18 | 07 | 2019

Fourth Release of CiviMobile – Effective Participants Management

We are excited to share the latest fourth release of Civimobile, the product which now gives more opportunities to organize events and track participants. Now the event host can go through more functional event planning process including registration of participants, ticket generation, managing participants, check-in, and QR code scanning. 

We extended our app functionality in attempt to improve employee’s coordination and make CiviMobile even more user-friendly. Organizing events became faster, more reliable, and convenient with simply using a gadget. The mobile app now provides the possibility to register others for events by adding one or multiple participants and choosing a fee option if it is a paid event, send the event ticket through app or mail, check and change participant’s statuses, check-in others for events by marking their attendance, and manually or automatically scan their QR code on the ticket.  

For CiviCRM users, new features boost more efficiency and performance. Using CiviMobile for organizing events and tracking participants is a convenient way for people with a tight schedule and a huge workload. Now there are more opportunities to control the entire workflow just with your fingertip at any time and any place. 



CiviMobile - The Fourth Release

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