EdTech Agiliway 16 | 03 | 2022

How AI and ML Transform the Future of Education

Thanks to information technology, entire factories are now operating, helicopters are flying, and houses are being designed. The use of multimedia boards, tablets, computer classes has undoubtedly influenced the educational process as well.

The traditional education format will soon undergo vital changes. We can see this transformation even now. Such kind of technology like robot teachers, smart essay writing programs, evaluation systems based on AI technology is changing the education sphere rapidly. In the article E-Learning on the Edge to Technological Transformation Under AI and ML Advancing we can see that the areas of using artificial intelligence are limited by imagination.

Thus, to be ready for the changes, present and future generations need to acquire the necessary skills: critical thinking, communication skills, emotional intelligence, analytical abilities, technical Skills (STEM).

Why EdTech education is a necessity of today?

  • personalization: the educational process moves from the concept of “lesson” to the topic/block/module. Each participant chooses the way of learning, the scale of progress and achievement motivates further growth.
  • gamification: learning through play for both adults and children.
  • accessibility: anyone can study anywhere in the world.
  • the fast pace of adaptation: programs are adjusted to the market needs, and content updates are even faster than educational programs.
  • opportunity to acquire a micro profession: you can study everything that is provided in this educational market: foreign language, programming, design, accounting; opportunities are limited almost exclusively to the student’s desires.

People have to adapt to new conditions and develop what the machine cannot replace – creativity and flexibility of thinking.


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