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Advance Your Team’s Agility with Clojure Stack

Do you not know how to organize your work such that it allows you to be productive and effective while retaining your motivation and passion? If you are concerned about disappointing your customers, deviating from your strategic course, or falling short of your goals because your staff isn’t flexible enough. You’ve come to the right place, as we’ll be sharing the knowledge of our professionals with you. The topics highlighted include the bus factor, the project’s benefits, and disadvantages, using the Clojure stack on our experience, and the language’s speed, agility, and simplicity of use.

Today’s mission is to comprehend software product delivery. The aim is an agile team, and we’ll highlight all the different variations of going ahead since that’s been mainstreaming software delivery for a long time.

First, you need to know a term as the bus factor that’s what we will come across while explaining one of the main challenges in keeping the team agile, flexible, and high performing. The bus factor is the number of team members who might be hit by a bus before the project is substantially jeopardized. The lower the number, the higher the risks.

What should be done to raise the bus factor?

  • Writing documentation. It is one of the things how to deal with the bus factor on many projects.
  • Review code of each other. A code review is required, and you should attempt to adhere to it and ensure that it is not only a project checkbox activity.
  • Pair programming. Try to stick to pair programming that gives you better communication and understand where the like gaps in communication are or what the kind of document should be.
  • Do daily standups or meetings. Attempt to keep on the same page with meetings and not overwhelm people.
  • But there is one more important item, and you need to focus more on it: interchangeability. It’s incredibly helpful and vital to have an interchangeable team to improve communication, offer clarity that documentation or meetings may not, and make sure everyone is on the same code page.

The next helpful item that helps in the guidance of business is how to not bench people. There are different ways to avoid punching people and we kind of rely on a very large team. That has very granular duties and everyone should kind of learn a lot of high-level information about the business by performing granule duties and so on. Of course, it is tried the option to hire more staff on the project, but the healthy bench is around like having around 5-8% of the employees on it. It always costs extra money.

Also, the bench is the extra costs that are not always healthy to the project kind of effectiveness for the company or the product effectiveness for the company. A need to have a table load. There is always a need to have a stable load to manage the healthy bench that would help in the bus factory situations, and it brings higher risks in the situations that are the extra product or extra projects that would happen the certain group of people or company that operates in a certain environment.

Communication and interchangeability are the primary objectives of overcoming obstacles such as recruiting additional personnel, benching workers, and accumulating hazards. Consequently, we determined that the most effective and least expensive approach would involve people and a whole stack.

Let’s move on to the positives and drawbacks of using Clojure stack for projects.

Benefits of using Clojure stack

  • Proper handling of Bottle Necks
  • Reusable Codebase (allows you to jump between different platforms in projects)
  • Faster Delivering
  • Stay Agile and Flexible

Disadvantages of using Clojure stack

  • High entry-level (having a basis in functional engineering, you must be a lisp-oriented engineer or join the stack)
  • Not that many developers on the market
  • The ecosystem doesn’t have critical mass yet
  • Not a perfect pick for small scripts

Our model and experience with Clojure

Using a group of Clojure and Clojure Script full-stack engineers on our squad’s projects decreases the bus factor and increases project agility.

Set of Clojure/Clojure Script Full-Stack Developers. Try utilizing the same stack for all purposes by leveraging a common set of libraries, a great Clojure feature. It varies depending on whether it’s used with Java or JavaScript and on which platform, but you don’t have to rebuild the vehicle every time.

The same stack for every purpose and shareable libraries would be these three essential items that we have underlined here. Apart from that, it’s very cool by the very nature of the language Clojure and Clojure Script combination.

Clojure stack improves quality, speed, and communication. A minor team of full-stack replaceable engineers can offer more and quicker, which is why Clojure is great for startups. Engineers that specialize in Clojure are often the ones who have worked in this field with other stacks. Usually, Clojure engineers are more experienced than newcomers to the area. Clojure developers are a close-knit group because they speak the higher-level language and have a piece of better knowledge. This leads to solid cooperation and if required, solo effort.

Example of using Clojure stack in our project

We were tasked with constructing a communication platform for our clients, which included the front and back ends and several integrations. We were working on multi-channel messaging for large recipient groups. This implies high load, considering performance and spikes, and a host of other concerns that will bring up JVM and Clojure as the stack that may be used for highly loaded systems.

The Agiliway team was tasked with developing an intuitive UI wizard for setting up communication campaigns. Also, were supposed to deliver the dynamic front end templates that would allow for an easy setup for our target customer group, and the system’s SMS/E-emails were supposed to be highly secured and compliant with various standards for transferring PII/PHI data, as the system was designed for communicating with various recipients of health care or fintech-related information.

The development of a secure platform employing the Clojure stack received much attention. From the time it was created until the time it was released, the platform was built by a team of developers in around four months.

It’s estimated that three constant engineers and a fourth shifted between various duties. Consequently, you also have this vital possibility. A developer may easily switch between minor projects. Because the stack is the same everywhere he works, he thoroughly understands the project from which he was taken. Since they can read the same code, they don’t detect differences and understand it completely. Changes or fixes are possible. Since they utilize a different language or technology, they don’t need to ask you. It’s the same for everyone and decreased throughout our talk.

To achieve the top, the most important tool is self-development; you do not need to confine yourself to a certain industry or application. Contact us if you need Clojure/Clojure Script courses or Clojure-based solutions, and our experts will consult with you on your desire. Don’t give up if you want to learn Clojure, it’s simple to learn but difficult to master. Gain agility with the Clojure stack!


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