EdTech Solution Corporate Training 04 | 12 | 2023

How to Transform Corporate Training: A Comprehensive E-Learning Solution

E-learning has emerged as a rapidly growing sector worldwide, extending beyond traditional educational institutions. In the corporate world, organizations are actively adopting innovative solutions to elevate the skills of their employees, enhance internal communication, and optimize business operations.

In this article, we share the experience of building an e-learning solution for creating customized educational courses and corporate training as well as carrying out research within these organizations.

What Were the Project Scope and Objectives for the e-Learning Solution?

The primary objective of the project was to design and implement custom training programs, quizzes, questionnaires, and general corporate information. The scope of tasks assigned to the Agiliway team encompassed the redevelopment of mobile applications, rebuilding the web application, rewriting the portal in a different programming language, and enhancing both the front-end and back-end components. Additionally, new functionalities were needed to streamline the content creation process and for the platform to support various file types and sizes.

Changing the Programming Language

The portal underwent a significant transformation by migrating to a different programming language. This move aimed to optimize the time, effort, and costs associated with maintaining platform operations while ensuring enhanced flexibility. Further efforts extended to the creation of a more user-friendly design, fostering satisfaction among content creators. From a technical standpoint, it became simpler to make changes or upgrade the platform, which eventually reduced the time and resources required for updates.

Upgrading UI for Web and Mobile Apps

The user interface (UI) for both web and mobile applications was changed, leading to an improved overall user experience. The redesigned UI eliminated the need for additional training, presenting a logical and visually appealing platform. Addressing old bugs that impacted system functionality was imperative. This process incorporated new features and technologies, ensuring easier maintenance and minimal impact on both the front-end and back-end.

Optimizing User Interaction

The system’s users, including learners and content creators, now benefit from a seamless interaction experience. Learners can easily consume content, respond to questionnaires, and engage in quizzes, while content creators can efficiently build and edit training programs and track analytics. Incorporating the best UI practices enhances the visual appeal and functionality of the platform and can support various document types and sizes.

What Were the Challenges for the EdTech Solution?

Introducing changes to the EdTech platform posed challenges when a client’s needs surpassed the team’s capacities. To meet these challenges without compromising timing and support, the Agiliway team focused on providing solutions that allowed for system upgrades and changes without significant modifications. Collaboration with the client involved consulting on specific improvements based on the team’s extensive experience in e-learning. This ensured that both parties achieved their objectives: the development team provided optimal project solutions, and the client gained a flexible, scalable platform, leading to satisfied users and business growth.

The technology stack for this project comprised PHP for the back end, JavaScript for certain components of the web application, JavaScript for front-end development, and Flutter for mobile applications (Android and iOS). This combination of technologies contributed to the successful execution of the project, meeting the diversity of the client’s requirements.


The client’s platform, having been in the market for many years, required significant technical enhancements to align with modern standards. Recognizing the outdated nature of the system, the decision to rebuild it was driven by the need for improved design, enhanced functionality, and simplified support.

Following the implementation of the changes, the client received a platform that exceeded expectations, showcasing a nice design, increased functionality, and streamlined support. Partnering with Agiliway provided the client with a dedicated team of professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in e-learning and software development, resulting in satisfied platform users and tangible business growth.

The success of this project lies in not only modernizing the platform but also contributing to the growth and efficiency of the client’s business. As the e-learning landscape continues to evolve, such collaborative efforts pave the way for future advancements in corporate training and information delivery.

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