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In recent years medical imaging techniques (X-rays, MRIs, etc) have advanced in relevant representations of tissue abnormalities and are now commonly used in healthcare creating a vast amount of data radiologists sift through daily. The number of images can be overwhelming to process which often leads to delay in diagnosis or even professional burnout of radiologists. With a steadily increase in the amount of imaging data radiologists would look to the AI app to improve workflows and diagnostic accuracy of medical imaging interpretation. 

Our client pursued a lofty goal to develop an AI-based healthcare application that would expedite the transition from curative to preventative healthcare. The core idea was to apply machine learning algorithms for big data analysis and develop an image-based deep learning system for estimating the risk of deseases and diagnosing oncology at the earliest stage.   


Complex business logic defined the required web application behavior and functions. For this reason, the healthcare solution was built as a multiple-module system, where each module, incorporated through the interface, served a separate business function. 

The full case you can READ HERE.

More Stability in Volatile Business Environment with Outsourcing Companies Fri, 20 Mar 2020 14:28:37 +0000 Read more »]]>  

Every venture has its ups and downs; high times to develop and grow along with low periods to survive and try hard to stay afloat. This serves to be a starting point for our discussion: what can modern market of services offer to support those companies, to encourage them to go on and on? Outsourcing is clearly the best option to choose ever.  

The last several months passed under a sad motto of ‘Coronavirus spreading worldwide’ and, consequently, it could not but influence the modern world of business. British Airways canceling all the flights to China aimed at decreasing virus infection risks; Apple announcing that it bears the most considerable loss because of coronavirus break, etc. That was only the beginning. Coronavirus is crossing the world forcing country leaders to make a choice between the people’s lives and economic growth.  

At present, worldwide business of all types and spheres is suffering dramatically because of coronavirus flashy spread throughout the majority of the countries on the planet, no matter large or small. In order to limit possible infection spreading, all the public places are closing for quarantine including the large companies as well as startups shifting to a remote working mode. 

Working remotely is full of challenges and pitfalls for both the businesses and their staff.  It frequently happens that lack of skills, volatile processes and an overall business instability are critical for the company’s functioning under crisis. Meanwhile, at your disposal, there are always outsourcing companies that will efficiently solve all the existing complexities at a fair pricing and quick pace. 

Agiliway is a custom software development company with two development centers in Ukraine (Lviv and Chernivtsi) and office in Austin, TX. Along with an array of technical and development services, we handle a good deal of outsourcing while providing Business Process Outsourcing and IT Outsourcing Consulting services.

In Agiliway we constantly continue with our processes and services successful development and implementation, even in such tough times.

We are a goal-oriented as well as client-focused company and thus practice leveraging all the existing advantages as well as experience to stand up to the expectations of our customers. Due to our good expertise and profound 20-year experience in the outsourcing sphere, we can assist all the kinds of businesses while: 

  • sharing our experience of how to run a business in the time of crisis; 
  • mitigating uprising risks and hazards; 
  • building and debugging processes,  
  • human and technical resources planning
  • business process overall optimization;
  • and much more. 

Agiliway is open for different types of cooperation including not merely hiring but also consulting services provision. Maximum leveraging of your IT potential, professional and client-sensitive team, flawless and optimized development process, etc., are those factors, which will definitely make a difference to your business performance in an emergency situation we are witnessing these days.  

Yes, change is always stressful. Especially for a business that has a burden of responsibility for its employees, who are a social cog in the world economy. Every change requires the business to be responsive, flexible and reincarnated under a new reality. Whoever catches the wave wins

Most companies are forced to switch on remote mode, but they do fear whether productivity and profits will remain at a sufficient level. Only those companies that can reformat and respond properly to the environment will survive and even multiply their success. New achievements, experiences and accomplishments are right there around the corner, so let us chase them and finally get to them together. 

Mobile Application Development for a Booking Platform Thu, 12 Mar 2020 16:09:00 +0000 Read more »]]>  

Traveling has become an integral part of human beings. Everybody wants to make a journey with ease and comfort that is why more and more applications have becomes the main tool for choosing a destination, making plans, booking rooms for a better stay, etc. Booking services are the ones to guarantee all the possible services on the issue.

The main goal of our project was to develop a mobile app for a booking platform to manage short-stay rentals with free of stress and individually friendly full-cycle organization. 


Booking platform developing

That is an application where you can find a hotel, book a room, make a payment, use room service, etc., and that’s all just using this application without a hotel reception assistance. 

Besides a wide functionality scope, the project builds a strong name for the client’s brand by making it twofold and serving both the users and the hotels.    


Reaching Wider Audience with CiviMobile Version 5.0 Tue, 03 Mar 2020 17:41:28 +0000 Read more »]]> CiviMobile

The year 2020 has started on a bright note for CiviMobile community: the mark of 1000 CiviMobile users and 450 installations is now crossed. On such occasion CiviMobile team pulled all the strings to prepare a special gift for a growing CiviMobile community.

The gift is now up for grabs!

We invite you to celebrate this important milestone with a new improved version of CiviMobile 5.0. It’s even more secure, user-friendly and above all supports a wide audience of unregistered users. 

New Opportunities for Unregistered Users

The focus this time around was squarely on raising the nonprofit organization’s profile among the unregistered users and thus reaching wider target audience.  

From now on unregistered users who have no access to CiviCRM will use CiviMobile to view all public events and register for selected ones. When public events are activated, user receives an access to all public information (event description, start/end date, participants, contact email, address and Google map location) and event registration screen.  Registration on CiviCRM website is no longer a requirement for accessing mobile app. CiviMobile team significantly simplifies the registration process by making it available from the mobile app. 

Support of unauthenticated users will expand with future releases to include public petitions, donations and organization news.

More improvements

To secure the best user experience, CiviMobile 5.0 includes improvements for security, usability and app localization process, in particular:  

  • CiviCRM data is accessed with a pin code for higher level of protection 
  • login process is automated with QR code scanner for fast authentication 
  • push notifications pop up on mobile devices informing about user-related activities even when the app is not running 
  • CiviMobile gets replaced with users’ organization custom names 
  • interactive demo session for first-time users is launched
  • app localization process is further optimized and successfully completed for English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian, Ukrainian, and Polish CiviMobile users.  

The roadmap is laid down and more enhancements focused on interaction and simplicity are planned for CiviMobile oncoming releases. New features for registered and unregistered users are already under way as well as extended event functionality and in-app purchasing. Give CiviMobile 5.0 app a try and stay with us for more updates. 

February 2020 Tech News Overview Fri, 28 Feb 2020 13:35:36 +0000 Read more »]]>  

An unending flow of new hardware, innovative ideas, brand new gadgets and enhanced solutions has become a common world practice. We have smoothly moved to February, one more month rich in tech news and, consequently, innovative ideas and worthy deliverables. Along with such well known technical giants as Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc., unknown startups and small businesses are well worth our attention as well.

So, let’s get started.


tech news overview


Yes, it definitely does. Finally, all the tech world gets access to an ‘all-in-all productivity’ application for the users of Android phones. The app enables you: 

  • to work with PowerPoint, Word and Excel with no need to switch the apps; 
  • to look through your documents existing with Office Lens; 
  • to read QR codes; 
  • and much more. 

However, the provider warns that its Unified Office app is more optimized for tablets and has no iOS analog. The given mobile application will definitely enhance mobile productivity and save your time by offering a real possibility to handle several types of work simultaneously. 



To continue the theme of Android enhancement and implementation, it would sound proper to mention the first draft of a final version of Android 11 being announced. Yet unpolished, the release provides an opportunity to peep into the additional features and services of the new model. It proposes:

  • advanced APIs connectivity;
  • an improvement of the call-screening service;
  • API and Pass point enhancements;
  • notification section widening (a possibility to add images to the replies);
  • updated Neural Networks API for security improvement and operational expansion.

In May 2020, during an I/O developer conference, we are bound to get more information on the Android 11 release.




This is a bright example of a startup becoming highly successful. Revolut is a Fintech company, which continues surprising tech community with its financial profits and quick expansion on the market. This time Revolut raises a considerable Series D round of funding. The funding has been famous for such investors as Index Ventures, DST Global, and much more. According to the statistics, the startup earned $836 million in total for the past few years. 

What do we know about this amazingly profitable and promising company? 

  • It has been developing applications to replace a traditional bank accounting service. With these apps, every client can open an account as well as make various financial transactions in a few minutes. 
  • It enhanced in-house partnerships greatly (insurance packages, phone insurance, buying shares and much more). 
  • It can boast about having at least 10 million customers in Europe mostly. 

What is more, Revolut is currently striving for its product improvement and is expanding to the US and Japan (while being popular in the UK, Europe, Australia and Singapore). 



According to CNN business news, a release of the latest experimental app of Facebook (FB) is full of controversies and rumors. ‘Hobbi’ is a new application allowing its user to save their activities’ photos while focusing on everyday topics (e.g. DIY projects, cooking, etc.). What is more, the app makes possible to organize photos collections. All the mentioned features Hobbi provides are claimed to be previously popularized by Pinterest.  

Releasing cloned features and the apps critically similar to its rivals is nothing new in the history of FB. Nevertheless, the network administration is not embarrassed but feels positive and far-sighted instead: 

Many of the products we create will start small and may not resonate with everyone. And we expect many will be shut down as a result. That’s okay,” reads the team’s website. 


Facebook app


Polestar Precept is announced to be an innovative electric car made by a Volvo’s sub-brand. Polestar presents its new car as a successful combination of the usage of sustainable materials and in-depth integration with the Android Automotive operational system by Google. Mainly: 

  • environmentally friendly car image: electricity powered vehicle – no emissions, recycled cork vinyl bolsters, reclaimed fishing net carpets, etc.; 
  • kind of a pioneer regarding Google embedded OS usage: a built-in driver recognition system, video streaming function, an expanded list of languages as well as local dialects understanding, and much more.  

This is not a dream of a distant future, Polestar Precept previews future vehicles and shows how we will apply innovation to minimize our environmental impact,” says IngenlathChief Executive Officer at Polestar. 



The transportation sphere surprises us with tech innovations as well. The drone delivery business continues its development and integration into the modern world services. A large number of drone delivery schemes and systems are either on the go or still in prospect presently. Nevertheless, we can already talk about certain medical supplies and documents as well as food deliveries in various corners of the world. The benefits of the service are the following: 

  • lower costs; 
  • speed; 
  • carbon emission reduction, etc. 

Understandably, drone popularity in the industry will definitely increase and gain momentum in further years. However, even when such a delivery service becomes common, it is not likely to replace existing delivery methods and ways. We will probably see a mix of them in the near future. 


Follow us for even more interesting news of the tech world in our monthly rubric. Stay constantly updated, expand your baggage of knowledge, and feel on top of the world. 


Website and Mobile Application Development for a Taxi Service Tue, 25 Feb 2020 15:35:00 +0000 Read more »]]>  

Taxi service appears to be an incredibly popular one in all the corners of the world. What is more, it is very hard to imagine modern living without such an ‘always-at-hand’ vehicle. Fast-paced schedules and the immense growth of the transportation industry lead to the customers’ concerns being effectively addressed. More and more gadgets, applications and advanced technologies are being created to optimize, streamline, modernize and, finally, popularize this type of transportation service.

Our transportation field client turned to us having in mind to create both a mobile app and a completely functional website on taxi services provided. To meet the business goals, the project continued three years and a half with its development starting from scratch.



Due to the project’s wide scope of functionality, our engineering team went headlong into the platform working out with the two main stages of both a mobile app and website development. 

  • Developing a mobile application 

The application allows the user to order a taxi and to track the route up to the indicated pick-up point. Payment is made either in cash or changed to the user’s bank cardThe app is available for downloading both on iOS or Android– based gadgets. 

  • Developing a website 

The website includes information about the company itself, the service offeredmobile appsprices, etc.; what is more, the provider gives a possibility to rent a car or bus, to book a transfer or a personal driver. To ensure a highly competitive edge, the website is extremely user-friendly, with advanced scalability, and easy configuration.   



Mobile application development and its implementation called for a wide range of various programming techniques and tools to cater to the needs of the customer, and, subsequently, his clients. To that end, the tech stack included: 

  • Android app built with Java, Angular, etc.;  

Java is preferable for Android apps development as it is optimized for Android and offers security along with a rich set of core features to serve flawless performance and sustainability improvement. 

  • iOS app built with Objective-C, together with Braintree (LiqPay), Google maps, etc.  

The technologies mentioned are meant to ensure proper bug-free tracking, payment system, architecture platform and design development;  

The website for the taxi services was built with Python including Django as an open-source web framework along with MySQL, CSS, and so on 

Due to its rich technology stackextensive set of libraries, frameworksand extensions that simplify the implementation of both small and large-scale projects, Python proved to be a viable programming language for the architecture design creation and modules implementation


As mentioned above, our high-quality engineering team started the project from scratch thus getting a real possibility to demonstrate all its skills and to present a ready product. We have achieved high results in end product development, implementation and presentation. In addition to the basic functions that are common in mainstream taxi services nowadays, we have developed plenty of additional ones, like ordering a personal driver. Our team had a business goal to combine all the important functions connected with transportation into one service and succeeded. It has been a useful experience in the field of payment systems, mapping work and GPS trackers.

Integrated into the transportation services network, this mobile application along with the website developed provide customers with a better choice of taxi services due to:

  • simplified and optimized platform; 
  • highly streamlined and professionally managed services; 
  • an abundance of services offered; 
  • a possibility to choose a payment method;  
  • excellent usability, etc. 

A wealth of advantages provided is sure to make a difference to the industry by making its users mobile, updated and always on the go. 


PHP Framework Solution Development for Travel Agency Wed, 19 Feb 2020 13:53:00 +0000 Read more »]]>  

Nowadays the internet has had a tremendous impact on every industry, especially on travel agencies. Instead of other options (booking with direct vendors and third parties), 73% of all travel package bookings are made via travel agencies. Thus, they make technology their ally and invest in high performing tour search and booking tools with excellent usability. 

Our client had an ambitious plan of winning a share in the already competitive market of travel. And now we want to share with you our results in this challenging case.


Agiliway engineers took the challenge and came down to the work on the project as soon as it was possible realizing the nearing of the hot tourist season for all tour agencies.

Such cases make us confident that whatever the industry – travel, logistics or hospitality – internet technologies have something to offer to improve the process and the performance. Don’t hesitate to contact us for cases relevant to your industry. 

Read the full article about this case HERE.


The Benefits of React for Providing GPS Tracking Solutions Wed, 12 Feb 2020 14:28:00 +0000 Read more »]]>  

Our client is a leader in providing GPS tracking systems for vehicle fleet management. It works equally with large corporate clients and individuals providing comprehensive services. 

So when they realized that their original technology, with which it entered the market, became very outdated, it has been given a lot of challenges for updating. What is more, the existing solution did not allow the company to add new features and, thus, cater to the rising needs and expectations of the clients.

The company came to us looking for a way to innovate the system, make it mobile, more efficient, modern and user-friendly. To address the needs of the client, Agiliway suggested rewriting a system using React and creating a React Native mobile application for it.

Let’s dive deeper into our case for vehicle fleet management.

Agiliway GPS Tracking

Our case of rewriting the GPS tracking system on React and creating native mobile applications demonstrates the potential of this framework to solve complex technological tasks.

Read the full article on how we revolutionized the work with the system and client’s business HERE or contact us to receive full case study.


January 2020 Tech News Overview Wed, 05 Feb 2020 12:50:00 +0000 Read more »]]>  

On entering the new 2020, it would be great to start a new tradition concerning monthly technical reports writing. January has just passed leaving behind a number of interesting and useful facts to familiarize yourself with and to stay tuned. 



Apple redesigned its Maps application with a number of new features being added and improved: clearer and more comprehensive road and nearby infrastructure visualization, more accurate navigation system, etc.

The company rebuilt the Maps app from the ground up by sending hundreds of planes and cars with custom and lidar sensors over four million miles of the country, it announced last year.



In January, Canonical introduced a scalable Android-based platform. The operating system is an innovative one as it is the first commercially available computing platform of such type. It enables the app to work with any operating system.

“The platform is innovative in that it uses Android as a guest OS for mobile application virtualization in the cloud,” – said Galem Kayo, product manager for Ubuntu at Canonical.



Huawei announced its release of HMS 4.0 by organizing a special event in London. It claimed its intention to replace Google services with its own platform called HMS (Huawei Mobile Services) What is more, Huawei unveiled certain plans on developing engineers’ and customers’ engagement as well as HMS promotion.

Huawei claims it has already witnessed substantial growth in the number of developers supporting their platform. The company says around 55,000 apps have now signed up to the free HMS Core.



In its turn, Google announced a new online coding course focused on staff training. This is a special program worked out to provide a worker with job skills in Git, Python and IT automation in six-month timespan.

“Python is now the most in-demand programming language, and more than 530,000 U.S. jobs, including 75,000 entry-level jobs require Python proficiency. With this new certificate, you can learn Python, Git and IT automation within six months,” – said Natalie Van Kleef Conley Product Lead, Grow with Google.



Finally, a piece of 2020 prediction and planning: “2020 Enterprises will unlock hidden value in their own workforces”. What is the true meaning of the message?  It deals with a so-called skill gap; an issue regarding fast evolving innovative digital technologies and not trained enough personnel. This year will be hallmarked by consistent and effective work dedicated to the gap gradual but consistent elimination; to make employees perfectly fit into modern progress tendencies.


Meet Agiliway: a Microsoft Silver Partner Wed, 29 Jan 2020 11:57:06 +0000 Read more »]]>  

The last days of January 2020 have been hallmarked by Agiliway becoming Microsoft SilverPartner. This is an event long-awaited for, and a small step forward for our company; the one we are longing to share with you.

What does it mean to us?

agiliway microsoftGetting certified as Microsoft partner, has been one of our priority tasks to accomplish this year. It is a global recognition of our contribution to the development of modern technologies along with a kind of a pass to future progress and technical growth. What is more, becoming a part of the Microsoft team is a sign that here, in Agiliway, we can be proud of our high-quality engineers, scalable and reliable platforms, high tech projects and trustworthy clients from different corners of the world.  

Without the latter, we would not be able to succeed. Our whole team is grateful to all the trust, belief and ongoing support we have felt on the way to our aim. There were plenty challenges, but we met them and appeared to win. 

On being honored a Microsoft Silver status, Agiliway gets access to Microsoft top-notch products and services, free software licenses, together with a bunch of other bonuses and perks provided. We hope MS global community will see our cooperation as a mutually useful and right process with both sides to benefit from. 

We have managed to overcome another step on our perspective development ladder, which is bound to make us even more professional, trustworthy and technically efficient in the vision of both our existing and prospective customers. Ongoing self- improvement, high ambitions and desire for perfection are going to accompany Agiliway on a permanent basis while gaining momentum in the future. 

Read more about our services.