Outsource to Ukraine 19 | 09 | 2016

Why We Recommend to Outsource to Ukraine

The most valuable substance in the contemporary business life is time. Post-industrial business community focuses on acceleration of making solutions. Globalization along with growth of competition in almost all business sectors requires as fast responses to business challenges as possible. Outsourcing of products and services plays a decisive role in occupying the different market’s segments. Embracing such progressive communication technologies as the broadband Internet and mobile devices IT industry like no other implemented the offshore software development into its competition practices.

Looking for the best outsourcing destination among the easy-accessible labor markets one should pay a special attention to Ukraine for the following reasons:

1. Ukrainian high-skilled software developers who are nurtured in relatively mature and one of the most professional IT markets offer the highest quality offshore software development workforce. Ukraine falls under Top 10 Countries with the most certified IT professionals.

2. Ukrainian IT resources implement the most progressive technologies for probably the lowest rates in Europe allowing the Western customers to save up to 60% of their total IT expenses.

3. Despite their relatively low-cost solutions, Ukrainian developers strongly follow the intellectual property rights. This is guaranteed by Ukrainian legislation in case of the official agreements with Ukrainian offshore software development companies.

4. Ukraine offers one of the best outsourcing destinations via the visa free access to its international airports providing geographic proximity to the Western Europe and US markets. European customers can reach their development team in Ukraine within only 1-3 hours.

5. 35% of strongly educated Ukrainian university graduates who chosen IT related subjects constantly fill up Ukrainian IT resources. Therefore, the recruiting risk is decreased by the sufficiency of the specialists with the right IT skills.

6. Ukrainian custom software development companies easily accept schedule overlapping along with establishing the tight working relationships. Flexible and open-minded Ukrainians prefer to act in a creative and customer-friendly way.

7. European mentality of Ukrainians significantly simplifies communication for the Western customers who are considering outsourcing to Ukraine. Positively thinking in the traditional Western style Ukrainians easily get over communication barriers.

8. Ukrainian mild climate conditions along with the rich local nature makes investment to its offshore software development safe from such natural disasters as earthquakes and hurricanes. This fact along with the developed infrastructure of Ukraine provides foreign customers with the low level of local risk.

Summarizing all above-mentioned reasons, the attractiveness of Ukrainian IT resources for the offshore software development is evident. Relatively low-cost fees, the highest professional staff level, and the European oriented mentality of the Ukrainian custom software development companies make Ukraine one of the best outsourcing destinations in the world.

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