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Why Microsoft Certification in Azure Competency is Important for Business Success

Cloud services have gained popularity owing to their secure methods for storing data. Among the most renowned such services is Microsoft’s Azure. In this article, we talk about the importance of Microsoft Certification in Azure competency.

The Rise of Azure

In 2017 the revenue generated from Azure services equaled that of Google Cloud, marking a pivotal moment in the cloud computing landscape. However, what sets Microsoft apart is its unwavering commitment to expanding and enhancing its services to stay competitive in the market. As a result, Azure has not only surpassed Google Cloud but is steadily closing in on the market leader, Amazon.

While Microsoft is often associated with the Windows operating system for many people, its role in the cloud services market is marked by a commitment to promoting open-source solutions and supporting Linux OS. This strategic move has significantly broadened Microsoft’s client base and fostered partnerships across diverse platforms.

Organizations worldwide are prioritizing the adoption of cloud technologies. It has become challenging to identify a project or service that does not reap the benefits of using cloud platforms such as Azure, Amazon, Google, or other smaller providers. This global shift towards cloud adoption reveals the strong need for businesses to embrace these technologies to ensure data security and accessibility.

Azure Competency for a Successful Business

For software development service providers, Azure competency is crucial in order to stand out in the competitive tech market. By aligning with market trends and understanding the prevailing technologies, software development companies ensure a comprehensive suite of services available to their clients. International certifications, particularly achieving Microsoft Gold Partner status, can serve as strong validations of a company’s professionalism, facilitating the implementation of intricate solutions. Moreover, certified companies get access to numerous resources provided by Microsoft.

When clients reach out to us, it’s common for them to have a project concept or a partially developed application utilizing a technology stack. One of the most frequent requests we encounter is related to database configuration and optimization. Leveraging our certified specialists and extensive database experience, our team thoroughly examines the existing issues. Sometimes, simple adjustments like database reconfiguration and the addition of an extra layer or level of caching on the application side enable the client to address performance concerns without undertaking significant alterations to the project architecture. Consequently, clients can continue working with their updated and optimized solution without drastically changing it.

A significant number of clients also express the desire to migrate their on-premises data centers to a cloud service provider. If your chosen partner holds the necessary expertise in the field, such absence of a clear understanding of specific services and their utilization, coupled with no certified specialists, can pose challenges for the client. The selection of the best types of tech services plays a pivotal role in defining the project’s future. This highlights the importance of collaborating with certified specialists who adopt a professional approach and provide support in fulfilling product requirements. Through this, the clients gain access to the most optimal solutions.

A fundamental aspect of our work process involves analyzing the client’s current needs and future ideas that they may want to bring to life. Based on this assessment, we propose solutions that exclusively incorporate the necessary services, ensuring the future product remains flexible and easily adaptable to evolving market dynamics. For smaller projects, alternative cloud solutions can be employed as well, with the seamless option to transfer data to Azure when it becomes necessary.

Azure Services for Data Storage

When delving into Azure’s data storage capabilities, two key services play a pivotal role:

  • Azure Database Services

This service facilitates cloud-based database deployment, allowing tasks typically handled by DevOps engineers, e.g., replication setting, backup, increasing RAM, etc., to be executed through Azure settings. Multi-zoning setup is crucial for users in different geo zones, enabling seamless data exchange and synchronization.

  • Azure BLOB Storage

Ideal for storing large volumes of data, files, and videos, this service offers cost-effectiveness through customizable storage options. Adjusting access restrictions and implementing data backup strategies contribute to significant cost savings.

As you see, the use of Azure services emerges as the optimal choice for projects of different sizes and complexity. The key to successful implementation lies in collaborating with qualified specialists who comprehend all the specifics of Azure’s operation. Microsoft Certification, especially in Azure competency, becomes a huge step toward growth, allowing companies to offer high-quality, multitude of software development and support services.


As businesses continue to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of cloud technologies, investing in Azure competency becomes imperative for sustained success and innovation. The development of Azure competencies and certifications is a strategic direction for a company’s growth.

By applying best practices in working with Azure, Agiliway’s certified specialists consult clients and build optimal solutions, instilling confidence in their high-quality and wide-ranging software development and support services. In an era where data security and accessibility are vital, Microsoft Certification in Azure competency serves as a testament to a company’s dedication to professionalism and excellence.

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