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Healthcare Industry: Smart IoT Solution​ for Seniors


People are using a lot of smart devices nowadays. So the concept of IoT which extract and exchange data from the physical world through sensors is not new. But we want to share with you one interesting case how we were developing smart IoT solution for Seniors.

One of our clients contacted Agiliway with the interest in smart home solution, which would provide seniors to keep track of their motions and observe any health issues or unusual activities. Thus, our development team came up with a new high availability software solution, which can be integrated at the user’s home and take control over their daily routine activities. ​


Healthcare Industry

Agiliway received an architecture for the project to work with before, it became possible to deliver the given IoT solution faster and more efficiently. We have implemented a reliable, scalable, and secure health monitoring system, which ensures a complex analysis of the physical surroundings and sends it to the user. ​

Our team has added a great value for the client’s business by saving his budget costs and mitigating additional security risks. We complied with GDPR principles and provided a full user privacy by eliminating any potential risk of hacking. Along with that, we ensured high availability and fault-tolerance in case of server failure and any operational problems. ​