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Why Us?

Looking for a reliable Laravel development company? Look no further! Our team of experts has a proven track record of delivering 100+ successful custom software development projects, including Laravel, since 2015. We combine the key benefits of small software development companies on the one hand and big IT outsourcing providers on the other hand while overcoming their drawbacks. Known for its superior quality, functionality, and flexibility, Laravel is one of the most sought-after PHP frameworks in the industry.

Trust us to bring your ideas to life and get the full cycle of Laravel development services with ease instead of wasting time hiring individuals for every task. Our portfolio suggests full-cycle business automation and custom software development solutions: business requirements gathering and analysis, solution architecture design, development, quality control, solution testing and deployment, end-user education, migration support from old systems, post-implementation maintenance, and user support. Choose us for the best Laravel solutions in the market.


Our testimonials

Developing data-driven hiring solution: Scot Sessions, Talvista, about partnering with Agiliway

Marko Häfner, Head of software development at Greenpeace, about working with Agiliway

Innovative healthcare: Loren Larsen, CEO & Co-Founder at Videra Health, about working with Agiliway


Depending on your internal corporate structure and current core business application life-cycle Agiliway may manage all the listed stages or work together with your internal IT department or other vendors to make a scalable and well-performing team. We are highly experienced in executing distributed projects and, in case of need, can assist our partners in building an efficient multi-location team with our IT Outsourcing services

While preparing a custom project our in-house development team discusses all processes and methodologies related to custom software development. Elaborating on the custom software solutions for you, we ensure the complete follow-up of all steps, from requirements gathering to post-implementation maintenance.

We provide custom Laravel web development services and take into account the client’s specifications. Thus, the developed solution goes through a logically structured cycle, including planning, software design, testing, implementation, deployment, and maintenance. Our development approach includes the following steps:

  • Identification of customer’s needs and offering insights on specific software-related issues;
  • Elaborating an integrated system design approach and testing;
  • Implementing program code regarding documentation;
  • Deploying the product and ensuring further maintenance in case of any technical issues faced by the end user.

Laravel development process takes time and efforts until the final product is ready, though our team consistently follows all the steps in attempt to achieve the best performance and success.


Partnering with Agiliway on your process automation and custom software development projects will give you plenty of benefits, like:

  • Quality solution is made by professionals with decades of experience in software development and automation
  • Faster time to market delivery
  • Flexibility provided by a wide range of Agiliway’s expertise, you are not limited to your staff skills only
  • More free time to develop your business
  • Guaranteed further support of your business solutions
  • Cost saving as you will not require any new staff members for a project nor experience any extra overheads

Methodologies used

  • Scrum is our primary development methodology which allows us to deliver the most critical functionality in the first place in short iterations (usually 1-2-week) and quickly respond to client needs
  • We are also experienced in Waterfall approach which could be applied or combined with Agile in case of specific business custom software requirements
  • Distributed project management skill is another important capability that allows Agiliway to work with your internal staff and/or other vendors so much effectively as if all of us were sitting in the same room