12 | 03 | 2020

Mobile Application Development for a Booking Platform


Traveling has become an integral part of human beings. Everybody wants to make a journey with ease and comfort that is why more and more applications have becomes the main tool for choosing a destination, making plans, booking rooms for a better stay, etc. Booking services are the ones to guarantee all the possible services on the issue.

The main goal of our project was to develop a mobile app for a booking platform to manage short-stay rentals with free of stress and individually friendly full-cycle organization. 


Booking platform developing

That is an application where you can find a hotel, book a room, make a payment, use room service, etc., and that’s all just using this application without a hotel reception assistance. 

Besides a wide functionality scope, the project builds a strong name for the client’s brand by making it twofold and serving both the users and the hotels.    


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