AgiliWay Mon, 11 Jun 2018 10:01:32 +0000 en-US hourly 1 KPI Module for CiviCRM Tue, 24 Apr 2018 01:43:42 +0000 Read more »]]> To lead an organization to the top-notch performance and reach strategic goals, the management should have an elaborate system of measuring a key performance indicator (KPI), which further can be used to develop performance improvement initiatives. NGOs and non-profits typically measure KPI using parameters such as members/supporters growth and retention ratio, the number of constituent requests served, the speed of case resolution or the number of contributions and funds risen. All this data is already available in CiviCRM, so it makes sense to use it to build a system for measuring KPIs. This is what Agiliway has recently done developing a KPI module, which is integrated with CiviCRM solution we have implemented for one of our clients.

Agiliway Wishes You Happy Easter! Tue, 27 Mar 2018 15:40:05 +0000 Read more »]]>

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Finally, after true snowy winter, spring has come, this is a period of new beginnings, new hopes, and goals. The arrival of spring brings a lot of pleasurable excitement for us as early sunbeams tickling our skin, first leaves and colorful flowerbeds.

There are so plenty reasons to love this season, but the most significant for all Christians is Easter holidays. This is the time to appreciate the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and his tremendous love for us.

From all of us at Agiliway we want to congratulate you on the upcoming holidays and wish may the miracle of Easter bring health, love, and happiness to your home. May Easter Sunday inspires you to new hope, accomplishments and dreams.

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Have a happy and peaceful Easter!

New Version of Graphical Calendar and Calendar Dashlet Released Thu, 22 Mar 2018 17:49:20 +0000 At the end of this February Agiliway released the updated version of our Graphical CRM Calendar. Now CiviCRM extension contains a number of new cool features which make its use much easier and much more comfortable.

Agiliway Releases TYPO3 Collaboration Platform For CIO Fri, 02 Feb 2018 13:09:39 +0000 Read more »]]>

When product discovery gets easier for users, large marketplace puts up its plate for multiple vendors and service suppliers, while costs lower for all players, the IT industry gets thumbs-up. It has seen to it that millions of businesses across a wide spectrum of industries use trade portals and collaboration platforms to grow, streamline processes, reach clients and create partnerships. Yet, who gets to take care of the IT industry?

Inefficiencies In IT Collaboration And Sales Processes

Two years ago Agiliway partnered with ROI4CIO project initiators, sharing their concern about the inefficient collaboration and sales processes in the IT sector.

As new technologies constantly emerge and hi-tech business needs grow, the role of CIO in the company goes far beyond traditional IT management. Today, creating business value through technology means going over an expanding IT market in search of the most value-added products. Such decision-process shaping work is usually long, tedious and resource-intensive. It stands to reason why the list of skills an executive scrambles to fill varies from data management skills, expertise in compliance and security to corporate financial skills and legal expertise. At best, the IT solution is based on conflicting views coming from various IT market players: resellers, integrators, distributors, suppliers. Still, more often than not, the sights shift to the most “popular” IT product.

Take the matters to the other side and the pitfalls slowing down the selling process are equally as common. First, IT vendors and suppliers engage in a whole array of activities such as vendor-customer relationships management, researching prospects, working on presentations to name a few. After successful completion, they spend most of their time preparing quotations, giving estimates, calculating fixed and variable costs only to face the need of further multiple recalculations later as the customers often second-guess their decisions and change requirements.

ROI4CIO: Exploring Benefits For IT Vendors, Suppliers And Users

Upon release of TYPO3 collaboration platform for CIO, Agiliway completes ROI4CIO project and marks start of a new phase in the IT collaboration and sales processes where all the aforementioned stumbling blocks are no longer regarded as a necessary evil.

Unlike any other B2B portal or marketplace, ROI4CIO platform goes far beyond automation of B2B sales. In the simplest terms, ROI4CIO is a powerful platform for choosing between multiple solution alternatives the most appropriate one based on business tasks. It places a premium on an optimized cooperation between IT vendors, suppliers and business entities by automating price and ROI calculation for a selected IT solution.

Suppose the client plans to streamline business operations by setting the course for lead time reduction. Instead of searching through tons of resources, browsing multiple web pages or consulting with specialists to map a path through the maze of existing solutions, the user of ROI4CIO service:

  • simply enters relevant parameters (company size, industry, business task, etc.) and the software algorithm ROI4CIO returns several solutions ranked by the percentage of matches with specified requirements;
  • with a single click receives an estimate of implementation costs based on specific individual requirements;
  • compares existing IT solutions and sees examples of their deployment by other users;
  • instantly calculates ROI of solutions;
  • learns about the results of the implementation of other users;
  • requests commercial offers for IT solutions.

Accordingly, ROI4CIO delivers tangible benefits to IT vendors and suppliers turning former pain points into drivers of business opportunities and revenue streams. The process of closing the deal will no longer be costly, tedious or put up impassable barriers to an agreement as ROI4CIO collaboration platform presents a host of tools to help IT vendors and suppliers:

  • reduce the cost and timing of sales by calculating the financial flows of implementation based on varying specifications;
  • determine financial benefits by calculation ROI of IT solutions;
  • expand the customer base by drawing leads and requests for a commercial offer;
  • make their IT competencies, solutions and implementations visible to prospects;
  • identify the IT market needs and expand their portfolio of IT solutions;
  • form partnership with IT vendors and suppliers.

That being the case, deals are now closed 50% faster, while time spent calculating specifications for customers is reduced to 90%.

ROI4CIO Platform Development: Agiliway Turns Challenges Into Solution

Automation of pricing and instant configuration of specifications are obviously value adds ROI4CIO brought to business entities seeking and offering an IT solution. Yet it didn’t happen in a wink nor did it come easy. Armed with a solid project strategy, Agiliway team had to utilize its prior experience in implementing Artificial Intelligence technologies, develop new competencies, change perspective a few times before it turned the following challenges into a unique solution.

1. Searching For Reliable Platform

Initially the sights were set on creating a catalog of IT solutions that allows for filtering products and services by specified requirements. To demonstrate flawless performance, the platform chosen for the purpose had to fit the bill for accessibility, scalability, responsiveness, and functionality. After much thought and careful consideration, Agiliway set the seal on TYPO3 CMS which proved effective in our earlier projects when similar criteria were a priority. Once again our team fully utilized TYPO3 capacity and released an alpha version of the service strong on following merits:

  • secure data processing grants the corporate information remains confidential;
  • fast data processing pipelines guarantee a response in real time;
  • scalable architecture adapts to users from different regions;
  • extension possibility allows for solution selection logic and parameters modification;
  • ease of support after deployment.

2. Developing AI Algorithm For Smart Solution Selection

It didn’t take long to see that the chosen path has led us to our destination. The service was up and running in compliance with requirements. Rewarding and far-reaching as this path was, our client had no plans to stop right then. During the production stage, it already became clear that the service requires more advanced logic to fit the needs of users.

Since business tasks and methods of profitability calculation vary significantly among business entities, Agiliway team managed to develop a complex AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithm that searches through the IT solutions space to find the optimal one specific for each client’s requirements, company characteristics. In this scenario, the logic why one solution is preferred over another is programmed by ROI4CIO AI search algorithm.

3. Automating The Process Of ROI Calculation

IT Solution For ROI Calculation

As it happens IT managers, vendors and suppliers still keep it to old time-sapping ways and use Excel tables to calculate software costs or ROI. The decision was made to develop a feature for automatic price and ROI calculations, that is ROI calculator. It automatically calculates the profitability of investment into IT solution accounting for a host of parameters: operating costs, initial costs, time of forecasting, the risk of models and implementation, user’s requirements. IT vendors and suppliers will need to input only price lists, while ROI calculator will do the math.

4. Expanding TYPO3 Functionality

A great advantage of TYPO3 CMS is its unlimited possibility of extension. In addition to extending the base functionality of ROI4CIO solution selection and calculations and developing new TYPO3 modules respectively, Agiliway created additional plug-ins to add new service operations and improve the user experience. These include:

  • form-template builder allows customizing a form based on individual preferences;
  • object (supplier, vendor, product, etc.) change tracker follows the history of modifications made to an entity;
  • contacts processing module supports contacts management;
  • entity processing module manages products, solutions, implementations, etc.;
  • internal request processing module.

Despite its advanced features, the platform was designed with a user friendly customizable interface, which makes it a pleasure to work with.

5. Generating PDF Form Data

The process of decision making usually starts with data collection and goes through a few more equally crucial stages. When an IT manager is involved in the process, one of the stages is presenting a decision or proposal to senior executives who’ll weigh options and call to action. To make it less of a hassle for an IT manager ROI4CIO automatically and very conveniently imports into a PDF file data about suitable IT solutions with costs, returns, trade-offs, numbers of implementations calculated.

6. Solving Performance Issues

What began as a catalog of IT solutions gradually turned into a platform with advanced configuration options and a service with an advanced logic. Business challenges the service solves and benefits it provides drew IT-vendors, suppliers, distributors, resellers. Given the size of the catalog, a variety of advanced features and modular design of the platform, performance problems started plaguing the service. We took an action and optimized TYPO3 platform in terms of speed and performance. The window load time now takes up to 2-3sec.

7. Managing Access Control

Developing a collaboration platform where users share resources, transmit information between servers, communicate, cooperate and leaving a security issue unattended is a matter of utter negligence. That’s the reason why this issue was resolved in the first place with a complex control policy for accessing resources and activities.

Dedicated work on ROI4CIO project, attention to every detail, close cooperation with potential customers and focus groups bore fruit. Our TYPO3 solution performs as expected. It has something rare to offer, namely an accurate analysis of IT solutions on numerous counts. ROI4CIO neural network algorithm selects the best IT solution based on entered criteria, while ROI-calculator determines the financial benefits of the IT solution before its deployment. Add to the list an optimized system performance, complex access control policy, feedback on deployment results, few plugins for improved user experience and the desired outcome came on short notice.

Facebook Integration with CiviCRM Tue, 23 Jan 2018 17:48:15 +0000 Read more »]]> The power of Workplace by Facebook is now available for CiviCRM users!

New button in the User Profile opens up a communication channel within CiviCRM for work chat, team groups, project updates, instant messages or alerts (see pic. 1 below). The functionality will noticeably improve communication across organization inside or outside the office as it falls back on all the strengths Facebook has to offer, the most prominent being the user-friendly familiar interface and secure collaboration.

Implementing Single Sign On for Workplace by Facebook Fri, 12 Jan 2018 13:38:22 +0000 Read more »]]>

Business Case

These days, companies can improve their internal communications while using Workplace by Facebook – a collaborative platform that allows co-workers to share information via corporate chat messages, voice and video calls, update and organize files, publish corporate news, etc.

What is more, Workplace by Facebook (for the reader convenience we will use the term ‘Facebook’ further in the article) can be integrated with major corporate IT systems into a company’s collaboration space. This is possible with building SSO (Single Sign-On) solution between a variety of enterprise-aimed applications like CRM, ERP, project management tools, etc. And Agiliway brought this idea to life by successfully integrating CiviCRM (one of the popular CRM platforms) with Facebook using SAML SSO. Now our client benefits from the integrated solution where they, on the one hand, use CiviCRM to maintain their business contacts, tasks, documents, etc. and, on the other hand, leverage Facebook that simplifies communication between employees. The solution allows a user to login into CiviCRM and simultaneously provides the auto-authorized access to Facebook. Hence, there is no need to switch between applications. The usage of SAML SSO authentication gives one an auto access to all features from both platforms included in the solution from one place.

How It Works: Implementing SAML SSO

To enable Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication, our team has chosen SimpleSAMLphp provider. Big and profitable businesses usually use payable identity providers (IDPs) – OneLogin, Bitium, Okta, etc. – but since our client is a non-profit organization, we decided to apply this free PHP-based IDP.

SAML is an XML-based markup language for exchanging authentication and authorization data between applications and organizations. Using SAML for SSO eliminates the need to maintain multiple usernames and passwords for authentication in various applications. The SAML protocol is executed through an open source PHP application (SimpleSAMLphp). It supports SAML as Service Provider and Identity Provider. CiviCRM connects to the authentication source (identity provider), the service provider verifies data authenticity and enables access to the Facebook profile.

Upon using SSO, the requested service – in our case it’s Facebook -delegates the function of user data authenticity verification to another trusted service (SimpleSAMLphp). That is, Facebook entrusts the issuance of the necessary authentication certificate to the identity provider (see Pic. 1)

SSO Facebook Authorization Solution

Pic.1 SSO Authorization

The following is a summary of 7 steps used to execute the SSO authorization, illustrated above in Pic. 1:

  1. The CiviCRM user (a Client) tries to access Workplace by Facebook page (Service Provider)
  2. Facebook identifies the user’s origin and redirects to the SimpleSAMLphp Identity Provider, asking for authentication. This is the authentication request.
  3. SimpleSAMLphp refers to Drupal/CiviCRM to verify user’s data…
  4. … and establishes browser session between CiviCRM and SimpleSAMLphp
  5. SimpleSAMLphp IDP generates the authentication response in the form of an XML-document containing the user’s credentials, signs it using a certificate, and posts this information to Facebook (Service Provider)
  6. Facebook, which already knows the Identity Provider (in our case – SimpleSAMLphp) and has a certificate fingerprint, retrieves the authentication response and validates it by using the certificate fingerprint
  7. The identity of the user is established, and the user is provided with the access to the Service Provider (Facebook)

What Next

All in all, a successful CRM integration with Facebook using SAML SSO may enforce the complete control over application access. An important point is that CiviCRM and Facebook integration is just one sample – we in Agiliway are able to implement SAML SSO into other systems as well; it is possible to put a solution into action, for instance, to integrate CRM with ERP or e-commerce platform, so that everyone can access these applications with single password and login.

Conclusively, Agiliway is experienced enough to build a successful integration model for every business.

Agiliway Wishes You Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year! Thu, 21 Dec 2017 11:21:33 +0000 Read more »]]>

Dear Friends and Colleagues

With 2017 coming to a close, the blissful season of Christmas and New Year begins. It is the most wonderful time of the year, filled with joy, happiness, gratitude, and appreciations.

As the holiday season is upon us, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and those who have helped to develop our business, we give thanks to everyone for faith in our company, cooperation, and support throughout the year. We hope, this year was prosperous and copious for you,  that brought plenty of interesting projects, new skills, and knowledge and all goals were achieved.

The team at Agiliway sends warm greetings for the holiday and upcoming year. Christmas comes but once a year, may it be blessed with warmth and love of friends and family togetherness. We hope that 2018 holds success and good fortune in any endeavor you pursue. We are grateful to you and wish to have many more successful milestones with you in the coming new year.

 From all of us at Agiliway we say to you ‘Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!’

Building Python Powered Content Aggregator For Multimedia Startup Thu, 14 Dec 2017 13:56:23 +0000 Read more »]]>

Some stress elegance of the Python programming language, others marvel at its modularity and extensive standard library, while we at Agiliway tip the hat to Python for the increased productivity it provides.

Once again Python played to its strengths at the fingertips of our engineers, and this time an American multimedia startup got a perfect tool for doing market research easily and effectively.

Challenges for the Startup in the Digital Age

The variety of digital data come thick and fast daily leaving readers overwhelmed and huddled over their laptops for hours on end. Per day about 4 mln hours of content are uploaded to YouTube, an average of 3.6 bln Google searches conducted, and more than 2 million articles published on the web. The Washington Post only publishes around 1,200 staff-produced articles, wire stories, graphics, and videos what makes one story every two minutes. Who would have thought that 600 new page edits are published on Wikipedia every minute?! Highlights of last year’s reports about world’s data generation make one scratch the head in confusion.

Given an all-time high pace at which events hit headlines the news goes viral and updates are published, our client representing the multimedia startup experienced a dire need of having routine daily work expedited and leveled up. The company serves the enterprise software industry by delivering detailed analyses of the industry, raising awareness about information technologies, creating webcasts, preparing articles, researching programs and white papers. Heavily reliant on the Internet for the latest industry news, updates, and analyses, the client could spend hours collecting relevant data on a certain topic. At times searching turned out to be ineffective due to the lack of necessary skills, time or resources. With the advent of digital media came continuous access to more incoming information than a person could spot, process and absorb.

Getting a Handle on Information Overload

To keep its business alive and thriving the company couldn’t afford to escape the glut of information coming fast and furious from a variety of sources. Without fail, only after data on a certain topic have been collected, filtered through, classified and then studied for accuracy and reliability, analytics merits notice.

The solution was made to build in a third-party app, Python Powered Content Aggregator, for all the dirty work of searching and collecting niche-relevant content from multiple sources. It serves to crawl the Internet (social media platforms, RSS feeds, news or company websites, online editions of journals and newspapers, forums, blogs, etc.), check out all sorts of updates, filter media outlets according to set criteria, automatically upload them in a repository which an admin can access anytime to further work with.

Advantages following the implementation of Python Powered Content Aggregator are as follows:

  • relevant content is pulled from all corners of the Internet and without human judgment
  • information is received automatically
  • value of updates is preserved due to timely delivery
  • admin can scan information quickly without having to visit each source site individually
  • Python-based platform is easy to use with powerful filtering and source configuration capabilities
  • highly customizable, the aggregator grabs information the webmaster set it up for
  • new posts can be categorized by subject, easily sorted through, added, deleted, and commented on
  • analysis has higher intrinsic value when based on a rich informative channel

Having full control, clicking only through items of interest and spending time on relevant posts were the client’s expectations. To meet them Agiliway engineers developed an aggregation strategy and turned an informative channel into a hub of community information with editorial comments. The process included a few steps:

  • creating a web crawler in Python for parsing source sites and fetching data
  • recording data into a non-relational database on the MongoDB platform for their fast and convenient processing
  • metadata for the crawler were entered in the MySQL database for better and faster indexing
  • WordPress plugin was created to configure sources, keywords, and categories for WordPress posts
  • crawler categorizes, filters and automatically creates posts in WordPress as well as in other CMSs
  • the user interface was designed using popular CMS as a prototype. Interactive and user-friendly, it allows users with limited expertise to review, edit, modify or delete content from a website.

Less time spent on searching relevant content means more time allocated to analyze it, reach conclusions, prepare data-driven reports and high-powered analytics. With content aggregator written in the high-level, dynamic, interactive Python programming language with the use of full-featured MongoDB, parsing, searching and grouping takes a moment.

Whether you decide to implement it or not, its applications are diverse – news, reviews, analysis, research, price comparisons, etc. – and most likely your competitors are already making the most of it.

All in One CiviCRM Mon, 11 Dec 2017 17:36:59 +0000 Read more »]]> Our client is one of the biggest Ukrainian political parties, which has a multi-level hierarchical organization structure comprising more than 380 branches in all regions of the country. After analyzing all the client’s needs and project requirements, CiviCRM was selected as the most appropriate platform, which provides a lot of functionality meeting major needs of our client.

How We Help Implementing Artificial Intelligence In Everyday Life Wed, 06 Dec 2017 16:48:58 +0000 Read more »]]>

There is no force more powerful than a robust cohesive team. This holds true for every company and especially for the one, committed to hitting new marks in artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. With intent to reinforce its in-house team capabilities and deliver a true conversational interactive voice response (IVR) experience, a leader in Natural Language Understanding (NLU) solutions contracted Agiliway a few years ago. Ever since two companies in unison have been successfully implementing the next-generation technology.


By combining the latest advances in AI, NLU technology enables a machine to understand and interpret natural language. It’s a core technology behind a conversational IVR solution and AI-powered virtual assistant solutions that carry far-reaching implications for customer care. As long as the virtual assistant comprehends a speaker’s intent, recognizes a wide variety of responses and the context of the conversation, it will handle a human agent interaction. A wonder it is, consumers get to receive same answers that live agents would have given. Yet any flaw or shortcoming in IVR-directed dialogs negatively affects the customer experience and customer service process.

Client’s Challenge

While competitors are still gaining ground in the area of AI technologies, our client is already a step ahead, allowing enterprises to benefit from a stack of developed technologies. Its NLU engine, an intelligent Dialog Management platform, on-premise ASR engine, etc. deliver fast and correct call routing, ensure semantically accurate Open-Question customer care through the IVR across all channels.

With over 20 call center deployments in 11 countries, the company is now serving more than a billion customer interactions in 10 languages across customer service departments in financial institutions and telecom companies. Worldwide geography, wide customer base, specifics of each industry, an eye on an omnichannel self-service solution call for a strong cohesive team to meet an ever-increasing market demand.


The client’s success in the customer care market falls back on high-level technology stack, custom trained NLU engine, more than 90% accuracy in speech recognition and successful implementation of multiple projects across industries and countries. Partnering with Agiliway helps the company to respond to the market demand in a timely manner and keep competitors at bay. With a team of professional NLU engineers on board, the solutions are implemented faster and efficiently.

To power the company’s NLU solutions and strengthen the in-house team Agiliway NLU engineers are involved into:

  • building NLU pipelines that support a natural dialog system across domains (Financial, Telecoms, Travel, Insurance, Transportation, Utilities);
  • adapting systems that convert natural speech into a semantic representation to certain languages (English, French, Polish, Ukrainian) and their dialects;
  • the product development process (code design, code review, test cases, etc.);
  • customization of conversational chatbots and virtual assistants, what includes the entire process from NLU to the natural language generation (NLG).


In the excitement of augmenting the customer service process, Agiliway uses its decades of experience with proven expertise in software development to help companies power fast-growing bot technologies for multi-modal AI systems. Not only do we build the NLU modules, train NLU engine or experiment with speech recognition algorithms to deliver positive conversational user experience for contact centers but also keep developing expertise in other AI technologies, e.g. Deep Learning Platforms.

Most recently our team has come into contact with the French company that leads image recognition solutions for retail and could use some help to improve its AI engine performance. Built to recognize all the client’s products on supermarket shelves by analyzing the images and providing required analytics, AI engine needed further manual training. This recent challenge taken up to improve the detection quality and performance of AI image recognition engine for the French company gave us further insights into AI image recognition technology.

Fleeting glimpses at these two projects already shine a spotlight on business benefits our clients receive upon AI adoption. As long as AI technologies form a strong foundation for business processes automation and align well with our clients’ expectations, we at Agiliway keep learning and working to deliver AI solutions and services that solve real-life business challenges.