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Building IoT-Based ​Automation System


One of our clients the world’s leading manufacturer in electrical and building infrastructure, contacted Agiliway to build a flexible, scalable, and secure IoT-Based Automation System. The idea was to develop a solution for facility managers to control, set up, and easily managing a lot of electricity supply items from one place. It was important for the IoT-based facility management system to work both at the site and remotely and use multiple devices.

We also have built an Android and iOS app-based smart motion system for sharing the data with movement sensors on parking meters.​

The project went through three key stages of building an IoT solution: ​​

  1. the architecture design and some core functionality;
  2. implemented the rest of the functionality​;​
  3. support the product and extended it with new features with the downscaled team to 2 engineers

To address the client’s needs we have built the solution that met all project goals by using such technologies as C#, ASP.NET 4.7+, Net Standard, Prism, Azure, XML in-memory DB, BACnet protocol communication, Xamarin Forms, XAML​, WinForms, Plugin.BLE, SkiaSharp, etc.