31 | 10 | 2019


In the modern world, more and more people turn out to be wearing either eyeglasses or sunglasses as well as contact lenses due to a wide range of reasons. The eyewear tends to facilitate and diversify our lives in myriad ways. Subsequently, the demand is constantly increasing, and an eyewear service appears to be in a bad need for facilitation and overall optimization.

A client had a fundamental idea to create an e-commerce platform for offering his customers the possibility to order prescription glasses. A crucial moment was developing a web application of extended functionality to make it popular with both customer and vendor groups.


The idea pursued was to develop a retail Web platform for ordering glasses (both Eyeglasses and Sunglasses). The core principles were as follows:

  • The application was to allow its users to configure an eyewear product with precision (lens types, radius, style diameter, sphere, etc.) and, consequently, place a relevant order
  • A project was to integrate with the inventory database as well as with the US prescription database
  • A platform designed was aimed to be used in offline stores by managers and work in offline mode for 24 hours in the stores throughout the US and Puerto Rico.

The project requirements mentioned were to cover the client’s vision for an e-commerce platform of an easy configuration and advanced scalability to cater to the needs of the customers and be vital for vendors.


To sustain an enhanced e-commerce web platform, a complex e-commerce solution was developed to address crucial concerns as well as to implement new platform enhancements.

The project cycle aimed at developing a high-quality end-product consisted of two main stages:

Front-end development with JavaScript, Redux, React, HTML5, SCSS:

  • Implementation of a modern UI based on React consistent with the initial design specifications
  • Development of a functional and robust admin system to manage products, its categories, sales, and general stock.

 Back-end development with ASP. NET MVC 5, C#, SQL Server:  

  • Assurance of high availability even in offline mode and fault-tolerance in case of a server crash
  • Establishment of a stock API route to ensure right info about the stock based on different parameters.

Value Delivered

The given e-commerce solution can be characterized by a web app-wide functionality as well simplified and optimized way of obtaining prescription eyeglasses) by:

  • Registering a unified customer personal profile
  • Providing an opportunity for the customers to upload the individual prescription, select the needed lenses (shape, size, etc.)
  • Providing vendors with an ability to manage store inventory, optimize the sales process at store location, and improve report system for both store and corporate users.

The retail platform is a time-efficient and highly flexible as well as an efficient solution, which makes the overall process of choosing and buying an appropriate pair of eyeglasses quite an easy and quick issue to tackle.

Such e-commerce solutions are highly useful in everyday life by giving an ordinary person a possibility to live a comfortable and easy life by leveraging the newest retail web platforms advantages to the fullest.

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