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Complex CRM Solution for Client Management and Data Analytics

In an era of automation and digital innovations, CRM software became an essential tool for organizations dealing with managing multiple clients. Offering an unrivaled experience to the customers remains one of the key components for increasing their retention and satisfaction with the services. For that reason, it would be important to have all the information and partnership history in one place, so that you can efficiently manage them. Moreover, it is crucial not only to have a solution that covers all the internal needs of your company but also targets meeting the external ones as well as is fully compatible with various systems for easier data transmission, processing, and analysis.

In the article, we are sharing the story of the Agiliway development team partnering with the leading support service provider to join the development process of a B2B solution for tracking customer relationships, their preferences in product use, cooperation history, troublesome issues, and many more.

Major project tasks and requirements

The existing system is extraordinarily complex and consists of specific cycles. These are the cycles of performing certain tasks for achieving certain results based on client analysis, statistical forecasting, etc. Hence, it was of the utmost importance to make these cycles function flawlessly. To complete the client’s tasks range, the Agiliway software development team had to

  • fix the existing issues reported by the users;
  • advance the functionality of the cycles, i.e., making them different from each other so that the system will not see them as similar, although they are;
  • improve the UI;
  • create an extension for synchronizing with the main app;
  • enhance the to-do listing feature.

Another significant aspect of the cooperation was bringing the most value to both our client and their customers through the adoption of the latest technologies, thorough market analysis, and immediate response to all the customers’ suggestions and requests.

The technological side of the system: main challenges and solutions to them

To enhance the system operations, improve its visual side, and complete all the requests from the customers, Agiliway engineers utilized a vast tech scope. Here are some examples of what has been performed so far for both front-end and back-end.

  • amCharts, d3.js for building charts and diagrams for statistical data visualization.

This solution allowed improving visualization to increase the number of charts (diagrams) types, filters range for displaying or sorting information, etc. to simplify the analysis of the cycle and tracking results.

  • AngularJS + React for visualization and animation of the depicted data.

Owing to the long life of the project (over 7 years) such a combination of technologies occurred. However, this approach proved to be a success and led to the quicker implementation of newer technologies like React. In its turn, it led to the immediate realization of the new features with relevant libraries, saving our client a lot of time and funds for the development.

  • RabbitMQ for arranging the back-end messaging among the microservices.

The use of this message broker simplified and implemented the synchronization of creating and updating the tasks in various locations.

  • Java + Spring Framework for arranging operations and communication among the major microservice systems.

The solution accelerated data aggregation speed for reports and allowed to rewrite partially the functionality of the key services for the system connected to the cycles.

  • Closure for arranging the analytics services and table-driven data aggregation.

The team managed to speed up the development process, improve the code base and optimize operations.

  • New Relic for logging events and customer activity in the system.

This is a great SaaS solution for tracking users’ activity and the system’s reaction to this activity. The service helped our client save money as it was used by the development team to accelerate the error localization process and monitor the overall system operating condition.

All the technological solutions added significant value to the platform operating capacity, improved the development, simplified sync processes, and allowed the implementation of new features within the key services.

CRM Solution for B2B1

Customer experience transformation

For the business value of the project, all the improvements aim not only to transform the user experience for the existing customers but also to attract new ones. Since the key components of the system are cycles, the Agiliway development team enhanced their existing features.

Cycles functionality Enhancement

The team focused on developing the functionality that would allow reusing the same cycles over and over, as the previous version of the system did not have such an option. It created inconvenience for the users, especially those who may have seasonal projects or clients and use the same model every time. By adding the option of reusability, we helped to save time and simplify the processes for the customers.

Next, the functionality of the history of the cycles was developed enabling the view option for the cycles created earlier as well as their results. To address the additional needs of our clients and their customers, the report system was updated. This created room for getting statistical data on the use and satisfaction of the cycles’ users. Obtaining these data was paramount for creating the most convenient and manageable environment. All the information is collected from the ideas’ aggregator created for the team to have direct communication with the customers. After implementing all the functionality, the number of users continued growing and attracting more new customers.

Advancement of the task system

All the tasks have become clear for the users and easier to manage. Another outstanding achievement in this part is related to synchronizing the tasks created earlier. The issue was that previous updates existed independently, whereas now, they synchronize, yet do not overlay or replace one another if there are similar cycles.

User-friendly UI

Amidst others, the development team introduced changes to the UI by making it more user-friendly, simpler, and appealing by adding scrolls, redoing the reporting for the lifecycles after which users could start tracking all the clients and their stages on the lifecycle, etc.

The to-do list changes

This enhancement enables users to manage the performance of their tasks, set due dates, check statuses, assign roles, etc.

Building an extension for CRM data synchronization

The extension aims at allowing management of the to-do lists and their components from the browser, sending messages, etc. without the need to open the CRM every time.


It is difficult to imagine an organization today that operates without using CRM software for administering its in-house or external processes. Having a system that allows managing everything in one place, assigning tasks and roles, tracking progress, organizing meetings, etc.

Utilizing the best technologies and advanced logic helped update the system, introduce all the necessary changes, and, subsequently, attract new customers and bring value to the client’s business.

Partnering with Agiliway, our client received a full-time, skilled, and dedicated team of professionals who strive for perfection and quality.


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