Halyna HR Agiliway 21 | 04 | 2021

Developing corporate culture: an Interview with Halyna, Head of HR at Agiliway

Corporate culture tells a real story of the company: who are you, where do you come from, what do you value and what do you work for? Moreover, a friendly, and professional atmosphere helps every team member to grow not only as an expert but as a person as well. Creating such inspirational corporate culture is not easy. But if you have skills, knowledge, and some percent of good intuition, you can have a very convenient climate at the company.

We talked to Halyna, our Head of HR Department, about Agiliway company culture and how to have onboard the most skilled experts.

Tell us, please, about Agiliway, its corporate culture, and the people who are you working with?

Halyna: At Agiliway, we are really proud of all our people. They are smart, creative and professionals who always prove a high level of expertise at work. Based on it, Agiliway presents a dynamic company culture where employees are eager to succeed and have all chances to realize themself towards career growth.

Moreover, Agiliway is a friendly organization with a warm atmosphere, where transparent relationships are built on trust, openness, and respect. We also believe that a good atmosphere starts with creating a supportive environment where every employee feels welcome. It brings a positive impact on us, our clients, and the business partners, who we take care of.

What about hiring processes at the company? How to have onboard the most skilled experts?

Halyna: As a rule, the hiring process is split into a few stages, where the first one is HR pre-screening. Here, both HR and a candidate determine to what extent a candidate matches the culture and values of the company. The candidate has an opportunity to learn more about an organization, its projects, career growth, and development road maps. The next stage is a technical interview led by a Technical Expert and a Project Manager where it is crucial to check the technical level of the candidate and one’s skills, and how effectively the one will interact with the peers. The last stage is an interview with a Client.

What opportunities do engineers have at Agiliway? Do they have the possibilities to grow as a professional or switch to another language or project?

Halyna: Sure, there is an opportunity and plenty of similar cases at the company. The organization takes a practice performance review, where an employee and a manager establish development plans and set up the milestones for the next period. Here, the most important is the initiative of a person oneself and readiness to take higher accountability. Apart from that, there is an opportunity to gain experience and development in other technologies and departments.

Can you tell us about the mentorship program? What is it, and how does it work at Agiliway?

Halyna: A mentorship program is a powerful tool for developing both for the mentee and a mentor. It concerns the inter-cooperation of a mentor, which means more experienced specialists and a mentee who is planning to move on in the same direction.

Agiliway mentorship program is a part of corporate culture, integral to mutual help environment, permanent growth, knowledge sharing, and interaction. And each Agiliway employee has an opportunity to select a mentor and move on in cooperation. A mentor at our company is a buddy who helps the mentee get developed in one’s interest. A mentee has a chance to take over knowledge and experience from a mentor, to get advice from more experienced specialists regarding working issues, including curriculum or recommendations concerning sources of where to learn more information of similar content. As a rule, both a mentor and a mentee organize periodic appointments to consider working moments on a project, get valuable insights, and prevent specific faults.

On the other hand, a mentor can develop managerial skills, structure one’s knowledge, and improve feedback expertise. Thus, all the participants get new knowledge, experience, achieve new goals, have career growth, and become happier.

What challenges do you face at work?

Halyna: The most challenging part of my work is when we are looking for people to hire, always strive to understand their values and imagine how they would interact with other people in our team.

What is your hobby?

Halyna: I am keen on psychology as I believe that a strong knowledge of human psychology is necessary to understand people, their motivation and their needs.


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