this industry is closely connected to devices, global digitalization, AI, IoMT and other software solutions which help to solve a health problem and improve quality of lives in the most convenient way possible.

Let us introduce to you one of our healthcare projects, we have implemented with our American client. The main idea was to develop cross-platform solution with Xamarin.

As visiting a doctor can be time-consuming and stressful at times, one can record a video concerning their health issues and get a professional recommendation from the doctor at offline mode. Apart from that, the patient can also observe their psychological state with the help of the AI, which tracks the psychological condition by means of the absolutist language score.

Xamarin cross-platform

All of these require the implementation of the unified program for both patients and doctors to develop a coherent session form with automated evaluation of the patient’s condition employing computer ratings to reduce the doctor’s load.

The project is a big step forward in digital healthcare technologies as it allows reducing time spent on clinical visits. When the patient gets registered in the system, the doctor can track patient’s health status remotely.