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Hey, summarizing the past year results we’ve discovered that Agiliway has started serving clients in 8 countries. Therefore, we are actively upsurging our international presence!

As an international IT outsourcing company headquartered in Texas, Agiliway intensely cooperates with American clients. The USA is the first country we’ve started providing our services to and nowadays we continue successfully serving this region attracting more new clients.

Despite the fact that we are headquartered in the USA, the growing number of clients is coming to us from Europe as well. We already work with companies from the United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, France, Austria, and, obviously, from Ukraine. And recently we have launched a project with a company from Hong Kong, which is an absolutely new region for us.

Agiliway's international presence

What do we provide for clients in different countries?

Well, it looks like US clients are more interested in custom software development , especially in web development including the main open source technologies and platforms like PHP, Python, Drupal, Magento, and Node.js. However, the European clients are wider in their needs. Here outsourcing requests vary from desktop development with Java and .NET, web development to IT outsourcing consulting services and BPO (business process outsourcing).

To sum up, the clients from all the regions outsource to us to receive technology excellence, quality service, and fast response. And Agiliway, indeed, does its best to become reliable outsourcing partner and meet the needs of our clients!

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