17 | 01 | 2020

Taxi and Delivery Application: Your Travel Transparency, Control and Security

Presently, it seems to be beyond human mind boundaries to imagine our living essence without a vehicle, no matter private or public. Yet private automobiles are surely and perpetually gaining a ‘monopoly’ due to everyday life routine considerable simplification and optimization. Nevertheless, it frequently happens that an own car is unavailable at the moment with the very need for heading somewhere being really urgent. Taxi service is at your disposal to get you to your destination point quickly and comfortably.  

However, behind a client-oriented service vision, the given platform thorough development and implementation are rather effort consuming and complex ones. We will provide you with a short insight into the process mentioned. 



A couple of years ago we started working on a project concerning taxi and driver tracking and managing system development. Our US client had in his mind to work out a web application of extended functionality to make it popular with both clients and drivers. The project’s functionality was to include taxi tracking, order management, phone API, etc. What is more, to cater to the needs of the customer, there was developed a MapBox functionality to display both route markers and order markers for better tracking and visualization processes.   



To meet the client’s requirements, our development team worked out a full-cycle project while implementing both front end and back end module development. To that end, technology stack such as JavaScript (Angular.js), .Net framework, CSS and HTML was used to cover the client’s vision and to develop a high-quality endproduct 

  • Angular.js was used to build end-pages, page components and user interaction with them; while MapBox library was used to work with maps (Open street map); 

  • .NET Framework served as a back end for processing information from a front end and communicating with a database; 
  • HTML CSS was used to display and customize data styles in the browser. 

The main processes pursued included a map functionality transfer from Google map to MapBox (e.g. map display on the page, drivers and orders markers display, etc.). 



The web application on Taxi and Delivery development appeared to be a web platform of a complete project cycle. It presented both the drivers (taxi service) and the clients (customer side) with all the possibilities to track and control the taxi ordering progress. The web solution provided was a scalable, solid and reliable one with an easy service configuration possibility. It was a 100% win-win for both service providers and the consumers.   

Consequently, with the app being developed, the service gained higher popularity and more trust of the clients by making every taxicab hiring a worth money and time investing idea. Advanced functionality and excellent usability effectively addressed the concerns of the consumers. 

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