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July Tech News

We are happy to welcome you to our monthly showdown of tech stories by July. Today you will learn about the new Twitter competitor app, macOS 14 Sonoma beta, the rebranding of Twitter, Google Workspace updates, how AI helps to detect cancer, and others.

Let’s dive into the world of tech and find out what’s new.

The New Alternative to Twitter

Threads, a new app recently published by Meta as an alternative to Twitter, has already garnered considerable popularity among users. In the first few hours of its existence, more than 5 million users registered. The application intends to provide an independent, decentralized social network for sharing text updates, with a concentration on creators and public figures sharing timely updates about their interests.

Threads provide a familiar UI, making it simple for Twitter users to communicate with their followers and transition to the platform. By registering with an Instagram account, users can effortlessly choose whom to follow, resulting in a clean news feed. With functions such as commenting, reposting, and sharing. If you already have an Instagram account, your username will be saved on Threads, facilitating your enrollment.

macOS 14 Sonoma Updates

The beta version of macOS 14 Sonoma is available to the public and offers incremental, yet valuable, system enhancements. While some users may have hoped for a more substantial update, Apple’s focus on incremental improvements has become the norm. In spite of this, Sonoma introduces features that improve the user experience and expedite workflows. Notable features include the ability to drag and drop widgets onto the desktop, slow-motion screensavers with remarkable images, and new video conferencing features such as Presenter Overlay and Reactions.

In addition, Safari introduces Profiles to organize the browser’s history and tab groups according to the user’s preferences. Additionally, the update enhances Siri’s functionality and the sharing of Passkeys with contacts. Users can now upload complete PDF files and create connections to other notes in Notes. Although the update may not be revolutionary, it provides valuable improvements, particularly for Macs with Apple SoC.

Although these features are optional, they can facilitate daily duties and workflow within the Mac ecosystem. The ultimate version of macOS 14 Sonoma is expected to be released in the third quarter of 2023. The public beta can be downloaded for free through the Apple Beta Software Program.

Rebranding of the Twitter

Elon Musk never ceases to amaze the world. He announced on Twitter that plans to replace the Twitter bird logo with an “X” logo, potentially making it the new brand for the platform. He tweeted a teaser animation of the X logo on a black background, indicating that his wish has likely been fulfilled.

The change is expected to happen worldwide soon. Musk has a fascination with the letter “X” and has named his new AI company “x.AI” and expressed a desire to use the name “X” for PayPal in the past. While the Twitter logo and brand name are currently intact, Musk’s whims have been known to quickly lead to changes.

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Google Workspace’s Upgrade Simplifies Alt Text

Google Workspace has made notable accessibility improvements by simplifying the process of adding alt text to images in projects. Previously hidden in a right-click menu, the option to add alt text will now be available in the “Image options” sidebar.

Additionally, the feature comes with an explanation of its purpose, making it easier for users to understand its significance. Alt text is crucial for individuals with visual impairments as it provides contextual information about images, they might not otherwise be able to perceive. The update is set to roll out to Google Workspace customers in the coming weeks.

Breast Cancer Detection With AI

Researchers at Cardiff University have trained an AI system that can aid doctors in detecting breast cancer, potentially leading to earlier diagnoses. The AI system is designed to support radiologists in their decision-making process, and it was trained using eye movement data from radiologists reading medical images. After training, the system can identify regions on a scan that radiologists are most likely to focus on when making a diagnosis.

The goal is not to replace radiologists but to enhance their capabilities and responsiveness. Cancer charity Tenovus praised the potential of AI in diagnosing cancers early, as it can help radiologists handle many scans and identify worrisome cases more efficiently. The technology can be particularly beneficial given the shortage of radiology consultants in the UK.

Google Will No Longer Support These Android Handsets in the Play Store

Google will stop supporting the Android 4.4 KitKat Play Store in August. KitKat was released in 2013, making it almost ten years old. This decision was made because KitKat is currently used on less than 1% of Android devices. With this transition, KitKat devices will no longer receive Play Store modifications and updates. They will instead remain on Play Services 23.30.99.

This indicates that these devices will no longer support new features or security updates. By discontinuing support for obsolete operating systems, companies such as Google can use their resources to administer and enhance more popular and useful versions. Google Play Services may still receive updates for these older systems, but future releases will no longer support these operating systems.

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Exclusive Wi-Fi 6E Connectivity. Who Will Have Access to It?

According to a research note from Barclays analysts, upcoming iPhone 15 Pro models are anticipated to include Wi-Fi 6E connectivity. This enhanced connectivity feature will only be available on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, making them the first iPhones to support Wi-Fi 6E. Wi-Fi 6E operates on the newer 6GHz frequency and provides quicker productivity, reduced latency, and less signal interference than the Wi-Fi 6 standard found in iPhone 14 models.

Users must connect to a router that supports Wi-Fi 6E to access the new standard. Apple has also listed additional devices that will support Wi-Fi 6E, including MacBooks and iPads.

CAIT and Meta Collaborate for ‘WhatsApp Se Wyapaar’ to Digitize 10 Million Indian Businesses

To digitally transform 10 million small businesses in India, the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) and Meta have collaborated on the ‘WhatsApp Se Wyapaar program’. Through the WhatsApp Business App, the initiative provides digital training in eleven Indian languages to traders across the country. The workshops concentrate on enhancing consumer engagement by utilizing app features such as Catalog, Quick Replies, and Click to WhatsApp Ads.

This partnership between CAIT and Meta Small Business Academy aims to provide digital skills training to 25,000 merchants, benefiting MSMEs throughout India and contributing to the digital economy of the country. Nick Clegg, the president of Meta, emphasizes supporting Indian entrepreneurs and small businesses in light of India’s ongoing digital revolution.

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