08 | 05 | 2019

Using CodeIgniter to Build a Complex CRM Solution for Automotive Company

We are glad to share our new achievements and experience with implementing the CRM solution based on CodeIgniter for one of the well-known car manufacturers. The company contacted Agiliway as an expert in web development to get a custom platform, which would integrate CMS and CRM functionality.

The leading car manufacturer operating in more than 100 countries uses an innovative approach in demonstrating its cutting-edge technologies. The company succeeded in its way in the automotive industry due to the implementation of lots of innovative features including better connectivity, improved security, and green technologies. The customers enjoy simplistic and innovative car design and functional use at the affordable price. To bring value to them, the brand aims at implementing the most effective customer communication process.

Along with the rigid competition in the automotive industry, the company needed an urgent business solution, which would enhance its old-fashioned CMS tool. From another side, Agiliway was required to provide a more advanced and functional CRM for dealers with the aim to track contacts and retain customers in the most efficient way.

 What were the Requirements?

The car manufacturer expressed the need for more sophisticated and integrated CRM solution for dealers with the aim to track contacts better, reach leads, get prospects, and retain existing customers. From another perspective, it was required to improve website content management and interface in attempt to achieve better usability. Car dealers required a need for organizing content in more integrated way to create blocks, structure, export, and import data from the manufacturer. Other tasks were to optimize the web solution performance and adapt screen resolutions based on the use of the specific type of device​.

At the beginning, our team faced some challenges as there were no complete specifications or design, so we had to conduct extensive business analytics to understand dealership management workflows and the market overall.

Solution using CodeIgniter: What was Made?

Our diverse team has offered a complex solution to ensure an integrated, coherent, and clearly defined cooperation platform between the manufacturer and dealers. With the help of the multifunctional team, we managed to organize the entire process. Out of the most-known frameworks including Symfony, Laravel, and Yii, developers used CodeIgniter for back-end development based on the previous experience and JavaScript – for front-end. ​

​As a result, we came with the solution, which provides dealers with: ​ ​

  • Sophisticated CRM logic for enhancing communication with potential customers and prospects, scheduling future contacts, negotiating a deal, optimizing company updates and discounts​
  • Ability to organize dealer’s work better, manage news, and structure data​
  • Increased performance and reliability​
  • Mobile compatibility and accessibility to the webpage by means of different devices 
  • Optimization of content management processes due to the enhanced architecture and functionality​
  • Ability to manage and improve the promotion campaigns in a more efficient way due to the better visualization​
  • Ability for dealers to receive news and updates from the manufacturer; for user side – a better system of notification (events, calls)​
  • Improved module structure: the ability for customers to gain access not only to car models, but also maintenance services, additional equipment warranty, and security guarantee ​
  • Multifunctional user interface with the ability to configure a car model  before sale based on one’s preferences
  • Optimized test drive form (more modules were added: location, time, model, type, year, approval system)
  • Advanced real-time analytics with a wide range of reports and charts: more advanced statistics allows assessing campaign performance based on the traffic and conversion

What were the Benefits?

Agiliway provided the enhanced CRM solution, which ensured better communication with customers as well as faster conversion and retention rates. The optimized CMS allowed representing company’s services better in regions and on the market overall, which gave opportunity to compete with other automotive brands. Dealers could improve communication channel with the main manufacturer, which provided abilities to receive latest news and updates. The potential customers received more integrative and enjoyable experience including opportunities to adapt a car design before purchase and order more functional test drive form.

Agiliway offers professional assistance in developing complex web solutions. Our experts possess knowledge at different types of PHP frameworks including CodeIgniter, Symfony, Laravel, Yii and others. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for reliable web development partner.

CRM for automotive

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