Clojure Webinar 06 | 05 | 2021

Agiliway Tech Talk – Functional Programming: Rapid Prototyping and Fast Delivery with Clojure

Join our webinar “Functional Programming: Rapid Prototyping and Fast Delivery with Clojure” on May 25th at 9 AM (Pacific Time) / 12 PM (Eastern Time) / 4 PM (Greenwich Mean Time).


Choosing the most convenient programming language for the project plays a crucial role in the best business decisions. That is why Agiliway is launching a hands-on tech talk webinar to discuss the practical side of functional programming and explore fascinating techniques using Clojure programming language.

The webinar will be covered by Kostiantyn Cherkashyn, Senior Clojure Developer at Agiliway, and Viktoriia Yaremchuk, PhD, Project Manager at Agiliway.

  1. 1. Why functional programming?
  2. 2. Locality and simplicity: Solving Problems the Clojure Way
  3. 3. Clojure patterns that enable rapid feedback – REPL programming & the reloaded pattern
  4. 4. Clojure and Java interop
  5. 5. Clojure best practices
  6. 6. Q/A session

So, what benefits will you encounter with using Clojure? Why functional programming is a good choice in case you need to deliver your project fast and bugs-free? Be sure to attend our webinar to hear about new opportunities using Clojure.

Don’t forget to register! The webinar is free after registration, but we have limited seats.


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