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New Platform Development for Digital Currency Trading

Digital currency marketplaces have evolved from basic platforms for trading digital assets to complex ecosystems with extensive functionality and robust security measures. Given the large number of digital transactions, individuals who hold and trade cryptocurrencies need a more reliable, easier-to-use, and more convenient platform to store their assets. Users tend to buy cryptocurrencies strategically expecting their value to rise and then engage in trading operations on an exchange platform.

Cryptocurrencies are popular because they are decentralized, meaning they are not regulated by any government or authority, making them free from economic or political influence. Cryptocurrency exchanges are crucial in this market for the following reasons. They provide an instant and easy way for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrency. Now is the time to create your trading platform.

In this article, we will talk about Agiliway’s experience in creating a digital currency trading and e-commerce platform.

Defining Priorities for Reliable Crypto Trading

Cryptocurrency traders are constantly evaluating and comparing cryptocurrency exchanges to find the one that best meets their needs. In today’s competitive landscape, exchanges must go beyond basic features to offer a comprehensive platform that caters to the diverse needs of traders.

  • 1. Reliability is paramount for traders who depend on exchanges to secure their investments and facilitate seamless transactions. Robust infrastructure, efficient order execution, and consistent uptime are essential to maintaining trader confidence.
  • 2. Security is another non-negotiable factor, as traders entrust their hard-earned cryptocurrency to exchanges. Two-factor authentication is a fundamental security measure that should be implemented across all platforms. Additional security features, such as cold storage for holdings and regular security audits, further enhance trader trust.
  • 3. Flexibility is crucial for traders who demand a variety of tools and features to support their trading strategies. Advanced charting capabilities, customizable trading interfaces, and access to a wide range of trading pairs are essential for experienced traders.
  • 4. Real-time cryptocurrency exchange rate fluctuations are crucial for informed trading decisions. Platforms that provide up-to-the-second updates on exchange rates empower traders to make timely trades and capitalize on market opportunities.

To stand out from the competition, platforms should go the extra mile and offer unique features that cater to specific user needs.

Agiliway’s Experience in Developing a Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

The client is a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform with over a million traders worldwide, seeking Agiliway expertise to revamp their front end and develop an e-commerce platform for purchasing electronics using cryptocurrency.

Key requirements and tasks:

  • Modernizing the outdated front-end of the existing platform to enhance user experience and performance.
  • Replacing charts for tracking cryptocurrency exchange rate fluctuations with a more efficient solution
  • Adding new features, such as technical analysis tools, automated trading bots, and margin trading capabilities.
  • Creating landing pages with improved SEO optimization to increase the visibility of the platform in search engine results pages and attract more users.

Agiliway Approach

Our development team implemented a comprehensive solution that addressed the client’s requirements:

  • Optimized chart operations: Real-time cryptocurrency exchange rate fluctuations were displayed using lightweight charts, ensuring high performance and smooth operation.
  • Visualized analytics: Vue-ApexCharts was utilized for analytics visualization.
  • Data representation visualization and animation: Vue.js was employed for data representation and animation. Existing components were refactored to seamlessly transition to the newer version of Vue.js, and TypeScript was utilized for data type definition.
  • Multilanguage website: The vue-i18n library enabled multilingual support. A custom Vue.js component library with Storybook facilitated the addition of new UI elements across subprojects.
  • Back-end development: Laravel + PostgreSQL powered the back-end logic and database management.
  • E-commerce solution: A Nuxt.js and TypeScript-based e-commerce solution for purchasing electronics using cryptocurrency was built from scratch.

Outcome and Benefits

The Agiliway development team assisted the customer in improving the current functionality of the platform by optimizing the front-end component. Throughout the project, the platform acquired more adaptability and responsiveness. Following the revisions to the charts, no interruptions were seen. As a result, traders have access to up-to-the-minute cryptocurrency prices, which is vital for making informed decisions when every second is significant.

In addition to implementing upgrades, Agiliway engineers have developed an online marketplace that enables traders to purchase electronic goods using their cryptocurrency. This significantly enhances efficiency for users and attracts a growing number of users to the site.

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