November Tech News 30 | 11 | 2022

The Latest in Technology, Tech Business, and Science in November

With the onset of the cold season and the fall of snow, we continue to run our monthly rubric. There was a lot of interesting news this month, and we have collected the most sensational and interesting for you. A short news preview: Google updates, what ‘s happening in Twitter, how to use live text in IOS 16, humans can survive on the Moon, new Venmo charity section changes, and others. So, let’s take a closer look.

We start with the Google updates to Docs and Sheets. With this release, Sheets now has scalable fields, Gmail now has improved search capabilities, and Docs, Sheets, and Slides can now be shared in Google Meet conversations. Google unveiled an enhanced search and suggestion function for Gmail in July. The most popular search engine recently revealed that it will now use users’ most recent Gmail searches to improve search results when accessing Gmail online. According to a statement that the company released earlier this year, Docs, Sheets, or Slides can now be used to present or join a Google Meet call.

This year, the company announced the ability to join a Google Meet call or present via Docs, Sheets, or Slides. If users are giving a presentation or joining a meeting through a file (which can be documents, spreadsheets, or presentations), they can share the file with meeting participants via in-meeting chat.

What is going on with Twitter?

Many people are interested in Twitter and what changes have taken place. Since Musk stepped into Twitter headquarters, there have been hasty decisions, firings, resignations, reinstatements, big decisions, and unexpected changes. Among the first changes decided by the new head of Twitter was the “democratization” of the blue tick. He had to stop the subscription because it didn’t work. Elon Musk is now adopting a new strategy because the previous method, which allowed everyone to use the same checkmark, resulted in several instances of impersonation. Organizations and people will now utilize distinct colors on Twitter. Blue checks for people or celebrities, grey checks for governments, and gold checks for businesses. In addition, he proposed a blanket amnesty for suspended accounts. According to a Reuters report, Elon Musk reportedly informed a Delaware court that his Twitter reorganization is almost finished.


How to use Live Text in IOS 16?

The third news is about the live text in IOS 16. iOS 16 contains a ton of new features, including Live Activities, iCloud Shared Photo Library, and new tools for collaboration, even though iOS 16.1 is already available. Since its inception, the clever feature has made it possible for users to extract contact details swiftly and efficiently from images, such as phone numbers and addresses. For example, whether you have taken a picture of a restaurant menu or a business card, Live Text will allow you to copy the text and use it to send a message, make a note, use an email address, or make a call, so you won’t forget it. You will need an iPhone XS, XR, or later, as this is done using the device’s smart features.

New Live Text functionality includes:

  1. 1. For Live Text, there are Quick Actions. This allows you to instantly translate text, for example, when you make an image of it in another language.
  2. 2. There are many other quick actions available such as sending an email when you find an email address, making phone calls, converting currencies, and more.
  3. 3. Another option allows you to choose a language later, which makes it easier to translate a sentence into several different languages.

Your phone will become the best assistant in any business with the help of smart functions.

Facial recognition technology is useful

The next exciting piece of news concerns facial recognition technology, which scientists hope will help save the seal species. A study team at Colgate University built the seal face database known as SealNet utilizing images of many seals. In an ecosystem with thousands of seals, scientists found that the tool’s accuracy in classifying sea creatures is close to 100%. To better guide conservation efforts to save such species, researchers are looking to expand their database to include unusual species. By photographing dozens of harbor seals in Maine, a study team produced SealNet, a facial recognition database of seal faces. SealNet is made to automatically recognize faces in photos, crop them, and identify them based on features like the shape of the nose and eyes, just like a human would.

The Colgate team submitted their findings for publication in the scientific paper Ecology and Evolution in April. More than 1,700 pictures of more than 400 different seals were analyzed, according to the publication.

NASA: Humans could stay on the moon

The last essential news tells that humans could stay on the moon longer this decade, according to SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and the US space agency.


Orion is still traveling to the moon five days after the 25.5-day mission of Artemis I. Unmanned Orion traveled at 371 miles per hour and traveled 232,683 miles from Earth. Now it was at a distance of 39,501 kilometers from the Moon. The US space agency last week launched the ambitious unmanned mission to the moon, Artemis I, which had two failed attempts and was delayed for years, and cost billions of dollars. The Orion spacecraft was launched into lunar orbit by a Space Launch System (SLS) rocket from Cape Canaveral, Florida. Orion will continue until it reaches the moon, where it will orbit for several days until it is likely to return to Earth on December 11.

The first manned moon landing is what NASA hopes to accomplish in 2025, following the Apollo 17 mission in 1972. The first woman and the first person of color to walk on the moon will be among them. NASA is ready to take people to the Moon and beyond with Artemis I, which will lay the foundation for further human deep space exploration.

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