Agiliway party 07 | 08 | 2020

Agiliway marks its 5th anniversary: Congratulations!

The history of Agiliway took its beginning 5 years ago, in August 2015, in a small room with few pieces of furniture and a couple of computers. At that time, there were no employees, no dedicated clients to work with, but only experience and a huge desire to work, develop and achieve positive results in the chosen market sector. Agiliway started with a few IT experts with 20+ years of experience each in the work with international clients. ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained’ – could be fairly called a key motto of Agiliway of those days.

The first project is impossible to forget: it was a pure re-outsourcing. But starting with a couple of projects, the venture gradually gained pace and expanded into what we have today: a stable, successful, and fast-growing IT company with a number of dedicated clients in many corners of the world. So, presently, we are already celebrating Agiliway’s fifth birthday as an experienced and reliable IT company, which managed to gain its niche, its place under the sun.

In 2020, the company is characterized by:

  • hundreds of projects for more than 120 clients globally;
  • nearly 150 team members;
  • established internal structure with the centers of excellence, HR, IT, Sales and Marketing departments, etc.;
  • half dozen partners in EU and North America;
  • our own software product.

The growth we are witnessing is a product of unified and fruitful work, joint efforts of both the team and the management. Clearly, nothing happens overnight. A good number of challenges, uprising hardships and unexpected issues frequently appeared on the company’s path to success. Only due to persistence, healthy risking, curiosity, and strong team spirit, we managed to break through and move on. While starting with one small office in Lviv, for the time being, we have two offices in Lviv and Chernivtsi. What is more, currently, we have sales representatives in the US and Germany as well.

Client-centric focus and team-oriented organizational structure are what the company is in for. This year crisis added to the fact of flexibility and stability Agiliway has been actively promoting all these years. Most business objects including IT companies found it challenging to move to working-from-home-model (WFH) with minimal loss. Luckily, Agiliway did it quickly and painlessly due to its previous time-tested experience and solid expertise working with remote teams.


And now, let us walk you through the brightest and most worthy milestones, Agiliway experienced during the years of its existence.

Our Main Achievements and Accomplishment

Geographical service widening

While being initially positioned as the company oriented at the North American IT market mainly, in the course of time, Agiliway considerably widened the geolocation of its services presence and so far, has cooperated with the clients from: United States, Germany, UK, Austria, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Israel, Ireland, Hong Kong, Chili, Greece, Columbia, France, Denmark, Spain, Poland, Ukraine.

Agiliway clients map


Impressive? No miracle but a pure result of goal-oriented and well-organized working processes and procedures. To go the extra mile has never been a problem for our ambitious team. The software development section below is perfect evidence for the above statement.

Technical expertise

Everything started with a PHP project. Actually, PHP framework direction was, is and most likely will be one of our key development practices. Presently, we cover any PHP framework and CMS, including solid expertise to leverage in TYPO3 and Oxid. What is more, Agiliway can be boldly called one of the leading companies providing TYPO3 software development in Ukraine. Consequently, our competence in the PHP frameworks is highly applicable and demanded.

Besides PHP frameworks, our engineering teams are experts in:

  • JavaScript (React, React Native, Angular, Vue js, Node js, etc.);
  • .NET along with a number of MS technologies;
  • Native mobile platforms (Android and iOS development);
  • DevOps competence, etc.

What is more, Agiliway is a certified partner of:

  • Silver Partner of Microsoft;
  • Oxid;
  • CiviCRM;
  • IT-cluster member.

The quinquennium has brought a good number of new experiences and new partners. Even more of them are expected shortly. Nevertheless, besides the very software development direction, there exists our Business Process Outsourcing department that has functioned within the company throughout both hard and good times. A few words about its growth, as it amazes.

BPO department growth

Business process outsourcing is another direction Agiliway has been actively developing since its foundation in 2015. The department engages a wide range of business processes such as data entry, administrative support, SEO, SMM and much more. Additionally, VAfromEurope (the brand our BPO department acts under) offers a number of services on individual demand such as personal assistant, call center, etc. It is well worth mentioning that the large outsourcing teams worked in Call Center, Transcribing and Event Sales, while launching new business platforms and much more. VAfromEurope has undertaken a full package of services such as recruitment, and documentation/instruction policies, multifunctional support and much more.

BPO Department

While assisting businesses to start/develop/promote, VA department has been responsible for:

  • searching for most relevant employees;
  • training and testing of the staff recruited;
  • instructional materials creating/improving;
  • a wide range of CRM systems learning and testing;
  • project management team while using numerous PM tools.

Business Area Expansion

While looking back, initially, in Agiliway, we undertook whatever offered to ‘stand up’ and move on. However, as the time passed, the circle of the business areas to perform in has considerably expanded and, at the moment, our business area experiences comprise:

  • Automotive
  • Healthcare
  • GIS Geography
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • And others

Here, we have come close to one of the main achievements of Agiliway: CiviMobile application.

Agiliway events

CiviCRM and CiviMobile

Traditionally, in this anniversary article we go to the very start of the services, cooperation, expansions, etc. Our CiviCRM partnership, as with the CRM for non-governmental, non-profit and political organizations, started while taking part in a big project for one of the leading political organizations. On our part, we handled its management system. Gradually, there was born an idea to make something convenient and highly useful for such organizations and thus CiviMobile idea appeared.

Symbolically, in the course of the 5-year product development, Agiliway engineering team has managed to release fifth version of CiviMobile. Even more improvements and innovations are not far off though.

CiviMobile is our achievement, our own product we take pride in. It is a mobile CRM for NGOs that work with CiviCRM. There are approximately 1000 servers with our system installed as well as several thousands of users with CiviMobile on their apps.

Such a rapid and active growth of the CiviMobile demand and users has stood behind our decision to make it a separate structure and to promote it as a separate product. From the CiviCRM community engagement, we will smoothly move to a community in a wider sense, to those around us and close to us, the environment we live and perform in.

Agiliway conferences

Community Involvement: we are the ones who Give Back

Agiliway, being mainly positioned as a software development and outsourcing company, takes active part in community life, and feels it to be its duty ‘to do good’ and to help those in need. Community awareness and feeling of duty is what makes you ‘real’ and ‘worthy’ no matter as a company or as an individual. Be far-sighted and think (act) wide, feel your significance. The channels might be various:

  • Work with students. Agiliway is the company of young and bright talents. Due to that reason, for the last 4 years, we had participated in the Lviv Career Fair to find those talented and eager to develop and grow. In the company, there were organized regular trainings for students to give them a possibility to gain practical experience as well as to assert themselves.
  • Free CiviMobile Ukrainian translation. We translated the application to make it available to Ukrainian users. Consequently, presently we can see that there appear more and more new users who have installed the app on their own and use it based on all the enhancements, translation, localization, and possibilities provided so far.
  • CRM installation assistance. We provided our assistance with the CRM installation to one of the influential Ukrainian democratic political parties and thus made our contribution to the ‘European vector strategy’ Ukraine pursues.
  • Hospitals assistance. In the challenging times for all of us, coronavirus pandemic, we, in Agiliway believed it to be our civic duty to join a wave of financial donations to the hospitals in need. Having joined our forces, we managed to buy pulse oximeters, intubation kits, protective masks and screens, respirators, etc., and distribute them among three hospitals in Lviv and Chernivtsi. In such a way, the Agiliway team made its contribution to fighting the pandemic and demonstrated its community awareness and responsibility.
Agiliway office

What’s next?

We would not be us without keeping our ‘Window to the Future’ constantly open. Agiliway is full of both short-term and long-term perspectives, ambitions, and plans. Namely, we have a good number of further CiviMobile project enhancements on the go, new client prospects, interesting new projects and more. We pursue our vector for development and growth with new partners and, consequently, new market opportunities.


Our warm congratulations, Agiliway, on your fifth Birthday! Keep developing, growing, and flourishing in the world of Technologies. Let stability, flexibility and challenging team spirit accompany you for many years on. Stay Agile!

What is more, we would like to send our compliments to our team members, partners and clients, everyone who has added a good chunk of trustworthiness, reliability, and stability to the company. Without You, we would not be as we are; You were, are and always will be those main pillars of strength and support we highly appreciate. It is our joint celebration, so open up a virtual bottle of champagne with us and let’s feel this corporate BDay together!

Agiliway party
Agiliway sport


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