31 | 12 | 2019

The turn of 2019-2020: watershed moments, best experiences and new partners

Now, that we are standing on the threshold of the new 2020 year, it would be great to look back and provide a short overview, a so-called ‘annual report’, of the main events, achievements and directions Agiliway pursued in 2019.

The year passing by has been a period of active development, rapid progress and considerable growth our company has witnessed.  Yet it brought to us a number of new challenges and new ideas to investigate and handle.  


This summer was marked by our company’s 4th Anniversary celebration. The atmosphere of unity, friendliness and mutual understanding, as well as respect, was hanging in the air.

What is more, we have established our presence in Chernivtsi and, consequently, have become more numerous and gained new experiences and new perspectives. Namely, we significantly strengthened .Net and Native mobile competencies along with PHP, JSDevOps, and DB which we practiced before. We had a number of meetups on JS and .Net in Chernivtsi. 

The meetings planned were not restricted to programming only; our Agiliway team members practice taking an active part in sport, e.g. chess, tennis, football competitions, etc, and demonstrate very good results. 


2019 was a year of consistent and profound work on the CiviMobile application. Due to several new versions and an abundance of innovative functions, the application gained thousands of users and hundreds of clients. 

We also got a wide recognition on the IT market and took part in a number of specialized conferences with TYPO3, DMEXCO and WebSummit being the ones most significant and popular. The conferences mentioned are a perfect chance to popularize your own product, to share your knowledge and experience as well as to gain new visions and important insights. 


Lviv IT cluster teaming up has been another sign of our ongoing striving for technology innovations, a great possibility to exchange experience with experts in their niches.

Immense growth of our BPO department services, a Customer’s Support mainly, is well worth mentioning as well. Along with a number of new services, tasks, programs and a number of CRM systems, we started our work for several new international clinics. The collaboration is going to gain momentum in 2020.

Besides our active participation on the international market, we make a contribution to engineering development in Ukraine as well. Our development engineers run a number of programming courses to inspire and educate those feeling in favor of it.

This year we’ve participated in the XIIth Engineering Career Fair held to explore the tech talent pool of the present. Agiliway representatives provided information on job leads available in the company and offered employment to the ambitious and promising students as well as professionals to work and grow.


The coming year is going to be even more successful and fruitful than its predecessor.

We are planning to go on with our partnership with Microsoft we have just started. 2020 will definitely witness Agiliway active growth, and popularity in the IT market. We have a strategic aim to become profitable with our CiviMobile project.

So, our 2019 achievements and progress are the ones to be proud of; nevertheless, the year of the Metal Rat is awaited in Agiliway with a good portion of promising projects and innovative ideas both in mind and on the go. 

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