IT Outsourcing Consulting


Outsourcing is our strong side. Agiliway provides a set of services to help make a process of your engagement with outsourcing smooth, so you could start quickly benefiting from your offshore team


Agiliway’s IT Outsoursing Consulting Services portfolio includes:

  • Outsourcing Readiness Evaluation – for those who are just planning to start outsourcing
  • Outsourcing Process Gap Analysis – for improving performance of an existing remote team or offshore partner
  • Outsourcing Destination Selection – for those who have decided to outsource and are actively looking for the right offshore destination
  • Captive Center Building – helping our partners start their remote development center quickly and cost effectively
  • Remote Project Management – improving transparency and efficiency of a remote team or offshore outsourcing provider

Outsourcing Readiness Evaluation

You decided to outsource your IT project but do not know what to start with? You already have experience with outsourcing to India but not sure if this works the same in Eastern Europe? Your management ordered to outsource part of IT work but your processes are not good for distributed teams? Our Outsourcing Readiness Evaluation service will provide answers for these and many similar questions.

Outsourcing Readiness Evaluation includes:

  • Analysing your needs and goals for outsourcing in the short or long run
  • Reviewing your internal process and toolset
  • Analysing required skills
  • Matching analysed info with a target outsourcing destination to define your strength, weak sides and possible risks
  • Developing engagement options and a recommended outsourcing strategy

As a result of the Evaluation you will have a full list of risks and gaps, a proposed outsourcing strategy, internal processes alignment recommendations, and an implementation roadmap for them. Outsourcing Readiness Evaluation service will allow you to avoid many traps and expenses when starting to outsource so this endeavor will be smooth and quick for your company.

Outsourcing Process Gap Analysis

You are already outsourcing but it does not go well and deadlines are constantly missed? You do not have the clear vision what is happening at your outsourcing partner’s side which does not allow you to sleep at night? There is permanent tension between your local team and engineers at an outsourcing partner’s side? Or you simply want to know if there is a possibility to get more from a current outsourcing partner?

In this case, Outsourcing Process Gap Analysis is the right choice. During Gap Analysis our consultants will do full matching of different areas – People, Processes, Tools, Collaboration – between your team/company and your outsourcing partner.

As a result, you will have an unbiased analysis of cooperation gaps and risk areas with clear recommendation for fixing them and a roadmap for further improvements.

Outsourcing Destination Selection

You decided to outsource to Eastern Europe but do not have enough information to build engagement plan and budget? Or you cannot make decisions about which Eastern European country will serve your needs better? With Agiliway we will be able to leverage our vast experience working with different Eastern European countries to make the best choice or prepare a qualified analysis report for your management.

Outsourcing Destination Selection service includes:

  • Analysis of your company needs, specifics and requirements/ limitations for the outsourcing partner and location
  • Matching your requirements, limitations and specifics to local markets. Although we are talking about one region each country in the region has its own specifics in terms of IT market skills and size, labor cost, cultural specifics, political climate, taxation, etc. which may be essential for your endeavour
  • Selecting the best option for your needs and preparing Outsourcing Strategy recommendation

Ultimately, you will have a detailed report which will outline specifics of each analysed destination, the matching to your needs and restrictions, and an implementation roadmap with cost details.

Captive Center Building

You decided to establish your own development center but you are not sure you have corresponding skills? Or you would like to share risks with a partner?

Agiliway can help you build your own development center in Ukraine. We will help you in:

  • Planning your new captive center based on your needs and market capabilities
  • Aligning your processes and developing new ones if needed
  • Selecting and hiring talents in Ukraine
  • Managing payroll and other expenses for your Ukrainian captive center
  • Training your internal team to work with an offshore partner
  • Supervising your first project to ensure successful start
  • Managing local premises and relationship with local authorities

Eventually, you will receive new development team built and performing in a short period of time and will be able to minimise your risks and expenses.

We are flexible with the cooperation model. Depending on your experience and risk sharing preference Agiliway can manage your Captive Center Building process, run all or part of functions, skills-based hiring or payroll management or do all the work with further transfer of a completed and working development center to you on build-operate-transfer model.

Remote Project Management

Your have cool technical guys in your Eastern European captive center but they do not take sufficient care of proper project management so you constantly miss deadlines and incur cost overruns? You have strong impression that your remote team demonstrates good performance only when you are visiting them and works ineffectively when you are back home? You are not sure what your outsourcing partner is doing and why it’s going so slowly?

That is a common concern. In most cases the problem is not with performance of your outsourcing partner or remote development team rather with a lack of proper management and communication at a remote side. The good news is that we, in Agiliway, know how to deal with these issues.

Agiliway suggests Remote Project Management service which will include:

  • Building proper development processes for your remote team or vendor
  • Project planning for distributed team and roles
  • Daily tasks assigning and execution control
  • Risk management
  • Setting up regular communication between your local and remote team members on different levels
  • Ensuring regular project status communication with your management on proper metrics and milestones
  • Monitoring remote team mood and satisfaction

With our remote PMs you will always be confident about your outsourcing vendor performance.