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October Tech News Overview

We’ve collected the most sensational news and incidents from which blood runs cold in the October digest. Halloween appears to be a success, culminating in the most significant Facebook data breach, new healthcare opportunities, innovative hybrid workspaces, and the world’s last frontier on the world map.

Microsoft’s acquisition will affect hybrid workplaces shortly

Microsoft purchased Ally.io to allow businesses to revolutionize technology and improve the hybrid workplace. The workers’ influence motivates them to remain interested and motivated in achieving goals. Therefore, Ally.io tools that provide creating ways to subsequent tasks and reports at all levels of an organization remain popular today. The company’s clients find that integration is flexible, user-friendly, and quickly paid back.

Ally.io is a leading OKR (objectives and key results) company that will unite with Viva as part of the employee experience platform (EXP). Microsoft plans to invest in bringing Ally.io into its cloud, develop the Teams integrations, and embed Ally.io into Office, Viva, Power BI, etc.

Facebook is no longer a Facebook

Facebook has been going through hard times over the past few months. Foreign media are full of headlines about facts that negatively affect its reputation; government agencies are opening criminal cases against it; the value of shares is falling; investors are accused of fraudulent reporting. Nevertheless, at the end of October, everyone’s familiar corporate name changed to Meta, which captured more of the company’s core ambition: to build the metaverse.

Facebook chose the most convenient time to change the name to Meta: the former employee Frances Haugen became a kind of lightning rod from the adverse reaction to the rebranding. In 2019, she joined the current Meta as part of the US election interference defense strategy team. In May 2021, she quit, becoming an informer for the US Congress and the media. The main theses of the information leakage were as follows:

  • The existence of a unique internal system of VIP users can avoid generally accepted restrictions. For example, they can publish calls to violence or insults, for which ordinary users can be prosecuted or banned.
  • Instagram negatively affects the mental state of teenage girls, up to the appearance of suicide thoughts.
  • The platform is unable to find and remove harmful and misleading content in a timely and efficient manner. It systematically promotes such materials.

The media also made public violations when Meta was aware of human trafficking in the Middle East while not providing information to the relevant services and not responding. It also became known that the company planned to target advertising to children from 6 years old, which is contrary to current US legislation.

No matter what they say about the properly planned Haugen’s PR campaign, the reputation of St. Mark Zuckerberg became shaky. He’s actively selling his shares, trying to argue for an artificially inflamed situation and to whiten his name in every possible way. What will happen next is still unknown, but our readers can only predict their actions and read on.

COVID-19 vaccination data can be attached to Apple Wallet and Health

iPhone or iPod touch With iOS 15 becomes even more convenient and relevant: you can keep verifiable versions of your COVID-19 vaccination and test in the Health app and Wallet. This approach will significantly simplify the receipt and provision of official documents with a seal.

All the most critical data can be found in the applications: user’s name, the vaccine type, when the doses were administered, the issuer, and the QR code. You may also choose which documents to share with third parties.

Find out how to store your data in Apple’s guide.

Virtual healthcare visits in Teams and other updates

“Deskless” jobs and distance education during the quarantine have created a stir among communication tool providers, among which Teams are in a competitive position.

Today, Microsoft is trying to meet the various needs of front-line healthcare staff. So, the application has new and improved functionality that includes:

  • A scheduled queuing;
  • A virtual visit waiting room;
  • Appointment with a doctor via the browser;
  • Patient access from an EHR or an SMS link.

The other updates engaged multiple sectors. For instance, Viva Connections will provide access to Shifts, Approvals, and Tasks without switching screens, displaying the info on adaptive cards. An onboarding wizard in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center allows assigning people to a company.

Electric robots are mapping the Earth’s last frontier

The ocean is still a puzzle to which humanity has been trying to answer for many centuries. However, underwater robotic technologies have already begun to explore the seabed. A problem with such equipment is that it depends entirely on a battery with a limited life, which is difficult and time-consuming to recharge.

Seatrec, a startup founded by oceanographer Yi Chao, has unveiled the breakthrough technology to power by utilizing “the naturally” originating temperature distinction.

The robot explores the water composition and seabed, sending its results via satellite. The release of thermal energy by solidifying or melting the material inside the module powers the generator, extending its lifespan indefinitely. The device costs about $20,000, and plugging in the Seatrec power system increases the value for $25,000.

The difficulty in studying the ocean also lies in simple physics: since light doesn’t penetrate the water column, sonars are ineffective. But Bedrock Ocean Exploration presents research in which utilizing autonomous electric submarines equipped with sonars, cameras, and lasers is up to 10 times faster than others.

In general, obtaining a complete picture will allow humanity to make climate models and marine infrastructure more effectively, lay telecommunication cables and protect the biotope.


Facebook’s high-profile mistakes have already stained the reputation of its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, who’s trying to resist the flow of negativity. Healthcare also can’t stand aside for tech giants – Apple and Microsoft are adapting and improving their products for healthcare. A breakthrough is also planned for “deskless” jobs: Ally.io will revolutionize the hybrid workplace. The old problems with the study of the seabed have become solvable: there’s already a prototype of robotics with a long-lasting battery and efficient data transfer.


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