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Tech View: April Updates and Developments

Welcome, tech enthusiasts! April has passed with a whirlwind of innovation and enhancement. From AI advancements to mind-blowing glimpses of the metaverse, the tech landscape is brimming with exciting developments.

Now, let’s rewind to April and explore the exciting tech stories that grabbed our attention.

IOS 18 will be Powered on AI Models Running on the Device

Apple has released 8 new AI models that can run on devices instead of depending on the cloud. It means that the company may include more AI features in the future in IOS and macOS updates. The AI models are open source so that developers can improve them.

For Apple, this is unusual as they keep their software in a closed loop. Also, the tech giant is facing serious competition in the phone and laptop market with Google’s Pixel 8 and Qualcomm’s AI chips, and this move could be a way to stay ahead. With Apple’s devices already having AI capabilities, these new models could greatly enhance future software.

Does Apple Develop AI Chips?

Apple could potentially develop its artificial intelligence processors for data centers, as opposed to those used in iPhones and Macs, according to a disclosure. These chips would be powered by cloud-based AI technologies. With the new M3 and soon-to-be M4 chips, Apple is already making investments in AI on devices. This leak implies that Apple is aiming to enhance its cloud-based AI capabilities as well.

Consumers won’t likely be impacted by these new processors right now, but Apple customers may eventually gain more from these cloud-based AI services. Since the iPhone 8, Apple has included AI in its products, and the need for strong AI hardware will only increase.

Logitech Introduce an Innovative AI Sidekick Tool to Enhance Productivity with ChatGPT

Logitech released a new software tool called Logi AI Prompt Builder to help users get the most out of ChatGPT. Through the current Logi Options+ software, which is compatible with various Logitech keyboards and mice, the free utility provides prompts and enables modification of their questions to ChatGPT prompts depending on the preferred tone, style, difficulty, and response length. This can potentially improve workflow and reduce disruptions when using ChatGPT.

Also, it is working with other generative AI like Google’s Gemini and Anthropic’s Cloud Sonnet. In addition, Logitech released a new mouse, Logitech Signature AI Edition Mouse, with a button specifically designed to activate the Logi AI Prompt Builder tool.

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AI Explorer’s Impact on Windows 11 and PC Compatibility

New AI capabilities include AI Explorer, which allows you to search and retract your previous actions, will be included in Microsoft’s Windows 11 upgrade (version 24H2), which is scheduled for release in September or October 2024.

But this upgrade will require certain hardware to effectively manage AI duties: your computer must have an integrated Neural Processing Unit (NPU). You may now verify whether your PC is AI-enabled:

  • Look for a built-in NPU.
  • Newer processors from Intel (14th Gen), AMD (Ryzen 7000/8000 series), and Qualcomm (Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2 or X Elite+) usually have NPUs.
  • Check the Dell support page [link not provided] for specific instructions on how to check for NPUs and required drivers (for Intel and AMD).
  • Qualcomm processors come with pre-installed AI drivers that update through Windows Update.

The new Windows 11 update brings exciting AI features, but make sure your PC has the hardware to run them before getting too excited.

Upgrade of Google Gemini Functionality on Android Devices

Rumor has it that Android phones will soon get a significant upgrade to Google’s Gemini big language model. These are the salient features:

  • Persistent overlay box: This feature allows you to run Gemini while using other programs. Imagine posing a query to Gemini while perusing the internet or checking your email. The AI assistant would show up as a little window at the bottom of your screen prepared to respond to queries and provide material like films and links.
  • Multimodal input: Gemini will allow you to communicate with it via typing, speaking, or uploading a picture.
  • File support: Apart from photos, Gemini may be able to accept and handle other file formats. You may, for instance, submit a PDF and ask the AI to summarize the material for you.
  • Select Text: Rather than having to copy the whole block of text, this function lets you select a portion of the text that Gemini should evaluate.

These improvements seem to be aimed at improving Gemini’s accessibility and usability on Android devices. For mobile AI assistants, its versatility in usage and interaction with other applications may be revolutionary.

Google Pixel Satellite Connectivity

Google Pixel phones may get additional functionality relating to satellite connectivity:

  • Satellite-based location sharing: Pixel users may be able to share their whereabouts with others who have a satellite connection, maybe in an emergency. There might be a five-update restriction on this function each day.
  • Establishing a satellite connection: Pixel phones may have an integrated manual that walks users through connecting their phone to a satellite. This might need moving the phone around to locate a signal.

These capabilities, which resemble iPhones’ Emergency SOS, might be useful in circumstances without consistent mobile coverage.

Meta Quest OS Goes Open Source

Meta is now making its Horizon OS, the operating system utilized in Meta Quest headsets, available to other manufacturers of VR devices. This has the potential to become a significant breakthrough in the VR industry.

Various companies have already developed VR headsets that will utilize Horizon OS, such as Asus, Lenovo, and Xbox. Rumors are circulating about Asus developing a gaming headset that promises exceptional performance. Lenovo is reportedly developing headsets designed for work purposes, which are expected to be lighter and capable of connecting to laptops. Reports suggest that Xbox is in the process of developing a virtual reality headset. This headset is said to include Xbox controllers and a Game Pass subscription.

Aside from the devices that have been confirmed, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg also mentioned the potential for future VR headsets designed for entertainment and fitness. The entertainment headset prioritizes high-resolution displays, while the fitness headset is designed to be lightweight and made with materials that wick away sweat.

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From India to the US: Will the TikTok Ban Cause a Global Social Media Reshuffle?

Security concerns have the US contemplating outlawing TikTok. TikTok is already banned in several other nations, including Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Senegal, Somalia, Kyrgyzstan, and Nepal. Many effects of these prohibitions have been:

  • Effect on creators: Those who depended on TikTok for revenue and audience reach have suffered.
  • Rising of local rivals: The prohibition of TikTok in several nations, such as India, prompted the creation of alternative regional social media applications. Nevertheless, creators risk losing their following by dividing their work over many platforms.
  • Lower operations for ByteDance: Following the restriction, the TikTok owner ByteDance was forced to reduce its activities in some regions.

Similar consequences may arise from a possible US TikTok ban. Legal conflicts between ByteDance and the US government may result from it.

Multimodal AI Transforms Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses

Multimodal AI features in the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses enable them to handle text, audio, and image data among other forms. The glasses provide useful functionality, mostly around voice commands for jobs like object identification and text translation, despite early doubts brought on by previous AI device failures. Over time, AI is growing more trustworthy even if it isn’t always correct. Particularly outside, the glasses are practical for daily use because of their well-known style and fast smartphone connection to information.

Their applicability, however, varies according to personal tastes and chores; some people find them more appropriate for certain tasks like streaming or listening to music than for depending just on AI capabilities. All things considered, the use of AI gives the glasses’ capabilities even another level and advances the idea of wearable technology.

Oracle’s Global Headquarters in Nashville Highlights Healthcare Industry and Livability

Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison underlined Nashville, Tennessee’s importance in the healthcare sector by revealing that the business would have its worldwide headquarters at its new facility there. The choice of Nashville was motivated by its general livability and booming healthcare industry, which matched with employee preferences. Oracle previously announced that it was moving its headquarters from California to Texas.

With anticipated features including a clinic, music spectacle, hotel, and restaurant, the planned campus, which is expected to bring thousands of jobs and substantial investment to Nashville, emphasizes the city’s allure as a corporate center and Oracle’s dedication to community involvement. Oracle’s arrival excited Nashville Mayor Freddie O’Connell, who emphasized the city’s appeal for business and quality of life.

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