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IT Outsourcing Trends 2017: What We Expect

As one of the leading experts in IT outsourcing Agiliway team attempts to be up to date with the latest tendencies in IT area. A significant share of precious information we get comes from interaction with IT specialists, our clients, from surveys on the Internet and of course from just keeping a close eye on what is going on around us. Therefore, we would like to reveal our findings, conclusions, and predictions.

It is known that for many years IT outsourcing is not a cost saving means anymore. Now the companies outsource to hunt for talents and secure their software development capabilities. And not only that, the latest IT trends, like work automation and cloud technologies make their business tick, and it will certainly affect IT outsourcing industry in 2017 as well. So where will the main accents of IT outsourcing trends be put in the nearest future? This is how Agiliway defines them in order of importance.

Talent Pool Accessibility. Working with skilled and professional people proves to be cost-effective in the long run. Most IT companies in the developed countries perceive the urgent need for qualified specialists and are ready to accept remote skills if that is the key to effective and on schedule work performance. Thus in 2017 the ability to provide skilled professionals in a timely manner will be a feather in the cap of any outsourcing provider and that trend seems to be a long-lasting one.

Information Security. Protection of information during outsourcing has become one of the major issues of concern for the companies. Therefore, IT outsourcing providers should enforce internal information security practices, pay major attention to their non-disclosure and IP ownership policies, and any other data protective tools. Those who win good reputation in this sphere will certainly be rewarded by more loyal clients. So, ensuring InfoSec is the second trend, which will become a focus for the outsourcing companies in 2017.

Deeper Integration. Another 2017 trend is deeper client integration into the working processes of their outsourcing providers. The software development companies are willing to be more involved in what is going on offshore. They strive for monitoring every step of their partners overseas more closely and want to be in the know about how efficient the hired staff is and how their corporate information is used. This will force outsourcing providers to become more transparent and open for their clients.

Process Automation. Automation is certainly here to stay and there is no way software developers can avoid it if they want to keep up the pace in 2017. Automatic processes take less time and are more efficient and that makes it trendy. Nevertheless, there may arise the issue of balancing manual and automated work, which is still to be handled.

Going to Cloud. One more IT trend, which is going to impact the outsourcing industry next year, is a migration to cloud as many software development companies are widely adopting cloud technology. This opens the opportunities to launch new quality of service by operating large amounts of data in a more efficient and accelerated way. So to keep up with the competitors, IT outsourcing providers will have to think of innovative approaches that will allow them to find their own niche.

Client Facing. Next year the competition among outsourcing companies will continue to grow. What makes the market soil even more unstable is Trump promising to return outsourced workplaces back to the USA. Under such circumstances the outsourcing providers should become more client-oriented, respond quickly to the most subtle demands of the clients, providing high quality tailored service.

Social Responsibility. Social responsibility will be not only an IT trend but also the concern of all major businesses. This involves providing the best value for money while avoiding human resources attrition. However social responsibility is more than just that, it also means being sensitive to the natural and social environment around us. And that will also be the IT outsourcing trend 2017, which has already been taken up by many software development companies.

There is no doubt Agiliway will also adjust its internal processes so as to follow the abovementioned outsourcing trends 2017 in order to meet our clients’ needs and the requirements of the fast-changing market. And it certainly gives our company the edge.

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