September-Tech-News 30 | 09 | 2021

September Tech News Overview

The products’ availability and privileges received after purchase often govern the market’s growth in popularity and demand. Therefore, many manufacturers have had to rethink their marketing strategies to stay afloat during the coronavirus pandemic. Low prices, affordability, relevance, sustainability, authenticity, and personalization have become the credits of modern digital entrepreneurship. These values are also close to the giants of the tech industry – many have carried out rebranding campaigns and continued to supply long-awaited new products at affordable prices. For example, the confrontation between the two giants- GitLab and GitHub in the cloud software market is based on the presentations of their improved versions. Recently, the creators of the first platform announced its transition to public access, which promises a significant increase in the number of users. Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Mailchimp share the same sales and targeting strategy.

Everything develops like in the books of famous science fiction writers – we’ve entered an era of rapid technological breakthrough, and all we have to do is accept it. So, let’s talk in more detail about recent news and developments shortly.

GitLab’s road to public availability

The news about the systematic direct listing on the Nasdaq under the ticker “GTLB” has already spread through technology portals. The move aims to take on Atlassian and GitHub, which Microsoft acquired for $7.5 billion in 2018. Unlike IPO, when companies receive money by selling new shares to investors on the public market, direct listing implies simple registration for going public without diluting existing shareholders and employees. The investors can sell their shares, which will debut with market-based pricing. As the consumers became well-adjusted to the demand and the enormous potential of cloud storage, the company raised enough money to go public even without an IPO.

Companies like Ticketmaster, Siemens, and Nvidia use GitLab technology to collaborate on code and accelerate software development. The platform began to gain popularity and jumped to 69% in the latest quarter from a year earlier to $58.1 million, equaling over $230 million on an annualized basis. However, net loss widened to over $40 million from $9.4 million a year ago.


iPhone 13 doesn’t change the rules of the game

The established prices in the Apple smartphone market are attracting more and more potential buyers: they’re tempted by improved features for the same money. The iPhone 13 integration offers several highlights, notably long battery life, power, display, and camera. But first things first.

Many people wonder why this device was not called the iPhone 12S because its specifications aren’t significantly different. Apple says it has a 50% faster CPU and 30% faster GPU than the competition. Undoubtedly, today the smartphone’s performance has stepped forward, compared to the previous model and the same Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Everyday experience is characterized by limited loading times for apps and gaming due to the powerful A15 Bionic iPhone 13 chipset. Going on the characteristics of the camera, the iPhone 13 image quality is noticeably better:

  • Apple Sensor-Shift IOS offers improved image stabilization;
  • The main camera uses 1.7µm pixels;
  • 12MP wide camera with an aperture of f/1.6;
  • 12MP ultrawide camera with an f/2.4 aperture;
  • There’s digital zoom up to 5x.


The smartphone display uses OLED technology, which makes the image brighter, and even slightly fantastic. The price of the device with 128GB of storage, rather than the 64GB of the base-model iPhone 12, remains identical – $799.

Microsoft toolbox update

Another important step towards improving the user experience is expanding functionality. Microsoft has announced its acquisition of Clipchamp for over $15 million to boost productivity: the company offers software for creating and editing videos on the Internet. Microsoft explains such an unexpected update by the possibility of promoting an idea, explaining the process, or interacting with a team through video content.

Clipchamp is suitable for the Microsoft Windows client base as it has the full computing power of a PC with GPU acceleration.

The company’s profitable investment is driven by 186% growth in video exports in 2021 for publishing on Instagram Stories and TikTok. The doubling of app usage means that more clients are creating video content than ever before.

Facebook finally released new smart glasses

Facebook is the market leader in smart glasses, and its Ray-Ban Stories represent far more than they’re. It’s the first product to push the limits of what’s possible for AR glasses.

Ray-Ban Stories differs from the Wayfarer by five grams in a heavier weight and slightly thicker frames. The built-in camera allows you to shoot 30-second clips and 5 megapixels still images. Open-ear speakers and a three-microphone audio array will enable you to transmit all the richness of sounds and control the glasses by voice.

The company declares the future of such a device: a pair of glasses will look indistinguishable from a standard pair and have access to a whole computing universe in front of the eyes.

Small business will live: Intuit bought Mailchimp

Mailchimp, an email platform, was sold for $12 billion in its largest deal. With QuickBooks, Intuit’s accounting software, collaboration is expected to help small and medium-sized businesses acquire and retain customers. The alliance of companies will help small businesses to promote their products and services on the Internet, manage customer relationships, and access capital. The deal is still pending regulatory answers and is due for approval by 2022.



Digital commerce has become even more affordable and competitive in the quarantine era. As remote and hybrid workplaces have been the harbingers of the storm for many companies, they’ve urgently had to change their marketing strategies to stay afloat. Read about the experience of giants and today’s technologies and transactions that open the way to the future from fantastic books!


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