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October Tech News Overview

Traditionally, we are here with our Tech News column for you. October has turned out to be really abundant in interesting moments well worth mentioning. Social media world news, Apple Inc. updates and some others can be found in the Overview. So, roll on and find what you have been searching for.

Social Media news (SM news) has been at the center of public attention for a while. The main reason for such popularity is the one all of us are well aware of (wide world pandemic). In October, there has been something we have pulled out for a discussion.

Haven’t heard about Zoom recently? This time, the platform decided to surprise its users with a highly-requested feature. End-to-end encryption to free calls is finally available! The very service used to be active for the paid users only; presently, it has both desktop and mobile apps for the free ones as well. However, there are several moments to stress:

  • Cloud recording;
  • Live transcription;
  • Meeting reactions;

…are those main functions not available while in a free call.

What is more, in order to use the application as a free user, you are to provide your phone number as well as billing info to use the Zoom app.

As you can see, there are some restrictions still. Nevertheless, the progress is evident, let us wait for further Zoom enhancements.


Instagram is another social networking service, which has made a decision to meet its users’ needs and expanded its limits on live streaming from 1 to 4 hours. What’s the reason? A pure adaptation to a new coronavirus pandemic reality, where more and more people are using Instagram Live for virtual meetings. The Instagram users moved from personally hosted events (e.g. concerts, classes, groups, etc.) to live streams. The update is aiming to help those who have to shift to virtual events rather than on-site ones.

The platform states that its IGTV section will be shortly updated as well. Stay tuned for new Instagram novelties then.

Finally, Instagram announced its plans to launch an option that would allow live streams archiving for up to 30 days (with being permanently deleted afterward). With the functionality added you get a good possibility to post your video on other social media platforms (even short TikTok video clips adjusting). By the way, your mobile phone plays important role in the apps functioning by all means.

So, logically, another discussion question will be: are you waiting for a new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro? Sure, you do. Wait a bit more, while meeting the newest version of the mobile software for this iPhone model called iOS 14.1. With the updated platform, the new iPhone will get bug free performance with a number of fixes taking place. Namely:

  • iPhone’s widgets tweaks;
  • home-screens- app icons customization;
  • minor bugs addressing;
  • and much more.

Besides mobile software updates, Apple Inc. is making effort to improve its applications and thus bought a video AI startup. Barcelona-headquartered startup Vilynx is famous for having built software that analyses text, visual and video/audio content aiming at its better ‘understanding’ in order to provide:

  • related content recommendations;
  • metadata categorizing and tagging;
  • video previews automated generation, etc.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, hopes the purchase will help to improve a variety of mobile apps and deepen the AI expertise of the corporation.

Another side to the overall improvement of our everyday reality is, understandably, the Internet we cannot imagine doing without. In the framework of October issue updates, let us dwell on Starlink as a satellite internet network by SpaceX. SpaceX’s CEO Elon Musk has promised to expand the network’s broadband to cars, homes and even high-speed trains.

What exactly Starlink is all about? It is a high-speed network, which operates hundreds of satellites orbiting the Earth. Its speed exceedingly overcomes the speed of the fastest trains but, nevertheless, it is still full of uncovered Internet service moments such as final cost, various weather conditions efficiency, and alike. The trials of the Starlink are to take place soon starting with the Northern U.S. So, we are in for a new highly efficient Internet service shortly, aren’t we?

From social media and communication/connection issues and gadgets, it is high time to move to the financial type of this October newsfeed. In spite of the global crisis, Microsoft has managed to beat Wall Street estimates reporting $37,2 billion in quarterly revenue. For a more detailed financial report, look below:

  • MS’s Commercial Cloud Business: $15,2 billion;
  • Productivity and Business Processes: $12,3 billion;
  • Intelligent Cloud sector: $13 billion;
  • Personal Computing (search, Windows, Xbox, etc.): 11,8 billion.

MS’s CEO, Satya Nadella, states that the digital transformation speed of the company will be the main driver for its economic growth in the next decade.

To go on with the ‘money’ issues, let us consider PayPal (everybody is well aware of) and its latest updates regarding main cryptocurrencies buying and selling features enabling. More precisely, with the help of their online wallets, the users can easily sell, buy and hold their virtual money. What is more, approx. 26 million merchants can use electronic money for payments. All-in-all, finally, Pay Pal has decided on adding more flexibility to its payment service, at least for the US users operating Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, etc. The change announced will come into effect in the following weeks with the further perspective of international launch. Early users in the USA will get additional perks and bonuses (e.g. no service fees).

Allowing for the cryptocurrency expanded usage and functionality, its holders must undoubtedly feel positive about the update. The decision of the PayPal to allow for crypto purchases has been a long- awaited and highly-requested one in the world of virtual money reign.

We sincerely hope that You have found the October tech news round worth your time spent and attention dedicated. We aim at our followers/readers’ business efficiency increase and, consequently, better recognition and profitability.


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