Agiliway Wed, 14 Aug 2019 10:21:58 +0000 en hourly 1 Agiliway Team Celebrates its Fourth Anniversary! Tue, 13 Aug 2019 00:00:12 +0000 Read more »]]> On a sunny August day, Agiliway team gathered at Viking Bay, an entertainment resort complex near Lviv, Ukraine. The occasion, which united all teams, was a celebration of the fourth anniversary of the company. This year, the team already accounts for more than a hundred employees, a group of talented and unique people following the same strategy, such as “Get results the agile way”.

Company day 2019

We are proud of our achievements on multiple projects and more stable business relationships we built this year. During the occasion, Agiliway representatives had the opportunity to comment on the company accomplishments. They emphasized the success of CiviMobile, a native mobile application for CiviCRM, which is actively used by NGOs and non-profits. It’s been almost one year since it was released, though it already gained large popularity. It became a perfect tool for organizing internal working processes, which encouraged lots of organizations to partner with Agiliway for further customization service. We improved our skills in different technologies and advanced ourselves in a set of industries, including automotive, e-commerce, retail, tourism, AI and others.

Company day

Not only our local teams visited the event, but also US representatives and our colleagues from Chernivtsi. Mark Koelsch, the President & Co-Founder of Agiliway Group Inc., also attended a corporate party and shared his opinion about the development of the company and future expectations. Our colleagues from Chernivtsi also mentioned about the projects they have implemented and the long path they took on the way to become a strong proactive team.

company day 2019

We have chosen the Hawaiian theme as a symbol of the party, which added more to the outgoing ambiance. The event gathered all positive and like-minded people in one place and one time where everyone could enjoy the informal atmosphere getting to know more about each other and share their emotions. Apart from discussing our professional ambitions, we propagated an active lifestyle playing different types of sports, including football, tennis, baseball, and basketball. Football is the most common sports within the team and we are proud of our achievements and position at IT-League One this year.

company day 2019

Guys were also surprised to meet comedians from a humorous show “League of Laughter”, who performed with stand-up comedies. Along with that, Dj-residents made people let their hair down and connected them on one dancefloor at the background of lively music and positive vibes.

company day 2019

At last, we shared the birthday cake and again proved to ourselves how successful and huge multifunctional team we have become evolving from a small start-up. Happy birthday, Agiliway team! You are rock!

company day 2019
Improving Logistical Packaging for Retail Business Wed, 07 Aug 2019 00:00:32 +0000 Read more »]]> Physical product distribution and materials management are an important part of supply chain process. It can be more organized and effective if all activities from manufacturing, inventory, packaging to recycling are maintained. Sometimes at the warehouses, employees find the process of packaging and distribution tedious, which affects performance. Therefore, automating their work with more rigid system for searching, organizing, and sending goods can significantly optimize the workflow. For vendors, improving their management system, tracking stock, monitoring purchases, and customizing delivery can fuel working processes and raise profits.  



One of the American clients contacted Agiliway in a need to optimize his e-commerce shop, namely a packaging and delivery system. The company is one of the biggest food retailers involving +20 e-commerce stores in different states. The high-quality foods at the affordable price has quickly attracted target groups, which opt for healthier lifestyle and better well-being. Now the client wants to expand a network of both web and physical shops focusing on more consistent supply, packaging, and delivery approach. Thus, Agiliway team has faced the challenge to extend the functionality of the existing e-shop and integrate more modules to improve the logistical packaging including storage, distribution, sale and end use.


Our team accomplished an on-site visit to the client to discuss all business requirements. To the project completion, we faced with such challenges: 

  • Transfer of knowledge. The system was old-fashioned and developed for long time. Thus, there was a need to share knowledge about the product to our team and do brainstorming to generate new ideas.   
  • A need to integrate POS-terminals to all physical stores regionally  
  • Optimize all product parameters at the app, namely integrating a box weight at the mobile application 
  • Enhance the delivery and packaging modules  


Using PHP technology, our team has expanded the network of web-stores and its synchronization of any changes at all websites. We paid special attention to the packaging logistics to optimize all working processes from distribution to end-use. Our engineers have managed to accomplish such solutions:  

  • Increase a number of web stores and optimize admin management system so that any stock changes are updated at all websites 
  • Optimize a route between a specific purchase at local shop and payment terminal through API callbacks so that any product would be deducted from the general stock 
  • Implement a sniffer module to protect the data from unauthorized use  
  • Extend delivery modules so that the employees might quickly check all product parameters during packaging and distribution including address of a recipient, product weight, volume, material and price 
  • Add more delivery options including fast or extended delivery based on customer’s needs  
  • Allow employees to define products based on their bar-codes and its unique information, which is kept at the web app 
  • Improve the packaging process by giving employees an opportunity to identify, track, sort out, pack, and send products to its final destination by means of the web app containing all product measurements and location 


The client received more opportunities to control and manage the supply system by assessing competitor’s market and defining own competitive price. The given e-commerce solution allowed merchants to optimize their working processes, improve end-user experience, and thus, increase profit. From now, employees can use the benefits of more automated packaging and delivery network system by managing all products from the web app. As a result, the client can reduce the unnecessary labor time and minimize time on delivery by optimizing the distribution process.  

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in any business recommendation and need a further e-commerce solution. We possess experience at building e-commerce projects at retail and automotive, eager to create an e-platform from scratch or extend its functionality.


Implementing MDM Solution for Corporate Use Tue, 30 Jul 2019 17:06:40 +0000 Read more »]]> Corporate device programs became a real toolkit allowing employees to optimize working processes. Within the organization, employees often share access to dozens of corporate sensitive data, send emails, and make Skype calls through their mobile phones. While this improves performance and teamwork, data misuse or loss also presents huge security risks. As a result, inappropriate data use can pose serious consequences for company reputation and may result in financial harm. Thus, it is required to protect corporate data to provide a full security and allow employees not to be afraid of any mobile security threats. Therefore, mobile device management can be the best solution for monitoring and securing business information, which provides opportunities for admins to remotely manage all user data based on GDPR compliance rules.


One of our clients contacted Agiliway with a need of security mobile program, which would protect all corporate data from emails to corporate policies. The company is specialized in IT security support and technology taking a leading role in providing a robust security software. The area of professional research is not only limited to mobile and web security, but also involves AI, big data, machine learning, automation technologies, and communication security. It effectively employs IT security training for its employees and supports the organizations to ensure effective security control including confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Therefore, in a need to improve company employee device security, the client requested us to build MDM solution for mobile based on their own prototype.


To resolve the issues the company faced, it was obligatory to: 

  • Secure information for different employee’s roles to prevent data loss 
  • Prevent any unauthorized access to corporate data by means of network security protocols and data encryption  
  • Track any employee’s activities and actions by the data manager to define geolocation and time  
  • Build an alert system to notify a user about device performance, such as a low battery or low number of data storage  
  • Disable the phone in case of any unauthorized use by third parties and wipe data if the phone was stolen or lost 


On one hand, it was required to build a web portal for effective data management while on the other hand, it was needed to provide a MDM mobile solution running on Android and iOS. The given MDM solution ensures a full monitoring system of the company’s employees from tracking emails to corporate data. Thus, a data manager has access to the employee’s dashboard and sends remote commands in case of any unauthorized use. To create a fully functional web and mobile security platform, we managed to: 

  • Provide a user-friendly admin dashboard with different parameters including calls, messaging, chat, and media to track user’s activities  
  • Monitor user’s GPS location in a live mode including past GPS history and build Geo data points tagged in a specific manner  
  • Configure a GPS leash for the user device and get email or SMS notifications when one changes its location 
  • Allow multiple data managers to have own permission to the admin panel and bring necessary changes  
  • Transmit remote commands by data manager to the target device from sending GPS to Web to uninstallation process 
  • Record calls, audio, video, and any media from a mobile device as well as report newly added ones to ensure security  


MDM solution for mobile presents a user-friendly, fully pre-configured, and robust system for monitoring employee devices and prevent any data leakage. To ensure a right device use and performance, the given mobile security program protects all corporate data by tracking GPS and checking user’s call logs, contacts, emails, and different types of media through secure connections. Building a fully functional web portal, now data managers have access to all user information, have rights to send alerts, and wipe out the corporate data if the device was lost or stolen. The given MDM solution plays a vital role in preventing any corporate device use by third parties. Thus, the company would move in a better way to ensure privacy, accuracy, and accessibility of the data by company counterparts.  

Agiliway team ensures full security and data confidentiality complying with GDPR principles. We can consult you and offer professional advice on building a right MDM solution based on your requirements.  

Designing a Better Future: Mobile & Web Technologies Tue, 23 Jul 2019 00:00:29 +0000 Read more »]]> In the world of cutting-edge technologies, mobile development marked the immense growth. Gadgets became a vital part of everyday’s lives giving opportunities to use a set of functionalities for personal and professional growth as well as entertainment. While before people preferred desktop applications, now the market is overflown with mobile and web technologies. Worldwide, people reap benefits of the mobile apps with user-friendly UX as they are more convenient and accessible on the go.

Large and middle enterprises, as well as small start-ups, often need a solution, which would fit into their business strategy and cover their vision. To decrease costs on the project budget, sometimes they make a choice to outsource a skilled engineer’s team from abroad. In this article, we overview both mobile and web development services provided by our Agiliway team and underline the most common technologies both at front-end and back-end along with our project achievements. 

While developing a mobile app, the whole team of developers, testers, designers, project managers, and tech leads share their project visions and goals. We, in Agiliway, take into account all characteristics of the product development process from the very design to its maintenance. Therefore, we go through the complete project cycle and with each iteration, our team discusses its progress and potential changes in a way to build a high-quality end product.  

In Agiliway, we go through such a UX/UI process and provide a set of mobile development services including: 

  • Initial analysis of the client’s specifications  
  • Offering potential ideas for future design 
  • Elaborating on the solutions part and further discussion 
  • Working on UI/UX design based on client’s needs  
  • Customizing responsive web design 
  • Discussion of design themes and solutions between designers and developers
  • Final design approval and production 
  • Mobile application debugging support 
  • SEO-optimized design 

Our engineers have developed a set of mobile and web apps used in different niches, such as big data, healthcare, sports, automotive, education, e-commerce, fintech, etc. We are not limited only to one sphere and always take different projects while working on various technologies.  

Initially, for developers either on front-end or back-end, designing an application requires choosing the right technology and related programming language. In our hands, we use such set of technologies, as Android, IOS, Windows, HTML5, React Native, Cordova, and Xamarin and others. Lately, our team preferred React Native as the core technology for building CiviMobile, a mobile CRM application for non-profits and non-governmental organizations. The app was developed with the use of a hybrid framework based on Javascript library and is still being improved with new functionalities. It effectively helps to manage contacts, relationships, memberships, contributions, and events for better internal organizational processes, communication, and employee coordination. 

Previously, among our other projects, we elaborated an IoT solution for one of the electricity providers, which allowed controlling the set of switches and other multiple electricity devices. We chose Xamarin as the cross-platform technology, which helped to manage electricity from mobile and tablet. In the context of IoT solutions, our team also represented IoT digital sensor solution enabling seniors and those who are taking care of them to track unusual behavior from a tablet and help them to take full control over physical health. This project was based on .Net technology and Azure on which specialists managed different documentation and tools to build an advanced sensor system. 

During the process of web development, our team discusses the requirements and agrees on the timeline and project costs. Then, we plan the design and development process and after, test the web app for any bugs following by deployment and post-production phase. We do not only design websites from scratch, but also redesign the old-fashioned interfaces offering a better UI. 

In Agiliway, we provide a range of web development services, including:  

  • Designing websites from scratch 
  • Changing UI design to keep up to date with modern tendencies 
  • Website optimization with new functionalities and services 
  • Adopting new design approaches to support clients and interested parties  
  • Migration from desktop to web to have more access options  
  • SEO optimization and landing pages customization 
  • Social media promotion  

Over time, our team acquired more and more skills at different CMS platforms and framework technologies. We have a bunch of experience working with such CMS platforms as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Typo3, which allow teams to advance their skills and offer a new vision while creating or optimizing websites. Taking the challenge of its learning curve, our specialists can operate different CMS. Learning how CMS works on a deeper level enables engineers to use various content options for adding new modules, managing text, extending permission rights for users, localizing websites into other languages, and scaling them to more users. Our team also possesses solid expertise at building e-commerce web solutions based on Magento, Oxid, Typo3, WordPress, and other platforms for clients from various industries.

Our specialists are proficient at various PHP and Javascript frameworks, which serve as a perfect basis for code structure. Among PHP frameworks, we successfully used Symfony, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Yii for developing web solutions. To mention past projects, our team used CodeIgniter on back-end and Javascript on the front-end to build a complex CRM solution for one of the automotive manufacturers. Among Javascript frameworks, our engineers possess an expertise at working with Ember JS, Angular JS, and React JS, which add to faster performance and scalability because of the vast array of pre-built components. Looking back, we used React JS for optimizing a clumsy HTML workout website into more functional and user-friendly web platform. We made the site more interactive improving the search tool and giving opportunities for users to choose a location where they can work out, a type of class, and instructor. 


Hiring and managing a team with a deep expertise in web and mobile app development is of paramount importance. We are eager to offer a custom mobile and web development solution based on your needs and turn it into more scalable, reliable, and trustworthy platform with appealing design and usability. Our engineers can build a new business solution from scratch, elaborate or add new modules to increase your target customer group. With a deep technological stack, our team takes challenges, elaborates on the business logics, and turns your needs into reality. 


Fourth Release of CiviMobile – Effective Participants Management Thu, 18 Jul 2019 09:19:14 +0000 Read more »]]> We are excited to share the latest fourth release of Civimobile, the product which now gives more opportunities to organize events and track participants. Now the event host can go through more functional event planning process including registration of participants, ticket generation, managing participants, check-in, and QR code scanning. 

We extended our app functionality in attempt to improve employee’s coordination and make CiviMobile even more user-friendly. Organizing events became faster, more reliable, and convenient with simply using a gadget. The mobile app now provides the possibility to register others for events by adding one or multiple participants and choosing a fee option if it is a paid event, send the event ticket through app or mail, check and change participant’s statuses, check-in others for events by marking their attendance, and manually or automatically scan their QR code on the ticket.  

For CiviCRM users, new features boost more efficiency and performance. Using CiviMobile for organizing events and tracking participants is a convenient way for people with a tight schedule and a huge workload. Now there are more opportunities to control the entire workflow just with your fingertip at any time and any place.  

You may find more information on new and earlier releases in CiviMobile release article.  

Stay in touch with us and keep up to date with the latest news on 


CiviMobile - The Fourth Release
Using Magento 2 to Build an Advanced e-Commerce Solution Tue, 16 Jul 2019 09:00:10 +0000 Read more »]]> e-Commerce Solution

Among the most common open-source CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and TYPO3Magento stands out as one of the most popular e-commerce platforms. With the release of Magento 2, small and large web e-commerce platforms enjoy the advantages of the given CMS including easy configuration, robust security, advanced scalability, and potential integration with other platforms. Thus, Agiliway used Magento 2 as the leading technology for building one of the following e-commerce solutions we want to share with you. 


One of the European e-commerce platforms contacted Agiliway to simplify and optimize their product management system. The business is a social marketplace where merchants can automate their working processes and control orders in a consistent and easy way to offer the best shopping experience. The given e-commerce platform provides different types of products from home goods to apparel as well as a variety of services from peer-to-peer payment to the advanced logistics system. The company has quickly evolved from a small start-up to a large social marketplace expanding throughout the world, which provides crowd-buying service and even integrates cryptocurrency payment solutions. It allows buyers from different social groups to purchase brand products at a reasonable price and pay less for things they need. 


The client required a more advanced e-commerce solution where merchants might easily organize various product categories, offers, orders, and customer reviews. Thus, a basic focus should be placed on creating a single e-commerce platform where all products are located and managed from one place, which is possible by merging the existing e-commerce platform with Magento 2 and adding more extensions. We preferred this platform over other CMS as it involves more advanced architecture, structured admin dashboard, higher speed and performance, lots of useful plugins, better SEO, and robust security. With implementing Magento 2, we could cover a need to automate the system of handling all products, its categories, offers, and stock information to avoid manual data input and thus, reduce human labor costs. 


We have already used Magento for building several projects before and may prove that the given CMS constantly improving with new versions takes a leading position in the e-commerce market. We consider Magento as a top-notch open source e-commerce platform for building and promoting e-stores as it provides easy content management system, which perfectly suits for customizing specific features based on in-built themes, generating sales, and integrating with other web stores to promote products. With Magento 2, one can add more functionality by adding extensions, which works interchangeably for both admins and customers. Thus, working with the existing e-commerce platform required clear understanding of its architecture and different tools. As a result, during the Magento 2 integration process, we faced such challenges: 

  • A need to extend shipping information. We had to add extensions to set proper shipping configurations including shipping location, estimated time, price and expected delivery 
  • Taxes synchronization. All data related to taxes should be synchronized on Magento 2 
  • Automated update of all stock information after each purchase to avoid manual configuration. All stock should be synchronized on the platform through API connectors  
  • Solve the issues with low server performance 


Our main task was to customize Magento 2 platform based on the existing e-commerce platform policies and specifications. We have already worked with different e-commerce platforms including Oxid, WooCommerce, Shopify, Opencart, ODOO ERP, etc. As most of e-commerce systems are based on PHP, our team used the same technology to optimize all processes related to editing, creating, adding, and posting products as well as sharing and updating stocks. As a result, all merchants could have access to a single product dashboard where even without any background in PHP frameworks, they could place orders on sales, generate offers, manage stock, and get a leaderboard of the most popular products in demand. Thus, we implemented such solutions, which allowed to: 

  • Provide every merchant with an opportunity to register own account where one may add and manage products, its categories and characteristics including name, brand, price, tax, and shipping in a more automated way rather than manually 
  • Give an ability for merchants to better manage all buyers’ orders, messages, and reviews to provide seamless service delivery and choose the best advertising approach   
  • Integrate offers and stock information updates into Magento 2 through API callback   
  • Make all product categories be the same on two platforms to avoid any inconsistencies 
  • Customize all features on Magento 2 based on the given e-commerce platform policies  
  • Optimize leaderboard of the products in demand based on customer’s rank and send any updates to the merchant through mail to select the best offer strategy 
  • Integrate additional extensions into the Magento 2 platform in a consistent way 
  • Implement secure GTIN marker for trade items so they are uniquely identified on the market 
  • Add CRUD plugin to allow merchants to create, edit, update, and delete any product data or offers  
  • Provide secure authentication login method and authorization for merchants through OAuth framework 
  • Allow secure communication by means of the single API token use


Magento e-commerce platform


Integration of Magento 2 with the existing e-commerce platform became a perfect business solution, which provided the ability to manage products and improve the delivery system from a single place. From now, merchants can edit, create, manage, and track products and offers in a more simplified way as the system is being automatically updated in case of any stock changes. Not only the client can enjoy more automated business solution, but also now one can reap the benefits of the commercial value of the project, such as adopting more integrated advertising approach while managing customer’s reviews and a leaderboard of the most popular merchandise. 

While before they had to manually enter the product input, now they have access to the system, which synchronizes any changes made on their e-commerce platform. As a result, this decreases time and efforts on manual labor processes and allows focusing more on developing a proper business strategy. Thus, integrating e-commerce platform with Magento 2 provides the opportunity to automate product operations, raise sales, and attract more customers to the market.  

Apart from Magento, Agiliway has solid expertise at working with different PHP frameworks and e-commerce platforms, including OxidWooCommerceOdoo, Aimeos, and OpenCart. If you need any recommendations for your business, do not hesitate to contact one of our experts possessing a multi-year experience in e-commerce web development. 


WooCommerce Solution for Small Business Tue, 25 Jun 2019 00:00:07 +0000 Read more »]]> Paying by card

E-commerce has changed human buying habits. Traditional shopping is gradually disappearing to pay a way for more comfortable and interactive online shop customer experience. Web stores made in friendly design and easy navigation bring a better search options and trust overall. Providing a good shopping cart functionality and social media strategy decreases cart abandonment rates and increases conversion. Agiliway has deep experience and knowledge of both marketing business and technical e-commerce perspectives to ensure proper product delivery. That’s why one of the Ukrainian clients contacted us to enhance their web cosmetics e-store. It is a small family business, which produces home-made skin-care products. As it rapidly has been growing, the number of requests from potential clients started increasing in a fast way; hence, business owners faced a need to organize the products and automate the sales.  

Provided Solution

Considering that the project was carried out for a small to middle businesses, Agiliway recommended using WooCommerce plug-in for WordPress. We have had already experience in developing e-commerce solutions on Magento, Oxid, WooCommerce and other platforms, which encouraged us to continue building e-stores. In one of the articles published before, we highlighted that e-shop development on WooCommerce is way easier than Magento as the first option is friendly to use as well as handle data through the page templates and write a code. On the contrary, Magento is more complex in terms of development as the given CMS requires more skills and time to manage architecture and customize tools. Thus, integrating WooCommerce into Wordpress became a perfect solution for developers to meet the needs of this client and create fully functional e-store. 

Such online shop solution offers a range of benefits as WooCommerce:  

  • is powerful enough to support different categories of cosmetic products along with aesthetic and friendly UI 
  • has a convenient product management admin with logical and consistent structure  
  • implements a shopping cart with nice checkout system, such as optimized order summary, convenient table-based layout, and better check out process visualization
  • integrates payment gateway offering various payment methods  
    provides the ability to put likes and comment on the products
  •   is easy in further maintenance and support for an end-user 

Agiliway implemented the WooCommerce web store in a short period and with little client’s investment using technologies such as WordPressWooCommerce 2.6, Bootstrap UI, and MySQL db.  


woocomerce, wordpress


WooCommerce solution has allowed the owners to grow their business and offer more functional e-store for customers. In particular, the client automated the sales process by leaving more space for creativity and production. Admins gained the opportunity to manage data more consistently based on the structured product design panel. Adding more content on the website improved the customer’s search and made it more reliable. Our client was able to quickly advance their e-business into the market due to the rapid implementation of the project. The client managed to save a good part of the budget one planned to invest in an e-store because of selecting competitive pricing. 

 Agiliway specialists possess multi-year experience behind in e-commerce development starting from relatively simple e-stores like the one described in this article to the huge corporate platforms, which allow managing hundred of thousands of different products and million of buyers  for example, as we wrote about one of such e-commerce projects recently. We are experienced not only in WooCommerce, but also Oxid, Magento, Shopware, Odoo and other platforms. Please feel free to write us if you need any assistance or further recommendations on choosing the right e-commerce platform and building a quality business solution. 

The Best Technologies for Mobile App Development – Our View Wed, 12 Jun 2019 00:00:03 +0000 Read more »]]> Technologies for Mobile App Development

Possessing knowledge of different frameworks and programming languages can help to create good ideas for building a mobile solution for your business. Mobile app development is a complex process, which requires good planning and necessity to choose the right strategy. Elaborating on the project logic, a developer should be guided by the type of platform one wants to build the app on. This year, native and hybrid development is rising on an unpredicted rate giving opportunities to write code either for use on a specific single platform or on multiple ones like iOS, Android, and Windows.

In a spectrum of hybrid app development, which becomes more and more popular, we should consider React Native, Xamarin, Ionic and CordovaAgiliway keeps up-to-date with new technologies used for reliable and faster app development. Among the last projects, we have used are React Native technology for building CiviMobile – a mobile CRM app, as well as Cordova and Ionic for creating mobile solution for one of the big manufacturers of aquarium appliances. Let’s review some of the most famous mobile app frameworks that are nowadays actively utilized by our engineers:

1. React Native is an open-source framework, which takes the lead position in the context of mobile development and provides a solution to create cross-platform apps for both iOS and Android. React Native is a JavaScript library, which helps to build user interfaces and then customize them for iOS or Android. When one needs to be more specific about the platform, React Native offers a set of modules and file extensions, which identify the specific OS running.  

React Native framework provides multiple benefits for building apps in a faster manner including:

  • Ability to write a single JavaScript codebase and use it for different platforms. It means that one has an opportunity to reuse code between iOS and Android when necessary 
  • Availability of pre-built components in a library. Developers can use already written code and perform faster  
  • Ability to share code. Developers can add lines of code to the single framework  
  • Ability to view any code changes on the live mode and manipulate the screen by visualizing the results of coding 
  • Advanced plugin support. The framework offers native and JavaScript modules for the purpose of adding new functionality  
  • Modular mode. React Native separates the pieces of code into modules or blocks, which allows upgrading app in a quick manner. 

2. Xamarin is an open-source Microsoft-based platform widely used for developing cross-platform apps, which supports C# language and .Net framework. You may use the compiler to build apps for iOS and Android or integrated .NET application. Working at Visual Studio offers a set of IDE tools for faster development and deployment.  

Xamarin is a platform for hybrid app development on iOS, Android, and Windows which entails a range ofeatures: 

  • Single technological stack. Developers can use C# with Net. framework for building apps for any mobile platforms 
  • Faster speed and performance in terms of application loading. The performance is being constantly enhanced to resemble the native app standards 
  • Easy compilation. At the final stage, developers cross-compile the code for both iOS and Android by handling memory allocation and achieving platform interoperability 
  • Shared code. The technology attracts a large community of developers, who can share their code including business logic, data access, and network exchange 
  • Xamarin forms. Include a set of templates for UI and allow code reuse across iOS and Android  
  • Xamarin. Mac. Software engineers can create Mac apps based on C# and .NET. It consolidates wit Xcode so it’s possible to use its Interface builder to build the app UI  
  • Availability of platform SDKs. Xamarin offers a set of tools and documentation for easier development, such as Cocoa Touch for iOS and Android SDK while using C#

3. Ionic is a free framework compatible with Angular JS, which is used for hybrid app development. The hybrid one can be defined by the words “write once, run anywhere”. Ionic places a top-notch role in building UI functionalities faster and easier, which allows using the same code on all platforms.  

 Ionic provides a set of useful features for building hybrid mobile apps including 

  • Integration with Apache Cordova and SASS. This allows creating UI, which is close to the native apps 
  • Presence of the single code base. Developers can use the single body of code for different platforms whether it’s iOS, Android, web, or progressive web app 
  • Advanced plugin system. Ionic offers a set of add-ons and plugins for Cordova and Angular JS, which provides Ionic app integration with web services 
  • Possibility to update apps without releasing a new version. With the use of Ionic Appflow, developers can bring changes while fixing bugs or adding new features 
  • Easy way to control platforms. The user can choose the type of OS and move freely across all platforms 

4. Cordova or PhoneGap is an open-source framework used for cross-platform hybrid mobile development integrating HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. This framework offers a set of advantages:  

  • Cost Effective Development. Using this technology doesn’t require much time to develop and deploy software 
  • Robust back-end system. Developers can use AEM mobile (Adobe Experience Manager) for developing apps, which allows previewing any changes to the app and sync all activities made at the current moment 
  • Advanced plug-in architecture. This feature allows improving the app functionality and provides the user with access to more features 
  • Prebuilt-in UI libraries. The technology provides a good mobile user-friendly interface 
  • Uniformity regardless of the platform. Apps developed in Cordova look similar on any platform whether it’s iOS or Android.  
  • Functionality close to the Native Apps. The framework presents the possibility to build the same features as in native apps including geolocation, camera, accelerometer, etc., which further improves UX.  
  • Mobile App Development


Selecting a native or hybrid approach for developing apps depends on the vision and goals of the organization. The native solution working on Android or iOS provides better use and speed, which is crucial for some industries like game development. Although, for most business solutions it does not bring so much value. Thus, hybrid frameworks offer a set of benefits for development and further app maintenance for business providing: 

  • Easy support – a necessity to support one codebase, not multiple ones as in native development 
  • Synchronization of all changes at all platforms – any change immediately appears at all platforms 
  • Lower deployment costs – a single code is created and used for all platforms, which significantly decreases development efforts 
  • Faster development – there is no need to search for development teams working with different technologies and synchronize the development process between platforms 

If you have decided to proceed with hybrid solution for your mobile app, then choosing the right framework will depend on multiple factors including the nature and the scope of your project. Do not hesitate to contact Agiliway on this issue, as our specialists possess expertise in various mobile frameworks and can offer further recommendations for your mobile app development.  

Saving It All with Proper Distributed Project Management Thu, 06 Jun 2019 00:00:53 +0000 Read more »]]> We, in Agiliway, never get tired of reminding how important project management is. In one of our recent articles, we have already explained what risks distributed teams pose to the project completion and shared our recipe to success in all projects involving offshore teams.   

It is great to observe that companies realize these risks and challenges and correct processes accordingly. For example, having realized the lack of experience in distributed project management, one of our clients chose a BOT cooperation model, which provided a wealth of advantages for the company.     

Unfortunately, not all entrepreneurs can spot arising obstacles to project completion stemming from poor management of distributed teams. This very situation made us take the lead in the management of the project where we were only a secondary provider.     


Distributed project management


A group of American experts with strong background in digital marketing established a start-up to work in the field of customer data analytics. The entrepreneurs had unique algorithms that would allow complementing the customer data of end-clients with the missing details. Thus, the solution that will use the algorithms will be able to produce reports on customer persona, audience’s demographics, geography and psychographics, and the availability of look-alike audiences in various regions of the country.  

Anyone working in e-commerce can easily recognize the great value of such reports, as they allow segmenting, targeting, and converting a target audience. The latter eventually defines the bottom line of any business.   

Gaining the support of investors, the start-up engaged several distributed teams to work on the project. Agiliway joined the project three months before the release date taking responsibility in the development of data visualization part of the customer data analytics solution.  


Agiliway experts have strong experience in data analytics, so we quickly defined project tasks we had to accomplish and started working on them. Nevertheless, as we started looking into the platform logic that we had to implement, we realized these major issues existing on the project:   

  • many teams were not meeting the project schedules;   
  • distributed teams did not know about the progress of their counterparts and found out about the delays at the last moment;   
  • there was no dedicated project manager, who would monitor the performance of the distributed teams and set up new deadlines.      

At that moment, timely release of the solution was one true challenge we were facing. So, following one of our core values – Go the extra mile – we resolved to do everything to gain the best possible outcome for the whole project, not only our team.    

Provided Solution  

First, we analyzed strengths and weaknesses of each team involved in the project and the scope of work delegated to them. This allowed us to define main obstacles to tasks’ completion and find ways to prevent them.        

Our Project Manager with more than 10-year experience of managing distributed teams revised the project schedule and started monitoring the entire process of development engaging where necessary.   

In addition, we set up constant sharing of information and statuses between the teams using a proper communication model. As a result, all distributed groups of engineers became a part of the single unified team. Each of them had a clear vision of the project progress, plan, milestones, and dependencies. They became aware that any delays could impact their work or the work of another team and knew realistic due dates for the release of new features.   

Eventually, we managed to implement a structured process with timely completion of all tasks on the project in contrast to chaotic and unconsolidated development used to prevail.  


Being a secondary provider, Agiliway tackled the true challenge of the project and provided the solution that exceeded by far the expectations of the client. Namely, we demonstrated superior project management skills and set up proper processes, which allowed to smoothly handle the project development process. Due to these efforts, the project was completed on time so that the start-up successfully entered the market with a high-quality and reliable product and gained trust among the investors. Recognizing and appreciating the value delivered, the startup chose Agiliway as a primary provider for the second iteration of the solution.         

This case makes us really be proud of ourselves, but there is also a good lesson to learn from it. First, never ever underestimate the relevance of project management. Second, appreciate that distributed teams require another type of management than in-house development teams. Last but not least, make smart choices about the providers you attract to your project, no matter whether they will be your primary or secondary outsourcing providers. Who knows, it might be that the later eventually save it all.   

WordPress based eLearning Platform for Healthcare Association Thu, 30 May 2019 00:00:46 +0000 Read more »]]> Recently we posted a series of articles about Agiliway’s experience in different PHP frameworks like SymfonyLaravelCodeIgniterand YiiApart from this, Agiliway also possesses strong expertise at different CMS including WordPress, Drupal, Typo3, Joomla, and others. We also worked on Drupal and Typo3 a while ago. Now we would like to share our experience and achievements on one of the projects related to eLearning platform implementation for a healthcare association using WordPress CMS.  


A healthcare association was looking for an option to have a more functional website. Initially, the association used the website as an information portal to share industry news, the best practices, and event announcements among its members. Going further the association needed to provide opportunities for deeper study and practical training for its members by means of improving their qualification. It required to focus on more proactive approach of spreading new practices, cutting-edge technologies, and modern treatment techniques with an emphasis on raising the quality of treatment and facilitating prevention. This could be possible with organizing professional courses and workshops where association members would be able to extend their knowledge and improve practical skills.

Thus, the association came with an idea of re-building existing website into a new eLearning platform, which would allow managing different courses and provide users with quick access to specific courses and membership programs. The platform would involve a possibility to view course statuses, members’ performance and attendance, make analytics work, and offer some other features for effective eLearning. 

E-Learning solution with Wordpress 

Agiliway had previous experience with digital solutions development and now successfully used it to implement a new eLearning platform for the association. Our team used Wordpress for back-end and Bootstrap with the use of JavaScript for the front-end to add typographic elements, web forms, and buttons. It was an obvious decision to employ Wordpress CMS as the existing website already used Wordpress and the association’s employees possessed Wordpress knowledge, which would simplify future platform support. 

In a few months, we released the eLearning platform with the following features, which allowed us to:  

  • Manage libraries of courses. The courses were organized based on different educational categories or spheres of interest.  
  • Build a structured course form. Members could see all the course details including event description, time, registration deadline, status, the price for members or non-members, and venue.  
  • Combine the course profiles together with its contents, and advantages; those who wish to receive the printed information about the course could get it by mail. In this way, members could pursue their professional ambitions and goals while booking the appropriate course at an affordable price. 
  • Create a membership form, which allowed members to contribute the yearly fee and get further discounts on the specific course.  
  • Build a complete and convenient course booking workflow. The potential users received the ability to login data, insert personal information, address, and bank details. It became possible to apply for a course for a single member or number of participants.  
  • Represent better admin panel. Admins could easily manage courses data by observing the user’s statuses and profiles. They gained an ability to fully track user’s visibility, structure, and export data on the platform. Using advanced analytics tools, they got the possibility to track members’ performance. 
eLearning solution for Healthcare Association


Developing a new eLearning platform allowed the association to attract more members and provide them with the opportunity to improve their qualification. Back then, the website was just a mere business card, while later it turned into a more functional, sophisticated, and reliable online education platform. Members could register for courses online or pay for the yearly membership, which could be done with one click of the mouse. The given eLearning solution allowed them to improve expertise based on their professional ambitions and maintain better healthcare practices.