25 | 02 | 2020

Website and Mobile Application Development for a Taxi Service


Taxi service appears to be an incredibly popular one in all the corners of the world. What is more, it is very hard to imagine modern living without such an ‘always-at-hand’ vehicle. Fast-paced schedules and the immense growth of the transportation industry lead to the customers’ concerns being effectively addressed. More and more gadgets, applications and advanced technologies are being created to optimize, streamline, modernize and, finally, popularize this type of transportation service.

Our transportation field client turned to us having in mind to create both a mobile app and a completely functional website on taxi services provided. To meet the business goals, the project continued three years and a half with its development starting from scratch.



Due to the project’s wide scope of functionality, our engineering team went headlong into the platform working out with the two main stages of both a mobile app and website development.

  • Developing a mobile application

The application allows the user to order a taxi and to track the route up to the indicated pick-up point. Payment is made either in cash or changed to the user’s bank card. The app is available for downloading both on iOS or Android– based gadgets.

  • Developing a website

The website includes information about the company itself, the service offered, mobile apps, prices, etc.; what is more, the provider gives a possibility to rent a car or bus, to book a transfer or a personal driver. To ensure a highly competitive edge, the website is extremely user-friendly, with advanced scalability, and easy configuration.



Mobile application development and its implementation called for a wide range of various programming techniques and tools to cater to the needs of the customer, and, subsequently, his clients. To that end, the tech stack included:

  • Android app built with Java, Angular, etc.

Java is preferable for Android apps development as it is optimized for Android and offers security along with a rich set of core features to serve flawless performance and sustainability improvement.

  • iOS app built with Objective-C, together with Braintree (LiqPay), Google maps, etc.

The technologies mentioned are meant to ensure proper bug-free tracking, payment system, architecture platform and design development.

The website for the taxi services was built with Python including Django as an open-source web framework along with MySQL, CSS, and so on.

Due to its rich technology stack, extensive set of libraries, frameworks, and extensions that simplify the implementation of both small and large-scale projects, Python proved to be a viable programming language for the architecture design creation and modules implementation.


As mentioned above, our high-quality engineering team started the project from scratch thus getting a real possibility to demonstrate all its skills and to present a ready product. We have achieved high results in end product development, implementation and presentation. In addition to the basic functions that are common in mainstream taxi services nowadays, we have developed plenty of additional ones, like ordering a personal driver. Our team had a business goal to combine all the important functions connected with transportation into one service and succeeded. It has been a useful experience in the field of payment systems, mapping work and GPS trackers.

Integrated into the transportation services network, this mobile application along with the website developed provide customers with a better choice of taxi services due to:

  • simplified and optimized platform; 
  • highly streamlined and professionally managed services; 
  • an abundance of services offered; 
  • a possibility to choose a payment method;  
  • excellent usability, etc. 

A wealth of advantages provided is sure to make a difference to the industry by making its users mobile, updated and always on the go. 


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