Agiliway Fri, 15 Feb 2019 09:59:49 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Oxid eShop for a Giant Automotive Enterprise: Challenges and Solutions Thu, 14 Feb 2019 09:44:00 +0000 Read more »]]> We have already noted in one of our expert articles that the choice of a platform has a tremendous impact on future success of the technological solution. Thus, choosing a platform for a website or an e-store, it is important to assess how the available functionality, performance characteristics and scalability options meet the needs of the project.

Nevertheless, it also happens that no platform is readily able to meet peculiar needs of the project. This was the case in one of the projects we have been working on, where OXID eSales has been chosen to develop an eshop for a giant corporation having hundreds of thousands of products on offer. Thankfully, our expertise with OXID helped customize the platform to client’s needs and improve the performance.


The OXID website has been set up for one of the world’s largest manufacturers of vehicles and spare parts. The company has been a supplier to automotive industry and its suppliers worldwide and meant the website to be used for both B2B and B2C marketing. Although Oxid eSales offers great functionality for e-commerce, it did not allow to effectively manage such a great number of products and implement specific business logic peculiar to automotive industry.  


To make the website correspond to the scale and ambitions of the owner company, Agiliway experts had to improve the performance and the structure of the website, organize the hierarchy of products and customize product search.  

Here are the challenges we stood up to:  

  1. Resolve performance and speed issues stemming from large weight of product catalogs; 
  2. Create comprehensive catalogs with hierarchical organization of all products. Here, it was important to take into account peculiarities of the industry, as the same title may stand for spare parts to different vehicles or the same spare parts may have different titles depending on the region of use; 
  3. Customize search on the website so that users can search for products using the last four digits of the VIN numbers, which is common for the industry and help to make sure the chosen spare part is exactly the one the user is looking for;
  4. Make changes to the structure of the website adding custom pages and additional menus on product pages;
  5. Allow adding custom posts and announcements on the website’s home page without braking the layout of the page.  

Provided Solution  

Agiliway has managed to implement all the necessary changes to allow a giant enterprise successfully work via a popular e-commerce platform – Oxid eSales. In particular, our engineers have made the following improvements:  

  • Resolved all performance issues increasing the speed and improving user experience with the website;  
  • Built catalogues with a comprehensive hierarchy for hundreds of thousands of products;  
  • Optimized the search so that products can be searched by their various titles and last digits of VIN codes; 
  • Developed a custom page with a number of users’ wish lists. Such solution allows users to have a separate wish list for each of their cars and easily access all the items they need to buy or have bought for each of their cars;  
  • Rewrote the modules of filters and menus for them to display on the pages of individual product; 
  • Created custom widgets for presenting news and updates. Using the widgets, admins of the website can easily change and add new content without breaking the layout of the page.  

Value Delivered  

Due to strong expertise in OXID, Agiliway has managed to make the website market ready and customize the solution so that it is a good representation of the giant in the automotive industry.

Precise search through well-structured catalogs helps users quickly complete their purchases and be confident in the correctness of their choice, which has promoted customer satisfaction and retention. Superior user experience and excellent performance of an e-store strengthens the brand of the manufacturer and contributes to sustainable growth of he company.

Data Mining Solution for a FinTech Company Thu, 07 Feb 2019 16:20:11 +0000 Read more »]]> IT innovation has had a tremendous impact on the world of financial operations. Financial Technology or FinTech has become a separate field of IT that works to improve and automate the use and delivery of financial services. The field has become so large that a new FinTech software is released every other day making it very difficult for products to gain a stable position on the market.  

Thus, having a long experience in this industry and a very promising idea for data mining, a large English FinTech company decided not to risk providing a hasty solution built using some off-the-shelf technologies. Instead, it engaged Agiliway experts to develop a complex, stable and scalable BI solution that would be flexible enough to cater to the needs of various users and thus, ensure sustainable growth for the company. Join our discussion of the case to find out details of the developed solution.     

computer and charts


The FinTech company had a long background of cooperation with large banks. In particular, the company helped financial institutions monitor how various departments and employees use documents and statistics in the decision-making process. Such services have great value for banks allowing them to assess the effectiveness of the staff and to make informed decisions in what sources of information to invest.    

Considering the demand for the services, the FinTech company wanted to develop a stable, reliable and scalable BI solution that would present the information on the flow and usage of data in the convenient for data mining way. It was planned to further market the solution as a SaaS.  

Project Challenges  

The major demands to the solution were  

  • Effective mining of huge amount of data. a BI solution had to provide visualization of huge amounts of data on information usage stored in MS SQL database.   
  • Flexibility and scalability. The available data visualization technologies such as Tableau did not allow to implement the specific logic of the project. Thus, it was necessary to develop a complex solution that could be customized to the diverse needs of end users.     
  • Elaborate security management The work of banks and other financial institutions has always been associated with elevated demands to confidentiality and security. It was necessary to make sure the bank will be able to control who does data mining and monitor what data users access.  
  • Dynamic work with the data. Users had to be able to aggregate, mine, group or regroup the data on the fly using interactive reports and charts.   

Provided Solution  

Agiliway has a strong experience in BI and big data and successfully employs various JavaScript frameworks  for development of complex interactive solutions (we have recently shared the insights into the solutions for car tracking and choosing of workout venues and classes with our readers). To meet the challenges of this project, we have built a platform using MS.NET and MS SQL databases to implement API for the back-end and front-end ReactJS application for visualization of data analysis 

We have used D3.js, a Java Script library for manipulating documents based on data, to allow dynamic and interactive charts. This allows users analyze data from a different point of view or using different parameters simply dragging a particular node on a chart. Specifically, the charts may be used to visualize the following analyses of bid data:    

  1. What and how many nodes served the input sources of information for a chosen node and for what sources the node has been further used;  
  2. How often or when a particular source of information is used, for example at what period of a day/week/year, at what stage of decision making;  
  3. How the use of the node relates to its price; 
  4. What departments normally use a particular node in their work. 
fintech chart example

To effectively address security concerns, Agiliway experts have implemented a robust user management and security systemwhich allows management of user rights and tracking of logs. This way, only authorized users can engage in data mining and the logs show what data they accessed and when.  

well-thought UI effectively complements the visualization and facilitates analysis. For example, when hovering over the node with a mouse, a user can see the details on it pop up directly in the chart. The nodes are visualized using different colors so that users can easily determine the type of information source (e.g. application, database, FTP, email, Excel file, etc.).   

Value Delivered  

Owning a flexible, highly performing, scalable, and secure platform developed by Agiliway, the FinTech company has firmly established on the market and demonstrates a sustainable growth of its revenues. The developed BI data mining solution is successfully employed by many financial institutions to assess the effectiveness of their employees and calculate ROI for their sources of information. Being particularly satisfied with the cooperation, the Fintech company continues using support of our experts to add even more features to the solution. Meanwhile, Agiliway is looking forward to meeting new challenges and sharing details of new exciting cases. 

Benefits of IT Outsourcing: Looking Beyond the Price Tag Wed, 30 Jan 2019 09:01:51 +0000 Read more »]]> Outsourcing was first used by manufacturing companies about 50 years ago and has been spreading across the world and the industries ever since. While the major reason for outsourcing has always been lower costs, is it now increasingly used as a strategic tool necessary to gain a competitive advantage. Notably, Michael F. Corbett, the author of a white paper released by the Economist, argues that, “Outsourcing is no longer just about cost saving; it is a strategic tool that may power the twenty-first century global economy”. If you still haven’t found a good reason why outsource, it’s high time to look at these pros of outsourcing – note, a price tag is just one of them.  

benefits of outsourcing infographic

Benefits of IT Outsourcing 

  1. Access to a wide pool of skilled resources. A large pool of skilled professionals has become one of the main reasons for outsourcing. The rapid development of technologies, methodologies and techniques makes it difficult for one company to have enough skills and resources to quickly respond to new trends. Moreover, in some regions, hiring a qualified and experienced IT specialist locally has turned into a real endeavor only best head-hunters can deal with. So, it is a wise decision to have a technical partner who specializes in providing skilled IT resources and can satisfy your needs in skills and technologies on demand.    
  2. Expertise, increased efficiency and innovation. In-house specialists know your company and business processes best. Nevertheless, this very advantage makes it difficult for them to look outside the box, innovate, spot inefficiency in the processes they are used to, suggest original solutions. Augmenting your staff, you gain a fresh insight from the professionals with extensive expertise across various industries and technologies. This is why outsourcing is now associated with innovation and increase in efficiency.  
  3. The chance to be the first. Having a winning business idea, companies often lose a momentum spending too much time realizing it. Some companies wait months before an engineer joins their staff and spend additional time training the newcomer. Overall, finding talented IT resources takes about half a year and impedes companies from immediately grasping the market share and enjoying the benefits. IT outsourcing is a proven way to scale fast or quickly build technological capacity to realize the project, which will give you a huge competitive advantage.    
  4. Efficient mitigation of crises and spikes. Sometimes, a particular skill is needed only for a short period of time; for example, to deal with an issue or a spike in workload. In this case, it makes no sense to spend much time and resources on hiring an in-house employee who might be fired a few months later. Thus, the ability to quickly address temporary needs is another advantage of IT outsourcing, which proactive and successful companies leverage.   
  5. Risks mitigation. A professional outsourcing provider will be your reliable ally that will point to risks you have overlooked or advise on the ones you are facing. What is more, it is always difficult for a non-IT company to mitigate internet security risks, which may drain millions in case of ransomware or other hackers’ attacks. Having specific industry knowledge, outsourcing providers manage much of this risk for you.   
  6. Uninterrupted workflow. Skillful management makes time difference one of the advantages of outsourcing. The ability to have the work done overnight by the offshore team helps the companies build an uninterrupted workflow and address all the issues the moment they arise. At the same time, such solution presupposes that employees are never compelled to work overtime or unsocial hours, which translates into less expenses, less stress and more job satisfaction.   
  7. Cost savings. Today, labor costs do not provide such big savings as they used to 15 or 20 years ago. Talents leverage the unique ability to work and live in whatever place they chose, and market players are ready to pay a fair price for the adequate skills and experience. Nevertheless, outsourcing still helps to substantially cut costs eliminating expenses on hiring and training new employees, providing technology and software, renting premises, paying taxes and benefits, etc. Why overspend on these hidden costs when the money may be reinvested into innovation and sustainable growth? 

All pros of outsourcing considered, it truly is a powerful economic tool that brings companies ahead of competition. Following best practices and partnering with reliable providers, you not only cut costs, but also gain an experienced business ally, boost innovation, mitigate risks, gain flexibility and ability to scale fast, leverage round the clock operation. Ignoring these benefits of outsourcing means not only losing opportunity, but also losing a competition to more proactive companies who already augment their in-house development with offshore teams.     

Agiliway Has a Great Workout with ReactJS Thu, 24 Jan 2019 14:18:05 +0000 Read more »]]>

All IT companies prefer doing projects from the very beginning taking clear and consecutive steps to realize the big picture. Nevertheless, businesses rarely start with clear vision and major investments. What is more, entrepreneurs start to see subtle peculiarities of their business and areas that need improvement only after working in their niche for a while. This way, the need for further development or optimization of existing solutions is far too common. 

In this article, Agiliway is eager to share with you the case where we employed ReactJS to transform a standard HTML website into a potent, appealing and well performing platform. Find out more about the challenges ReactJS allowed to meet and the benefits brought about by the project.       


The HTML website presented a catalogue of workout classes and venues for people to choose the most suitable way to keep fit considering multiple types of classes, locations and instructors. The owner wanted to upgrade the project turning the website into the platform with an appealing design and a powerful search tool that would automate and facilitate this choice. Such solution was expected to attract multiple venues and instructors to market their services on the platform.    

Project Challenges  

The project required the creation of a powerful interactive tool with multiple filter options drawing the necessary information from the API. To reach such goal, Agiliway experts had to 

  • Choose a technology suitable for the development of the search tool with a correct and high-speed performance; 
  • Create a search tool that would have multiple filtering options for users to quickly find the most suitable results. There were superior performance demands to the tool, as speed issues could ruin the very idea of quick and easy search through multiple options;    
  • Integrate the search tool with an API, so that it always displays correct and relevant information about venues, classes and instructors; 
  • Eliminate any possible issues with the mobile version of the website that might have arisen due to the implemented changes; 
  • Effectively manage the project coordinating efforts of the distributed teams attracted by the website owner for the creation of API and design.   

Provided Solution 

Agiliway has managed to meet the project challenges developing a powerful web application based on ReactJS, a popular JavaScript library for building interactive user interfaces. 

  • ReactJS App screen on a mobile
  • ReactJS App screen on a mobile

Agiliway has strong experience in ReactJS, and we have already reported on the case using this technology and shared valuable details about how ReactJS compares to other JavaScript frameworks.  For this particular case, ReactJS has been chosen for the following reasons:      

  • ReactJS significantly speeded up the development due to its component-based architecture; 
  • The technology allowed making the web application isomorphic that is use the same code for both the browser and the server sides. Isomorphic applications load much faster, which has been one of the major requirements. What is more, they offer better user experience and are better indexed by the search engine bots
  • ReactJS uses downwards data binding that prevents child structures’ modifications from affecting their parents. This ensures the stability of the code, which was also important for us, as long as we could not fully control the input from other providers engaged in the project;     
  • ReactJS provides good development and debugging experience due to a wide developer toolset available for the technology;   
  • The technology is free and supported by a reliable community, which facilitates further maintenance and development. Since ReactJS is the basis for giants such as Facebook and Instagram, there are no risks the technology will be abandoned over time.  

Value Delivered  

The choice of and successful implementation of ReactJS has substantially reduced time for development, improved stability of the code and facilitated debugging. Making the web application isomorphic, Agiliway increased the speed and promoted indexation of the platform, while ease of use and flawless performance of the search tool further contributed to positive user experience. In addition, Agiliway successfully managed the work of the partnering teams making sure the final solution effectively integrates their contributions.  

Today, the website enjoys thousands of visits daily and generates considerable profits to its owners. Thus, building a competitive business is not about starting with a perfect IT solution, it’s about attracting the right people at the right time to make it so.  

How Agiliway Ensures Talent Development Tue, 15 Jan 2019 11:50:36 +0000 Read more »]]> We, in Agiliway, are convinced that excellent service starts with professional and engaged employees who are ready to demonstrate discretionary behavior in their work. This is why we devote much time and resources not only to the processes of selection and hiring, team building events and celebration of success, but also, to competency development of our employees that is an important prerequisite of job engagement.  

The competency development has 4 consecutive stages: Evaluation, Planning, Learning and Practice.

evaluation planning learning practice

Competency Evaluation

The first step towards developing our engineers’ competencies is objective evaluation of their current knowledge and skills. Agiliway owns a Competencies Model which is a standard defining what knowledge engineers must have and how well they should master a skill to rise to a new level of expertise and receive higher remuneration.  

For each role (e.g. developer, QA) and each level of expertise within a role (junior, intermediate, and senior engineer and a technical leader), there is a list of required competencies along various knowledge areas with the indication of how well an employee should master a corresponding skill to demonstrate talent development. For example, to pass an internal certification for a particular level, one will have to be an “expert” in one knowledge area, but it will be enough to be “competent” or know the required minimum in another. Of course, the expectations rise with each new level.

Development Planning  

After a lead or a manager defines the engineer’s level on each of the specified skills, he determines what competencies they still need to develop to move to the next level. Experts help engineers set learning goals for the following 3-6 months. Such period is chosen because it allows an expert to evaluate the ongoing and planned projects of the company and advice on the arias, in which an employee can then get a hand-on practice. HR specialists monitor the process to make sure all the aspects and all the employees are taken into consideration.  


The company further assists the employees on their way of developing new competencies. Namely, as part of competency management, Agiliway  

  1. provides internal library which contains books (hard copy or in electronic format) and links to internet resources that employees can use for competency development (links can be followed directly from the Competency Model);
  2. regularly practices meetups, on which employees who have developed expertise in a certain area share their knowledge and experience with other members of a team who need it for their work;  
  3. covers employees’ expenses on training and courses, which they need for their development;  
  4. carefully monitors and regularly attends various thematic conferences, where developers can gain additional first-hand insights into relevant technologies, communicate and establish contacts with fellow engineers, and receive answers to their questions;
  5. provides professional tutors of English who conduct one to one and group classes helping employees develop stronger language competencies. The classes are not only free for the employees, but they are also counted towards the employees’ working time.


To develop a skill, engineers need not only a theoretical knowledge, but also the experience of applying it on the job. This is why the next important step in competency management is practice. Our engineers work closely with technical leaders who determine where they can practice the newly acquired skills. Gaining practical experience our engineers can consolidate new knowledge and skills and become even more motivated to develop further.  

All in all, we are happy to recruit the best people, offer competitive salary and put high priority on competency management making sure our talents progress with us. This is a part of the company’s philosophy, as we are truly convinced that human resources are the only competitive advantage that cannot be copied over time. If you want to become a part of Agiliway, please, see who we are looking for right now.   

Agiliway Releases Italian Version of CiviMobile Tue, 08 Jan 2019 11:53:27 +0000 Agiliway continues developing CiviMobile – a mobile app for CiviCRM. Now CiviMobile becomes available for one more language, Italian. Thus, Italian has become a fifth language, in which CiviMobile is available, additionally to English, French, German and Ukrainian.

How To Choose a CRM: Tips from an Expert Thu, 03 Jan 2019 13:48:39 +0000 Read more »]]> Customer/constituent relationship management software have grown extremely popular nowadays, their impact on the bottom line being widely recognized. Still, companies and organizations may not observe any benefits if CRM solution does not serve business or organizational purposes. Thus, careful choice and customization of a CRM system is a vital prerequisite for success. Agiliway is an expert in CRM implementation and a provider of CRM solutions for commercial and NGO organizations, and we truly wish everyone to make the most out of the CRM software. Thus, we have asked Maryana Cherkes, an Agiliway expert in enterprise solutions, to share her tips on how to choose a CRM for a business or an organization.  

how to choose a crm platform

It is important to understand that CRM software are no longer merely contact management systems – they are used to systemize and automate various processes such as sales, marketing, organizational activities and events, fundraising, membership management, etc. Thus, CRM has become an indispensable tool for both commercial and nonprofit organizations. 

So how to choose a CRM software and not regret your choice any time later? Take time to consider the following key points:  

  1. Your needs. Let your needs drive your choice! Think about what challenges you currently face and what best practices you would like to automate. Therefore, find out if the suggested CRM can provide a practical solution satisfying your needs.  
  2. CRM functionality. The best CRM will have enough features to handle your processes, as well as the processes you might have when the company/organization grows. Interaction tracking and project management (or workflow management) are the features, which are important for enterprises of all types and sizes. In addition, a quality CRM for e-commerce would have features such as marketing and sales automation, quotes management, email marketing, help desk management, referral tracking, and robust sales analytics. NGOs and nonprofits need a different set of features such as managing fundraising, events and campaigns, tracking memberships, tracking and managing activities of individual volunteers and organizational branches, etc. The more out-of-the-box solutions meet your needs, the better the software is.    
  3. Customization opportunities. If you really want CRM to work well for you, make sure it is flexible and can be customized to your needs. Look at how many extensions and modules CRM software has. Look for the feedback of users concerning how complicated or expensive the process of CRM implementation and customization is. Do not only think about expanding the functionality, see whether some basic features can be disabled from your system, too – some out-of-the-box features may be not linked to your goals and managing them will only distract and frustrate your managers or constituents.  
  4. Integration. To reap maximum benefits from CRM solution, it should be part of the general technological solution you use to reach your goals. Thus, make sure the CRM you choose integrates with other applications you already use such as your website, accounting software, e-commerce platform, etc.       
  5. Reporting. Although reporting is just one of the features of a CRM software, it is worth paying an extra attention to it, as the flexibility of reporting (ability to create customized reports) will define how well your business or organization will act upon the collected data. When correctly configured, CRM reports can provide a valuable insight into the internal and external processes and bring perceived advantage over competitors, so analyze this feature thoroughly before making a choice.     
  6. User experience. It is important to acknowledge that CRM systems are used not by tech-savvy people, but regular sales managers and members of organizations. This way, the best CRM will be intuitive and user-friendly – the one your employees and team members actually use. 
  7. Security. When choosing a CRM software, consider how it addresses security concerns. In particular, CRM should not only keep your data secure, but also allow managing data access and controlling data sharing. 
  8. Demo site. A good CRM will provide you with an ability to try the system and assess it before making a final decision. Thus, when choosing a CRM, cross out the options you cannot try; at the same time, if a software meets the demands stated above, do not skip using a demo site – ultimate user experience might tell you more  than lengthy descriptions. 
  9. Technical support and implementation. Remember that choosing a CRM, you also choose a partner (a consultant or a vendor) and a community (if the CRM is an open source technology). Thus, be sure to consider implementation, training, support and maintenance cost for a CRM of your choice.

CiviCRM is a good example of a CRM for non-profit organizations, which meets all the demands I recommend users to consider when choosing a CRM:  

quote on CiviCRM
  • CiviCRM is open source (thus, free) and has a large and active community providing support and developing functionality of the software, making sure your organization can keep pace with technological innovations and trends.  
  • CiviCRM has all the features organizations typically need, in particular membership management, case management, event management, contribution management, email marketing, advocacy campaigns, and peer-to-peer fundraising.  
  • Considering reporting, users have an ability to create a custom report or choose from among 40 standard reports the one, which meets their needs.  
  • CiviCRM is compatible with Drupal, WordPress and Joomla and integrates with accounting software, which is very important for effective contribution and expenses management.  
  • It is secure, fully customizable to user’s needs, and expandable. Extensions may be easily installed by lay users from CRM backend, while CiviCRM experts, Agliway in particular, can add specific logic to the system developing and implementing custom modules.  
  • The software has detailed documentation, which facilitates training and maintenance, and organizes regular events bringing the community together to share news and best practices.  
  • Agiliway and other official CiviCRM partners provide users with experience of using demo sites showcasing the application of CiviCRM as a solution to various organizational needs.  

Businesses and organizations of all sizes are turning to CRM systems to help them achieve their goals. Remember that success with the system is only possible if it meets your needs and is a supporting tool rather than another technology to service. Thus, be scrupulous and smart in your choice! If you need support determining how CRM technology can help to address the needs and automate the processes in your organization, feel free to contact us.   

Agiliway Builds a Cordova Ionic App for a Shark of the Aquarium Business Wed, 26 Dec 2018 14:34:29 +0000 Read more »]]>
two mobile screens with a Cordova Ionic app

The time has come for quiet waters of the aquarium business to be shaken by the storm of the mobile-first trend blowing over the digital seas in the recent years. A large manufacturer of aquariums, ponds, terrariums and the related products has come to realize the need to solve the issues with its weak mobile application and asked for advice and support.  

Agiliway has strong experience in developing mobile applications using native iOS and Android, as well as hybrid technologies like React Native and Cordova. This case has added another unique story to the portfolio of our solutions. To get all the details, keep reading.     


The company that needed our development services is a leader in the niche of aquarium appliances and sells its products worldwide using retail shops and a website. Although it had a mobile application built on Cordova, the latter abounded with bugs and did not provide a good user experience. The company was fully aware of the new trends and the growing rate of using mobile devices for internet browsing. Thus, to stay competitive and grow its revenues, the company asked Agiliway to improve the usability and performance of the existing mobile solution.   

Project Challenges  

Agiliway experts analyzed the existing solution and found a number of critical errors in the Cordova application:  

  • The app had no navigation, so iPhone users could not return to the previous screen and, basically, could not use the app at all; 
  • There was no livereload, which made platform-agnostic testing long and troublesome; 
  • All imaged loaded simultaneously placing too much burden on the server;  
  • Network requests did not handle good and bad responses and the system was not configured to display “no network” notice; 
  • Multiple login and interface issues including faulty button’s colors, scrolling and language switching.  

So there was a need to attract our supermen developers to address all the issues.   

Provided Solution  

The development team have compiled the backlog of all primary, as well as minor changes that had to be made to make the application functional. Instead of making cosmetic improvements to the archaic code of the existing solution, we suggested using Cordova Ionic that had some great out-of-the-box features needed for the app and speeding up the development process. In particular:   

  • Powerful command line interface (CLI) and livereload that allows to build and test the mobile app on any platform;  
  • Ionic deployment system allows updating almost all issues without submitting to app stores;   
  • JS and CSS are automatically fetched in the background;  
  • Native Scrolling enhances user experience;    
  • Multiple UI component library that can be effectively used to create rich functionality. 

Agiliway experts have developed a stable, highly functional and up-to-date solution. What is more, thorough preliminary analysis of viable alternatives and the consequent use of Cordova Ionic helped to make the solution modern and expandable while saving 18% of development time and resources.  

Value Delivered  

The developed Cordova Ionic mobile solution successfully substituted a highly problematic earlier version of the application, and the mobile application usage rate grew dramatically. Nevertheless, the value is not only in responding to the perceived needs and obvious issues, as resolving one issue the company risked spending great resources over and over again trying to make new changes or additions to the platform.  

Our team adopted a wider vision and provided a cost-effective and highly-performing solution that has a proper architecture and will further be easy to maintain and to expand with new features. Therefore, providing great user experience with an app, the company has become several steps closer to their customers, but is has also become ready to quickly respond to new market needs innovating the app anytime.   

Warmest Wishes on Christmas and New Year Thu, 20 Dec 2018 09:11:04 +0000 Read more »]]> Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Agiliway

The magical time of Christmas and New Year is the time for peace of mind and gratitude for all the good events and people the year has brought into our lives.  

We, at Agiliway, would like to say thank you to the great people on our team, our clients and partners. We share your dedication to reaching goals and appreciate the invaluable experience of working with you.  

May the New Year be full of joy of discovery and nods of understanding, challenging tasks and top-notch solutions, new opportunities and continued success. Let the wonder of the Festive Season be with you all through the Year!  

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A Simple Way to Benefit from DevOps Services – a Real Case of Our Client Mon, 17 Dec 2018 10:20:46 +0000 Read more »]]> Combining two traditionally diverse sets of practices – development and operations – DepOps has become one of  the leading software engineering trends in the current IT world.  

Despite the growing popularity and acclaimed efficiency of DevOps services, not all software development companies understand how DevOps tools and practices may be applied in their work and what benefits they may bring. In the following case we will describe how the introduction of DevOps services implemented by Agiliway helped our client to build and automate internal integration and deployment processes, boost quality of their product and dramatically cut development time and costs.   

DevOps Agiliway


Our client is a large German company working in the automotive industry. The company has several ongoing projects and three distributed development teams working on them. It often happened that when one team deployed its code on a dev server, it overwrote the code submitted by another team and brought the whole system down. Although this has been the main client’s concern, the issue masked a larger problem of the lack of proper development processes, which Agiliway set out to help with.   


To address the issues the company faced, it was necessary   

  • to analyze the work of the teams and the development processes in use; 
  • to build new infrastructure and new development and continuous integration processes;  
  • to educate all teams on how to use DevOps tools and follow DevOps best practices.  

Provided Solution  

Having analyzed the work of the teams and the existing development processes in use, Agiliway has carried out the following steps:  

  1. We have implemented a source control management and versioning practices to establish control over all changes to the code. This way, each code revision results in the creation of a new version, which can therefore be compared or restored. Introduction of separate branches for current and future versions of the product allowed different teams to work on different new features simultaneously without any fear to impact each other’s code. This has significantly speeded up the development and eliminated code conflicts or overwriting of changes that used to be a huge pain for the client before.   
  2. The next important step was configuring continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) processes for automatic integration of the new code into the dev, test, preproduction and production servers.  
  3. To ensure the stability of the code deployed to the server, Agiliway has integrated a code sniffer and unit tests into the process. A code sniffer check is the first step in code verification process. If everything is ok, a second step – a unit test – begins. If the unit test returns no errors, the code is automatically deployed on the server. Otherwise, the previous version of the code is restored, and the system notifies of the need to make changes to the code being deployed. Thus, there is no way for an erroneous code to cause a server fall.  
  4. Another important step was unifying development environments for all the involved teams, which had to assure faster developer involvement into/switching between projects. It also helped to eliminate hardly reproducible environment-related issues, which regularly appeared when developers worked on different environments. For this purpose, we have suggested dockerization of the projects, which helps easily dispatch projects on various environments, for example a local or a test server. This allows setting up an environment for a new person on the project in just few minutes. 
  5. Further, Agiliway has built monitoring and alerting processes that collect and analyze various information on production servers including user activity, servers/databases load, system logs, etc. It also notifies the client of any issues or suspicious activity. Such solution helps to instantly react to server issues and predict server resources needed.     
  6. Having set up the processes, Agiliway has distributed the access rights and trained all the distributed teams in new tools and processes.  

Value Delivered  

Overall, the integrated environment provided by Agiliway’s DevOps has brought the following results:  

  • new releases of the client product have become considerably faster and more frequent, as continuous integration and continuous deployment processes and early identification of errors has freed up to 20% of developments’ time 
  • the quality of the product has become better due to the automatic testing and version control, which further promoted customer satisfaction 
  • the time needed to involve a new person into the project reduced dramatically – from days to minutes due to dockerization 
  • project needs have become more predictable and easier to respond to  

All these results that have given the client a huge competitive advantage have been achieved with a minimal investment, as all the client invested were 2-3 weeks of DevOps service needed to set up new processes and continuous integration environment and just few hours a week of further maintenance.   

If you think DevOps services could give the same advantages to you, Agiliway would be glad to help.