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Hospitality and Tourist/Travel Domain Insight: Go the Extra Mile. Be Agile

Thinking and going globally’ is another key implementation of the present business environment algorithm of overall success and recognition. A wide array of innovative and highly appealing directions in all spheres and types (especially in the Hospitality and Travel domains) have already demonstrated their immense growth and development. All of them seem to occupy their separate niches yet continue to expand and improve.

The hospitality and tourist/travel industry has recommended itself to be one of the most popular presently. Due to that reason, in this article, we are going to demonstrate and, consequently, share our experience, expertise, and inner understanding of the core principles, ideas, and the very development processes to cater to the needs and demands of the targeted customers. 

Agiliway is a software development outsourcing and consulting company with its headquarters in Austin, Texas, and its main software development and consulting center located in Ukraine. We have been lucky to gather a very progressive, knowledgeable, and trustworthy team to go on with and make a difference in the modern tech world. Our company has a few years of experience cooperating with both startups and large enterprises from different corners of the world including, but not limited to the US, France, Ukraine, and Namibia. Our engineering team has been developing both mobile and web applications, completely functional websites, overall support enhancements, service automation, and much more. We are experts in JavaScript, React, PHP, .Net, DevOps, etc. programming platforms.  

Let us walk you through a few cases of the projects developed and implemented in the Hospitality and Travel/Tourism domain. Also, we will dig deeper into some Travel domain insight.


Hospitality and Tourism technology


This one has been unique as it allowed us to plunge into the world of the African continent, its hotel networks mainly. Agiliway developed a front-end module for the customer with the JavaScript and VueJS framework, while the backend was ensured by the client himself. Along with the partial website development, we worked on the website’s existing design improvement. Besides the purely technical tasks, our engineering team added considerably to the user interface design process by making the site look like a recipe book. Technical support together with a good deal of innovation and creativity gave a new life to the project under analysis. What is more, despite the client’s vague requirements, we managed to output the product standing up to the expectations of the first.   



Another project to explore is Web Application Development for the Startup Travel Agency. The project was to assist the customer in gaining its share in the highly competitive market of travel and tourism-related services. On weighing all the existing pros and cons and taking into close consideration the market peculiarities as well as the prospects, we had in our mind to choose the Symphony PHP framework due to its expandability, fast performance, and customization.

Having met the challenges of time pressure (the hot season was approaching) and the business analysis implementation stage, the Agiliway developers’ team succeeded in ensuring a fast time-to-market web app thus granting the client a real chance to meet the ROI projected. In their turn, the end-users ranked the app as a fast, informative, and easy-to-use one. We achieved our goal by providing our client with the website, which allowed the successful establishment of the travel agency in a long-standing and highly competitive industry.


Mobile App Development for a Socially Oriented Project used to have very clearly formulated requirements. The client wanted to get a mobile application ensuring overall safety and control for everyone traveling on his own. Native iOS application was built with JavaScript while Admin Dashboard was developed with NodeJS and React to manage the users and configure the project. What is more, we used Apple Maps to visualize a roadmap and Twilio as a mobile phone verification system. The application turned out to be very effective and widely used, which serves the highest standard of high-quality development and implementation.



Several years ago, we had a very interesting experience in making the restaurant’s catering services completely automated. Starting from buying foodstuffs to processing clients’ orders, our team managed to streamline and facilitate the service through total practice automation completion. The platform’s functionality was to be started from scratch and that served as the reason why both front- and back-end development modules were worked out.

Staff organization, menu, and order processing were automated with .Net as back-end development to build modern iOS and Android mobile applications and JavaScript (React) as a front-end. The Kanban board was used to visualize and control the progress along with the weekly demo version creation. Consequently, a smooth and bug-free platform development workflow was assured. We developed a complete project on hospitality services automation, including design and considerable functionality expansion. The automation process provided allowed the restaurant to rank high thus building a strong image for the establishment. Such wide-scope projects let our software company demonstrate its great expertise, firsthand experience, and professional engineers to hit new marks and gain ground in the market by demonstrating high-quality end products.


A Mobile Application for a Booking Platform is the last case study we would like to present our reader with in the Hospitality domain. It started in August 2018 and deals with a mobile app for short-stay rental development. The core idea the product owner nurtured was to create a highly competitive and user-friendly product to gain its niche in the market of booking services. The project aimed at hotel booking process automation to facilitate and optimize them to the users’ benefit.

Having in mind to cater to the needs of the client and, subsequently, his customers, our engineering team made an enhanced solution to use both front-end and back-end techniques with React Native and Ruby on Rails subsequently. New features implementation, as well as the outside API integration, were the key processes to be developed and supported by the techniques mentioned. The booking service is a working one and has quite good rankings on the market. 

Agiliway has been gradually yet perpetually expanding in both its size and capacity. We are quite a young team full of motivation, enthusiasm, and considerable knowledge baggage. Every new project is another chance for us to prove our strive for better performance (results) and to demonstrate our capabilities of achieving our aims. Our clients are our main focus, and the corporate culture and main strategies are based on this belief. Staying agile and leveraging all the possibilities existing add greatly to our end-product quality. A robust cohesive team of Agiliway is always ready for real business challenges. We are constantly longing for new projects, new ideas, and new challenges to serve our client’s satisfaction along with our experience expansion. 

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