23 | 04 | 2019

Third Release of CiviMobile – More Features, More Freedom

We are happy to announce the third release of our product – CiviMobile, a React native mobile application for CiviCRM users. CiviMobile allows having all CiviCRM data on your fingertips and editing important CRM information on the go. Among the new important changes we have implemented, there are Memberships, Contributions, Connections, and Notes functionality and the ability to customize the app. These features add additional value to the already mature product used by CiviCRM users worldwide.

We are grateful to everyone on the team for their dedication to our project that popularizes CiviCRM and makes the system much more user-friendly. Together, we have already managed to implement a wide variety of CiviCRM features in a fast and intuitive mobile application: management of Contacts, Cases, Activities, Events, graphical Calendar, navigation, etc.
And we continue working on CiviMobile to add even more functionality and give additional freedom to regular CiviCRM users.

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