01 | 09 | 2020

Agiliway Helps to Advance the E-Learning Platform Architecture


Remote learning has been on top of its popularity for a while already since many individuals prefer not to waste their time commuting to a class location. Moreover, in the event of the global pandemic online studying wins just like that. Yet, how about online training which is custom-designed to improve the in-house employees’ skills and boost their performance. Sound great, isn’t it? That’s what we thought when we first got to know about our next project – an e-learning platform for enterprise’s staff and customers which aim at creating the best and most comfortable learning environment with the most suitable materials that meet the specific needs of an individual. Custom-designed educational or informational courses are based on the immense scope of material and resources as well as are compiled into the exclusive programs to broaden the horizons and help grow as professionals. Besides, companies can add their training materials to the platform and start using it immediately.


When the Agiliway software development team first learned about the project, everyone was excited to participate in something new and original for the e-learning domain. The web application development process we were addressed with had already started, later put on hold, and brought back by its owner.

The initial requirements were based on the issues encountered a thorough analysis and evaluation of the project. The two main malfunctions of the platform that have not allowed moving on with further development as they wouldn’t work efficiently, included:

  • Low web application responsiveness
  • Extended data loading timing and their processing

To ameliorate the existing problems, our engineering team had to introduce significant changes to the web application’s architecture by refactoring the code to, first, stabilize the performance, and, secondly, to adapt the architecture for the sake of reducing the data loading and processing time.



The custom software development process requires constant updating and application of the latest technologies to keep up with the flow and stay atop of the sphere. In Agiliway we always learn to provide the best results for our clients. For the very e-learning platform, our team’s initial task was to enhance the functionality of the web application and boost its performance. The reason behind its poor performance is that the developed strategy didn’t allow the app to process and operate with tons of data. The platform is built with .NET at its core, which is great for handling the volumes of data in a way that will not affect the system’s overall performance and will not spoil the user experience.

Setting a benchmark for how the platform shall operate, the engineering team got down to work. It was necessary to check the main elements like accessibility, performance measurement, supportability, and general management. To avoid downtime, we had to restore the stability of the application software by collecting data from all the corners of the system, analyze them, fix the failures, and make sure they do not occur down the road.

The system’s frontend was built with Angular which is great for application development as it is flexible, scalable, and easy to maintain. To enhance the app’s functionality and response time, it was necessary to change the rules and constraints in the communication between the responsible parts, i.e. all the layers in the system were modified to be able to interact with the users with the minimum performance time (network latency). Having achieved that Agiliway team managed to stabilize the application, upgrade its overall efficacy, and prepare the platform for the next stage of implementation of new features to add more functionality as well as set up a more user-oriented environment with responsive and friendly UI.


At the current stage of the project, our engineers completed all the implementations and advancements to provide the overall stability for the system and received a positive review from the client. The next step is the development of new features and additional components for the e-learning platform to improve its performance even more.

Providing custom software development solutions for clients from different industries is interesting and challenging at the same time. Regardless of the project has been previously developed or you are the one to start it, you should always strive for the best results to fulfill the expectations to the maximum. Being able to work in the e-learning domain brings us one step forward to contributing more to our work. The best results are achieved through hard work and devotion.


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