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Taxi service appears to be an incredibly popular one in all the corners of the world. What is more, it is very hard to imagine modern living without such an ‘always-at-hand’ vehicle. Fast-paced schedules and the immense growth of the transportation industry lead to the customers’ concerns being effectively addressed. More and more gadgets, applications and advanced technologies are being created to optimize, streamline, modernize and, finally, popularize this type of transportation service.

Our transportation field client turned to us having in mind to create both a mobile app and a completely functional website on taxi services provided. To meet the business goals, the project continued three years and a half with its development starting from scratch.



Due to the project’s wide scope of functionality, our engineering team went headlong into the platform working out with the two main stages of both a mobile app and website development. 

  • Developing a mobile application 

The application allows the user to order a taxi and to track the route up to the indicated pick-up point. Payment is made either in cash or changed to the user’s bank cardThe app is available for downloading both on iOS or Android– based gadgets. 

  • Developing a website 

The website includes information about the company itself, the service offeredmobile appsprices, etc.; what is more, the provider gives a possibility to rent a car or bus, to book a transfer or a personal driver. To ensure a highly competitive edge, the website is extremely user-friendly, with advanced scalability, and easy configuration.   



Mobile application development and its implementation called for a wide range of various programming techniques and tools to cater to the needs of the customer, and, subsequently, his clients. To that end, the tech stack included: 

  • Android app built with Java, Angular, etc.;  

Java is preferable for Android apps development as it is optimized for Android and offers security along with a rich set of core features to serve flawless performance and sustainability improvement. 

  • iOS app built with Objective-C, together with Braintree (LiqPay), Google maps, etc.  

The technologies mentioned are meant to ensure proper bug-free tracking, payment system, architecture platform and design development;  

The website for the taxi services was built with Python including Django as an open-source web framework along with MySQL, CSS, and so on 

Due to its rich technology stackextensive set of libraries, frameworksand extensions that simplify the implementation of both small and large-scale projects, Python proved to be a viable programming language for the architecture design creation and modules implementation


As mentioned above, our high-quality engineering team started the project from scratch thus getting a real possibility to demonstrate all its skills and to present a ready product. We have achieved high results in end product development, implementation and presentation. In addition to the basic functions that are common in mainstream taxi services nowadays, we have developed plenty of additional ones, like ordering a personal driver. Our team had a business goal to combine all the important functions connected with transportation into one service and succeeded. It has been a useful experience in the field of payment systems, mapping work and GPS trackers.

Integrated into the transportation services network, this mobile application along with the website developed provide customers with a better choice of taxi services due to:

  • simplified and optimized platform; 
  • highly streamlined and professionally managed services; 
  • an abundance of services offered; 
  • a possibility to choose a payment method;  
  • excellent usability, etc. 

A wealth of advantages provided is sure to make a difference to the industry by making its users mobile, updated and always on the go. 


PHP Framework Solution Development for Travel Agency Thu, 20 Feb 2020 13:53:56 +0000 Read more »]]>  

Nowadays the internet has had a tremendous impact on every industry, especially on travel agencies. Instead of other options (booking with direct vendors and third parties), 73% of all travel package bookings are made via travel agencies. Thus, they make technology their ally and invest in high performing tour search and booking tools with excellent usability. 

Our client had an ambitious plan of winning a share in the already competitive market of travel. And now we want to share with you our results in this challenging case.


Agiliway engineers took the challenge and came down to the work on the project as soon as it was possible realizing the nearing of the hot tourist season for all tour agencies.

Such cases make us confident that whatever the industry – travel, logistics or hospitality – internet technologies have something to offer to improve the process and the performance. Don’t hesitate to contact us for cases relevant to your industry. 

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The Benefits of React for Providing GPS Tracking Solutions Fri, 14 Feb 2020 14:28:00 +0000 Read more »]]>  

Our client is a leader in providing GPS tracking systems for vehicle fleet management. It works equally with large corporate clients and individuals providing comprehensive services. 

So when they realized that their original technology, with which it entered the market, became very outdated, it has been given a lot of challenges for updating. What is more, the existing solution did not allow the company to add new features and, thus, cater to the rising needs and expectations of the clients.

The company came to us looking for a way to innovate the system, make it mobile, more efficient, modern and user-friendly. To address the needs of the client, Agiliway suggested rewriting a system using React and creating a React Native mobile application for it.

Let’s dive deeper into our case for vehicle fleet management.

Agiliway GPS Tracking

Our case of rewriting the GPS tracking system on React and creating native mobile applications demonstrates the potential of this framework to solve complex technological tasks.

Read the full article on how we revolutionized the work with the system and client’s business HERE or contact us to receive full case study.


January 2020 Tech News Overview Wed, 05 Feb 2020 12:50:00 +0000 Read more »]]>  

On entering the new 2020, it would be great to start a new tradition concerning monthly technical reports writing. January has just passed leaving behind a number of interesting and useful facts to familiarize yourself with and to stay tuned. 



Apple redesigned its Maps application with a number of new features being added and improved: clearer and more comprehensive road and nearby infrastructure visualization, more accurate navigation system, etc.

The company rebuilt the Maps app from the ground up by sending hundreds of planes and cars with custom and lidar sensors over four million miles of the country, it announced last year.



In January, Canonical introduced a scalable Android-based platform. The operating system is an innovative one as it is the first commercially available computing platform of such type. It enables the app to work with any operating system.

“The platform is innovative in that it uses Android as a guest OS for mobile application virtualization in the cloud,” – said Galem Kayo, product manager for Ubuntu at Canonical.



Huawei announced its release of HMS 4.0 by organizing a special event in London. It claimed its intention to replace Google services with its own platform called HMS (Huawei Mobile Services) What is more, Huawei unveiled certain plans on developing engineers’ and customers’ engagement as well as HMS promotion.

Huawei claims it has already witnessed substantial growth in the number of developers supporting their platform. The company says around 55,000 apps have now signed up to the free HMS Core.



In its turn, Google announced a new online coding course focused on staff training. This is a special program worked out to provide a worker with job skills in Git, Python and IT automation in six-month timespan.

“Python is now the most in-demand programming language, and more than 530,000 U.S. jobs, including 75,000 entry-level jobs require Python proficiency. With this new certificate, you can learn Python, Git and IT automation within six months,” – said Natalie Van Kleef Conley Product Lead, Grow with Google.



Finally, a piece of 2020 prediction and planning: “2020 Enterprises will unlock hidden value in their own workforces”. What is the true meaning of the message?  It deals with a so-called skill gap; an issue regarding fast evolving innovative digital technologies and not trained enough personnel. This year will be hallmarked by consistent and effective work dedicated to the gap gradual but consistent elimination; to make employees perfectly fit into modern progress tendencies.


Meet Agiliway: a Microsoft Silver Partner Wed, 29 Jan 2020 11:57:06 +0000 Read more »]]>  

The last days of January 2020 have been hallmarked by Agiliway becoming Microsoft SilverPartner. This is an event long-awaited for, and a small step forward for our company; the one we are longing to share with you.

What does it mean to us?

agiliway microsoftGetting certified as Microsoft partner, has been one of our priority tasks to accomplish this year. It is a global recognition of our contribution to the development of modern technologies along with a kind of a pass to future progress and technical growth. What is more, becoming a part of the Microsoft team is a sign that here, in Agiliway, we can be proud of our high-quality engineers, scalable and reliable platforms, high tech projects and trustworthy clients from different corners of the world.  

Without the latter, we would not be able to succeed. Our whole team is grateful to all the trust, belief and ongoing support we have felt on the way to our aim. There were plenty challenges, but we met them and appeared to win. 

On being honored a Microsoft Silver status, Agiliway gets access to Microsoft top-notch products and services, free software licenses, together with a bunch of other bonuses and perks provided. We hope MS global community will see our cooperation as a mutually useful and right process with both sides to benefit from. 

We have managed to overcome another step on our perspective development ladder, which is bound to make us even more professional, trustworthy and technically efficient in the vision of both our existing and prospective customers. Ongoing self- improvement, high ambitions and desire for perfection are going to accompany Agiliway on a permanent basis while gaining momentum in the future. 

Read more about our services.

Taxi and Delivery Application: Your Travel Transparency, Control and Security Fri, 17 Jan 2020 15:03:20 +0000 Read more »]]> Presently, it seems to be beyond human mind boundaries to imagine our living essence without a vehicle, no matter private or public. Yet private automobiles are surely and perpetually gaining a ‘monopoly’ due to everyday life routine considerable simplification and optimization. Nevertheless, it frequently happens that an own car is unavailable at the moment with the very need for heading somewhere being really urgent. Taxi service is at your disposal to get you to your destination point quickly and comfortably.  

However, behind a client-oriented service vision, the given platform thorough development and implementation are rather effort consuming and complex ones. We will provide you with a short insight into the process mentioned. 



A couple of years ago we started working on a project concerning taxi and driver tracking and managing system development. Our US client had in his mind to work out a web application of extended functionality to make it popular with both clients and drivers. The project’s functionality was to include taxi tracking, order management, phone API, etc. What is more, to cater to the needs of the customer, there was developed a MapBox functionality to display both route markers and order markers for better tracking and visualization processes.   



To meet the client’s requirements, our development team worked out a full-cycle project while implementing both front end and back end module development. To that end, technology stack such as JavaScript (Angular.js), .Net framework, CSS and HTML was used to cover the client’s vision and to develop a high-quality endproduct 

  • Angular.js was used to build end-pages, page components and user interaction with them; while MapBox library was used to work with maps (Open street map); 

  • .NET Framework served as a back end for processing information from a front end and communicating with a database; 
  • HTML CSS was used to display and customize data styles in the browser. 

The main processes pursued included a map functionality transfer from Google map to MapBox (e.g. map display on the page, drivers and orders markers display, etc.). 



The web application on Taxi and Delivery development appeared to be a web platform of a complete project cycle. It presented both the drivers (taxi service) and the clients (customer side) with all the possibilities to track and control the taxi ordering progress. The web solution provided was a scalable, solid and reliable one with an easy service configuration possibility. It was a 100% win-win for both service providers and the consumers.   

Consequently, with the app being developed, the service gained higher popularity and more trust of the clients by making every taxicab hiring a worth money and time investing idea. Advanced functionality and excellent usability effectively addressed the concerns of the consumers. 

Adaptive Websites Development for Hospitality Industry in Africa Fri, 10 Jan 2020 10:35:06 +0000 Read more »]]>  

In the 21st century, the tourism and travel industry has been on the rise all over the world with Africa being one of the most popular destination points to visit nowadays. Tourism has become one of the main drivers of the African economy and, thus, more and more effort and time are dedicated to the sphere of hospitality on the African continent.   


To streamline and professionally manage travel and tourism-related services, the number of projects in HoReCa has considerably increased recently. The web project under analysis concerns a system of sites for the hotel and tourism business in Africa. A customer’s company develops and promotes sites on the Google search engine. The client had in his mind to develop a front-end module for his hotel network on the African continent. The project lasted several months and was based and supported by the client’s system.  

The client appeared to have rather vague requirements concerning his HoReCa project. Nevertheless, defining the design, which we had to make amendments to here and there to make the site configuration easy and attention garnering. Adaptive websites front end development was the initial project aim to be pursued by our developing engineers. 

web development


Our development engineers provided front end development for the given HoReCa project with the back end module being supported by the client’s sideData for the front end part of the site came from the own client’s backend system, which was a scalable and structured database of his customers.  

As the next step, we replaced the back-end of one of the sites with Firebase aimed at the easy configuration and process optimization.  Vue. js framework was used to build the sites in combination with Nuxt. js to generate static pages. With the Nuxt. js, the web development process turned out being quite powerful and simple. Some sites used the Firebase database, Firebase Authentication and the Stripe online payment system to ensure a high competitive edge and excellent usability.  



The cooperation on this hospitality project was hallmarked by a website for the hotel company being partially developed together with a type of a web recipe book, and a payment system for viewing recipes for registered users only. Throughout our collaboration, we had worked to improve the design of the old sites and work on the front end of the new ones.  

Development of this adaptive project contributed to making the website interface both powerful and simple to attract customers of the traveling industry by overall service effective as well as scalable and seamless functionality.  

The turn of 2019-2020: watershed moments, best experiences and new partners Tue, 31 Dec 2019 14:04:46 +0000 Read more »]]>


Now, that we are standing on the threshold of the new 2020 year, it would be great to look back and provide a short overview, a so-called ‘annual report’, of the main events, achievements and directions Agiliway pursued in 2019.

The year passing by has been a period of active development, rapid progress and considerable growth our company has witnessed.  Yet it brought to us a number of new challenges and new ideas to investigate and handle.  


This summer was marked by our company’s 4th Anniversary celebration. The atmosphere of unity, friendliness and mutual understanding, as well as respect, was hanging in the air.

What is more, we have established our presence in Chernivtsi and, consequently, have become more numerous and gained new experiences and new perspectives. Namely, we significantly strengthened .Net and Native mobile competencies along with PHP, JSDevOps, and DB which we practiced before. We had a number of meetups on JS and .Net in Chernivtsi. 

The meetings planned were not restricted to programming only; our Agiliway team members practice taking an active part in sport, e.g. chess, tennis, football competitions, etc, and demonstrate very good results. 


2019 was a year of consistent and profound work on the CiviMobile application. Due to several new versions and an abundance of innovative functions, the application gained thousands of users and hundreds of clients. 

We also got a wide recognition on the IT market and took part in a number of specialized conferences with TYPO3, DMEXCO and WebSummit being the ones most significant and popular. The conferences mentioned are a perfect chance to popularize your own product, to share your knowledge and experience as well as to gain new visions and important insights. 


Lviv IT cluster teaming up has been another sign of our ongoing striving for technology innovations, a great possibility to exchange experience with experts in their niches.

Immense growth of our BPO department services, a Customer’s Support mainly, is well worth mentioning as well. Along with a number of new services, tasks, programs and a number of CRM systems, we started our work for several new international clinics. The collaboration is going to gain momentum in 2020.

Besides our active participation on the international market, we make a contribution to engineering development in Ukraine as well. Our development engineers run a number of programming courses to inspire and educate those feeling in favor of it.

This year we’ve participated in the XIIth Engineering Career Fair held to explore the tech talent pool of the present. Agiliway representatives provided information on job leads available in the company and offered employment to the ambitious and promising students as well as professionals to work and grow.


The coming year is going to be even more successful and fruitful than its predecessor.

We are planning to go on with our partnership with Microsoft we have just started. 2020 will definitely witness Agiliway active growth, and popularity in the IT market. We have a strategic aim to become profitable with our CiviMobile project.

So, our 2019 achievements and progress are the ones to be proud of; nevertheless, the year of the Metal Rat is awaited in Agiliway with a good portion of promising projects and innovative ideas both in mind and on the go. 

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2020! Fri, 20 Dec 2019 15:49:35 +0000 Read more »]]>

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family! May this festival bring abundant joy and happiness!

Let love, success, and friendship come knocking at your door throughout the year. Greetings of the Season and best wishes for the New Year!

Click here to get even more festive mood with our video greeting:



CiviCRM Functionality Boost as Agiliway Releases New Extensions Thu, 19 Dec 2019 10:47:00 +0000 Read more »]]>  

With the last release, CiviCRM is made highly configurable with individual settings a user can select. The major improvements touched СiviCalendar and security solutions.


CiviCRM role-based security solution gets a fundamental boost as Agiliway releases an extension to streamline permission management within multi-unit hierarchically structured nonprofit organizations. So, how does it work?

A head office is delegated full authority in a form of unlimited access for managerial positions and extended access for other officers. The access narrows down with every hierarchically lower unit. This way the hierarchical organizational structure is adequately represented in CiviCRM, while security risks and concerns are less likely to befall the organization. Custom Permission extension is now publicly available in the extension directory as a free add-on to CiviCRM. 

About Custom Permission and it’s role you can read here:


As a major improvement, the CiviCalendar extension suggests new ways to interact with your calendar. Visual, intuitive, clever and easy to use due to earlier releases, its recent update makes it alluring even for the one who never thought to be a calendar-person. The Calendar Settings form integrates a range of configuration options that affect functionality, contents, and presentation of the user interface.

Read more about new CiviCalendar updates here: