22 | 09 | 2020

All-in-one Marketplace For IT Products And Services


When we consider how online marketing has grown within the past decade, it is obvious that the level of competition has also grown. Businesses worldwide are searching for new effective ways and means of getting clients and having deals closed. Developing a unique solution for trading was something the client bore in mind when he reached out to Agiliway.

The idea was to design and develop a platform that’d help to gather together IT product users, suppliers, resellers, vendors, etc. and establish a comfortable environment for closing deals with reliable service providers, receive the best and most suitable offers and solutions from developers, vendors, resellers. That’s how ROI4CIO first started. It checked all the boxes regarding its innovative business analytics, selection process, and customization of the IT products, forefront AI technologies, new types of partnership and cooperation, user-oriented approach. To fulfill all the client’s requests and ideas, it was decided on utilizing TYPO3 CMS owing to its versatility, multitude of functions and operational capacity to run a complex marketing platform like the large scope of data stored, processing of multiple requests at the same time.

As new functionality was added and all the features were incorporated, ROI4CIO turned into a scalable and rapidly growing IT products marketplace.


Our team needed to develop the core features that would allow the users of the platform to work efficiently and with the maximum benefit. Accordingly, we were required to design and implement the following:

  • Catalogs of IT products, categories, and companies
  • Advanced selection and comparison of IT products; 
  • Return-on-investment (ROI) calculator; 
  • Price calculator.  

The main idea behind emerging of ROI4CIO was to make IT products sales processes as simple as possible and revolutionize the IT trading market for the benefit of all market players. Therefore, our team didn’t only have to create a user-friendly and secure platform, but also make all the processes clear and comprehensive for the target consumers.

To start with, we had to create the catalogs of IT products, categories and companies that would contain all the required details about the products, companies, organizations who wanted to sell, resell or buy a service or hardware. With the catalogs loaded with information, we could move to the next step and introduced the product selection and comparison form with a wide range of product parameters. For this purpose, we designed templates with a set of characteristics for each category. The novelty we implemented allows selecting and comparing the different products if they have at least one category in common which is a huge advantage and gives more opportunities for multiple product analysis.

ROI4CIO marketplace uses algorithms based on the implementations and product data based on two search types: usual (based on information about products and their deployment) or by neural network (based on neuro network algorithm). The search page had to be convenient, quick and able to find the requested product or company regardless of their status.

Return-on-investment (ROI) calculator was developed and implemented to show potential financial benefit and loss hinging on individual peculiarities of a company, hence is a perfect solution for implementation in the trading sector.

The last but not least important feature of ROI4CIO platform is price calculator which is an automated survey resembling an interview, where the next question depends on the interviewee’s answers to the previous ones, therefore, leading to receiving an accurate Excel/PDF format document that contains information on business solution cost.


Agiliway successfully implemented and ensured that RO4CIO satisfied all the requirements regarding security, fast data processing, scalability, multilingualism, customization, support. Therefore, the platform has become a great marketplace for closing business deals faster, brought the users directly to IT suppliers as well as allowed receiving ROI calculations of an IT product before its deployment.

ROI4CIO as a marketplace helps to bring the best solution for one’s business since it offers effective tools that can facilitate a speedy solution to the issue of IT products selection, provide an efficient and cost-saving method of utilizing your purchase budget, serve as the information pool that reveals the insides and outs of the necessary product; establish direct contact with IT solution suppliers.


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