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Solution for Event Management Industry

Developing the Scala-based solution for Optimizing Event Management System

The event management industry is rapidly growing. In 2019 the industry size was valued at $1,135.4. The experts expect that these numbers will increase to $1,552.9 billion by 2028. That is why it is important to keep up to date with the new technologies.

Some time ago one of our clients reached out to Agiliway to re-start the development process for the project that would be of great assistance to everyone interested in different events. Be that a concert, a festival, or a sporting event, they are all in one place. Although Agiliway didn’t develop the project from scratch, the process didn’t get easier. Since the system was built utilizing several technologies, it required multiple updates of Scala, React, Ruby as well the use of AWS as all the data was stored on clouds.

We offered a few solutions to make the user experience as comfortable as it could only be by enhancing the existing iOS and Android versions of the application.


the Scala-based Solution Agiliway

The overall functionality of the iOS and Android application versions was enhanced to be compatible with all the in-app activities including payments and interaction between users and event managers.

The application has a lot to offer to those who tend to attend different events and want to keep up with the most recent updates. Moreover, it allows a lot of benefits to its users including special offers and discounts on purchasing merch items, tickets, etc., as well as a possibility to participate in exciting activities and enjoy the time while using the app.